Attempted Runner.

“Lost” Chabot and everything after.

I feel like I don’t have any time lately. Im spending my entire day working, then I come home and somehow time disappears because the next thing I know, I’m eating dinner, doing a workout of sorts then going to bed. I haven’t had time to write up a blog post. It’s about my bed time and with me waking up around 1am every morning…the earlier the bed time, the better. So, I’ll make this quick.

I went hiking with J on Saturday. I  had originally planned to do the 13.86 mile loop (yellow path in photo below) with a mixture of running the flats and downs and walking the ups. It was a smaller test run of the Double Dipsea…a lot smaller. However, J has been having some sort of hip pain. If anyone knows anything about hip pain, its me…but I still wanted to attempt to run some of it. Do I run or stay behind with her? I did the sisterly thing and walked the white course, excluding the last mile. I ran that.


We were suppose to do the yellow path…but somehow, like always, I get lost. It’s not my fault!! The trails were not clearly marked and two of them were actually closed. The path we did end up taking was a mixture of the yellow, do a complete circle! and cut to the green. Taking the loop with the green was 10 miles, but because of that lost loop in the center, we did a total of 12.22.


The majority of the hike consisted of me taking pictures. Of everything.


This looked like the mini grand canyon. The multiple photo opportunities that I thought of were hysterical but I didn’t feel like off roaring it to get to the mini canyon.


Once we hit the highest part of the lake, I took a panoramic, because it just added to my collection of photos.


This was about the time we got lost….the first time I passed this sign, I thought it would be funny to take this photo. I think I laughed for a whole mile about the hilarity of this photo. Then the second time I passed the sign, I laughed even harder because I really did get lost. It never fails. At least it was beneficial since East Bay Parks Districts ended up using it on their facebook page to promote an app that lets people know where you are while on the trails so you don’t really get lost. Ironic.


After being stuck on the “right” side of the lake for 2 1/2 hours, we finally made it to the “left” side of the lake. I thought we would never make it.


About ten miles in, I had a shorts malfunction and some chaffing action happened. Lucky for my chubby ‘ol thighs, I brought some body glide and applied it generously.


I experimented with fueling and although I walked 98% of the trail, I felt better than I did during Dipsea. I don’t know how well of a comparison is it because of the simple fact that….IT WAS NOT DIPSEA…I felt good. I think for Douple Dipsea I’ll be packing a variety of the same things; dried cranberries, white chocolate chips, beef jerky, chocolate milk and potatoe chips. Good thing I now have a hydration back pack to carry all my shit, huh?

Anyway, after we finished up the hike we grabbed some lunch and I went to a birthday party that I didn’t really want to go to. It’s not even worth talking about. I did come home and watch Frozen. Olaf still cracks me up.

On Sunday, A, my M.I.L and F.I.L#2 took a road trip to Nevada. A was purchasing something that was a lot easier for us to pick up then it was to have delivered. Again, all I did was take pictures and get car sick. People need to learn to drive properly. There is no need for speeding, hitting the breaks and swaying in and out of lanes…add the windy mountain roads and that equals a disaster. Of the 10 hour car ride, I had a headache for 7 of those hours and was battling motion sickness for 5.
Needless to say, It was a looooong day.


This is Donner Summit, for those not familiar with the Sierras. I cracked a joke about the Donner party, because cannibalism humor never gets old.


We took the short way up and the long way home. Go figure. But it did give me a chance to see Lake Tahoe, which I haven’t been to in ages. I forgot how blue the water actually is.



Once I got home, I did much of nothing except lay around waiting for the headache to go away.

Let me tell you, going on a hike then being stuck in a truck for 10 hours doesn’t help your body. The last two days I’ve been so stiff!! Even the easiest of yoga moves seem extremely difficult.

I’m hoping to loosen up by tomorrow..if I don’t by the time i get home, I think an Epson salt bath will be put on the agenda.


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Sorry. I thought we planned to hike it. :/

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