Attempted Runner.

Ok! I’ll go for a run!

I last left you with me saying how I really needed to kick it into high gear and actually put in some miles for my half marathon training.  I really didn’t plan on writing anything more than that, except someone informed me today that they were waiting patiently for my update. So to accommodate those wishes…here is my update on my half marathon training.


I woke up around 6:45am on Sunday with the every growing urge to still get out there and go run. That was a plus, considering it usually dissipates over night.  Except I had an even bigger reluctance to get out there. Fear is a bitch.

7:30 rolls around. Ok, I’ll go for a run…No, no’s too early and I need to eat. So I made a nice hardy breakfast.

8:15 – I put on my running clothes. Ok! I’ll go for a run…..No, No, No….I just finished eating. I need to digest it so I won’t puke out there.

8:30 – Ok. I’ll go for a run…..No, No, No, I need to stretch.

8:45 – I got distracted with instagram. ‘Nuff said.

9:00 – I finally put on my shoes and go outside. I stretch a little more (to stall). My iPod is dead so I put it on Slacker Radio on my phone. I can’t put my phone in my arm holder without it turning the volume up full blast. My volume won’t turn down. Of course, I fiddle with it to stall a little more. I ended up just leaving my phones volume on full blast and tied my headphones around my tank top strap. At least people would hear me coming.

9:10 – I take a picture of me “Getting out there!”  shoes

9:15 I turn on Garfield and locate GPS within second….it starts to sprinkle as I FINALLY!! Go for a run. It only took me 2 hours and 30 minutes to get out there.

It was a little windy, so I started with a long sleeve over my tank. I should have just left it at home because by the time I made it to the stop light only 3 minutes into my run, I took my long sleeve off. It never fails. I don’t even know why I ever bother with wearing anything other than a tank top and shorts. I continued on and passed “FishDick” (I deleted the photo, but someone drew a picture of a penis shaped fish with the name FishDick…I find the humor in the littlest things) as the trail started to go uphill. I originally was going to just go out for 2 miles. So, by the time I reached the first mile (11:50 with one stop light) to do a “systems check” to see how my body parts were doing (I didn’t wear any KT tape and I forgot my knee brace at home) it ended up being right in front of a Crossfit gym. I couldn’t stop running in front of a bunch of Crossfit people! I ran a little bit further until I reached the next intersection.

Both my hip flexor and my knee were doing well, so I told myself to just go to 1.25 miles.  When I hit 1.25 miles, I told myself…I said, “Self! Stop bullshittin’ and just go for a full 5k!” As I was coming up to the turnaround, just before a hill!! I started to get a little knee soreness. A lot more people were coming out onto the trail now, so it was no longer me and my solitude. I had the music radiating off me and I was probably red faced and breathing like a rabbit animal but I kept going. I did walk for a few steps but not much as I have in previous 5ks. I veered off the more popular trail back to my lonely trail (it wasn’t completely deserted but a lot less than the popular one, that’s for sure). My right knee and right hip flexor was starting to get a little sore (BUT HEY! IT WASN’T MY LEFT FLEXOR THATS USUALLY ACHING!) so I slowed down  (finished mile 2 in 13:05) a little and when I reached the crosswalk, I walked for a bit.

I walked until just before the CrossFit place was in view. Again, I couldn’t walk in front of those people! So I ran…like REALLY RAN.. Like a 7:18 pace ran!!  I watched them as I ran by…the one girl on the pull-up bar, Hot Damn! They’re impressive. I thought about signing up for CrossFit, but I’ll save that for another blog post. Luckily, it didn’t take long (at my 7:18 pace) to no longer be in view of the CrossFit folks, so I slowed back to my normal speed. Lets just say I did a little Fartlek training too..

I continued to run through the tunnel because its creepy and I ended up walking up the incline on the other side. The hill flattened out and began to decline, so I started running again. I passed FishDick, giggled and kept going. As I approached the next crosswalk, I saw that it only had 15 seconds left to cross and I was a little far away so I kicked it into high gear. It wasn’t the 7min pace like I did near the Box, but I did do 10:30….so at least I looked somewhat “badass” for the cars. I slowed down again to my comfortable pace. I wanted to stop to walk, but I told myself the same thing I told J the day before..”Just make it to the bridge.” I made it to the bridge and still managed to push until I hit the “pole” which I knew was the 5k marker. The last mile was 12:47.  I made it to the pole, stopped my Garmin and YES!!! 3.12 in 39:05! I was under 40! My knee and opposite hip flexor was a little more sore but I walked it off on my way back home.

When I made it to my front door, I grabbed some chocolate milk then laid on the floor. I was pooped! A asked why I was so red………because I’m part Irish? Drank a pint? Got Sunburned? Oh yea…Ran a 5k! He knows I get hot…he knows I get red but he doesn’t have to tease me about it. He wanted me to take a picture for my instagram….Sorry guys, you’re not seeing that scary photo yet!


I then started to get the chills and finally pryed myself up off the floor and went to take a shower. I ended up going grocery shopping and hung out a little bit, but felt like I needed to be more productive (even though Sunday was a scheduled rest day), so around 4pm I asked A if he wanted to go for a bicycle ride with me. That probably wasn’t one of the brightest ideas I’ve had. My quads were sooooo tired. I’m not sure how far A wanted to go, but when I reached the hill 2.5 miles in….I was ready to turn around.


Later that night, my knees were sore but other than that I was doing well. I ended up falling asleep VERY quickly and slept the whole night. That typically doesn’t happen since I have to wake up 2-3 times a night to let the pups out. I was worried about how everything would feel (mainly the sore knees and hip flexor) when I got up today but I’m good! Nothing hurt today or felt sore.

I know that my 39 minute 5k is nothing for the records book, but for me…its something. I got outside, had a few aches and pains but nothing that lasted longer than a day. Hopefully, I can continue that over the next few months. I’m still undecided about Saturdays race….if I should stay at the 5k or upgrade to the 10k, but I guess I can make that decision closer to Saturday.






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Yay! I was totally waiting to read this awesomeness! Great job! 1) “Self! Stop bullshittin’ and just go for a full 5k!” — Hahahahahahaha!! And 2) how did I miss a fishdick on the trail?! I would have laughed at that.

Comment by Runningfromitall

You missed it because we didn’t go that way.

Comment by Attempted Runner

Oooh. That explains why I don’t recall a tunnel either. Haha.

Comment by Runningfromitall

Or camp crossfit

Comment by Attempted Runner

Or that.

Comment by Runningfromitall

Well done on the sub-40! I guess delaying the run for later can help sometimes – I tend to run faster when I see more people about too. 😉

Comment by theblogrunner

Oh good. I’m not the only one!

Comment by Attempted Runner

I always run in front of certain places too! Like they are really going to notice if I am taking a walk break, ha!

Comment by Falyn @ Slacker Runner

Haha yea. It’s more like they probably don’t even notice me at all.. walking or running.

Comment by Attempted Runner

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