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Race Recap: Brazen Racing – Western Pacific 10k

The last few years that I’ve participated in any run at Quarry Lakes, it was been hot. Like, Arabian Desert hot. So when it came time to register for Western Pacific this year, I went straight for the 5k which would be the shortest time on the course.
On Wednesday, I thought that was a bloody brilliant idea considering it got up to 89℉.
As it got closer to race day I started considering upgrading to the 10k, only because Dipsea is fast appraoching and I need to start putting in more miles. I was completely torn on what to do. Last week was the first time in MONTHS that my hip flexor didn’t hurt. Do I continue to baby it for another week or do I push myself to see how far I can get without it hurting. It was a batttle in my head for a few days.
Saturday morning, I was still very undecided. My gut wasn’t telling me anything. The penny trick didn’t do any good. I was literally at a stand-still. While J and I were driving over, all I could think was:
I’m hungry.
As we parked the car, I put it into perspective. Or tried, at least. I know I can do the 5k. I can either do that and just wait around for J (she was doing the 10k) or I can do the 5k portion of the 10k, once I hit that…either keep trying to run or just walk the rest. No harm in walking the last half…except for my pride because I’m a little whacked when it comes to my own pressures I put on myself.
We walk over to bib pickup and I see my name across my bib in yellow. It’s typically yellow but I wanted blue. That settled it. I went over to the distance change table, and although I didn’t get a new blue bib, I paid my $5 upgrade fee and got the fancy neon yellow 10k sticker. We all know how much I adore neon…..and stickers.
After that was taken care of, we got our shirts and went back to the car to prepare for the 10k….that I wasn’t preparred for.
I ended up using my hydration vest because I don’t like having to hold things. I thought it was going to be deathly hot on the course like the last 3-4 times and wanted a LOT of water, but I also wanted to test it out while running a longer distance. Hiking 10.5 miles and running 6 are different. So, I packed all my pockets/pouches with necessities; water, car key, phone, chapstick, iPod, and 3 Honey Stinger chews.
We now had about 10 minutes to start and I did a few dynamic stretches, decided I probably should have stayed at the 5k and started up Garfield.

It was too late to switch distances again because the horn sounded and the crowd began moving to go across the starting line.
The first mile I felt a little sluggish (shocking since it was my fastest mile) and the wind picked up. At the moment, it was the coolest Western Pacific run to date. It was roughly 60℉, overcast and a small cool breeze.
I reached the second mile, walked just long enough to take a drink then ran the rest of the second mile, until I hit the aid station (2.8).
I rounded the corner for the last stretch before the turn around when I hit the 5k mark (the courses total distance was 6.3 miles so the turn around was a little further up) at 39:10. Yes! Did that again!!!

I floated on the good feeling of hitting it under 40 which helped me to run to the turn around. I walked while I drank the sports drink (at the turn around aid station), had the honey stingers and kept going. I did a body check. My hips were alright, my knees ok. My hand hurt slightly but I think its cause I ran with my thumb up. Haha. Don’t ask.
Then….I made it to around 4.3 miles and things started to go downhill. Figuratively. My lower quad muscles (near my knees) on both sides started to ache. Like a fatigued muscle ache. I was getting tired and sloppy. I opted to walk a little because I was faltering.
This lasted until roughly 5.8 miles.
As I made it off the gravel trail and onto the sidewalk, I was passing people who were already finished and going home. This race is one of the only Brazen events that not only has a 5/10k and a half, but also has a full marathon (which is a certified Boston Qualifier race). Most, if not all of the 5k people already finished. I was the last 15% of the 10k runners still on the course and obviously there were still plenty half and full runners out, but I felt like I was the last one on the entire course.

A few passerby-ers said the typical, “Good job, you’re almost there!” They may have taken my response as a joke, but I was plenty serious when I said, “I should have stuck with the 5k.” They laughed and one yelled out that I was looking good. Maybe he thought I was pretty cause it I sure as hell wasn’t feeling good..or feeling like I was “looking good kid…keep it up!”
Of course, the last .10-.20 miles are uphill. Very slight, to not even be considered an incline but for me, it felt like Everest. It sucked but somehow made it get to the top and ran across the finish line.

I grabbed my medal and was all wobbly before meeting up with J. Everything was still painless for the most part except for my lower quads. I managed to “walk it off,” grabbed a few chips/oranges and took J’s finish line photo for her. I didn’t take mine with the back drop, but I did take this one. Sweaty underboob marks and all. I keep it classy.
We didn’t stick around as long, nor get our traditional post race lunch together, as I had to go with A to look at a car. This car has been his “dream car” since he was little. Of course, we ended up getting it. I then had to meet my parents and J for dinner, so I never really had a chance to relax a little or roll out. By the end of the night, my knees were really hurting. Again, not like pain hurt but achey hurt. I woke up this morning with the achey knees, but since then its gone away. If that’s all that ends up achy for about 24 hours after a run, then I’ll take it! It’s a lot better than my nagging hip flexor thing.
I’m still not sure how I felt about running the 10k though. Part of me is glad I did it because not having been able to run more than 2 miles since August, then get out there and have my second fastest 10k time is something. But the performance? Again, maybe its just be being hard on myself, but I just felt that I should have done bettter. Hopefully its all psychological and after a few more runs under my hydration belt that I’ll start feeling better about my runs.

I don’t care what anyone says, this Saturday…I’m sticking with the 5k!!


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I just had a tough race today but finished and I’m proud of my accomplishment even while bummed it didn’t go as planned. You should be proud of what you did too!

Comment by Pandora Viltis

I think you did great!

Comment by Runningfromitall

Congrats on your race and the car! Sorry it felt so rough, though.

Comment by Falyn @ Slacker Runner

Eh…you win some, you loose some but at least you always finish them.

Comment by Attempted Runner

Finished my second 5K of the year on Saturday. Training has not gone well so I was surprised that I finished it in 36 min. Five minutes slower than 2 yrs ago but I keep going. I turned 59 yesterday so I am just glad to be doing it instead of sitting on the couch gathering dust. You done good and will only get better.

Comment by JustDeb

36 mins? Hot damn!!! Congratulations! Was this the trail run you did?

Comment by Attempted Runner

No, the trail run was the week before and I think I came in around 40. Not great but it was my first trail run and there were plenty of hills. I really liked it and actually came in first place for my age group. I guess that’s the way to do it. Small venue, few old ladies and you got the win. I will definitely do it again next year and have talked 3 of my sister in to doing it also. We challenge each other and none of them want to be beat by the “old one”. I can almost beat them all except the 43 yr old is pretty fit.

Comment by JustDeb

Glad you liked the trail run (competition) too. And you placed!!! I’d take it as a win, even if I was the only one. That’s neat that your sisters want to join in too. I have my sister and sometimes cousin at runs too.

Comment by Attempted Runner

I go in to these things thinking that it is just a challenge for me and I am not here to compete. Well, as soon as the gun goes off, I am all about competition. I want to kick my little sisters butt again and the lady that is staying just in front of me. Which means I should get outside and away from this computer.

Comment by JustDeb

Haha understandable. I can’t keep up with my sister yet. But when my cousin or some friends are around, I aim for not last place.

Comment by Attempted Runner

They call that slight incline-enough to notice, but not enough to stop running ‘douche grade’. 😉

Comment by Brandi

Hahahhahaha. I’ll have to remember that!

Comment by Attempted Runner

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