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The 5 mile run, I didn’t run.

I’m on week three of my half marathon training….except I haven’t really ran much. My current plan consists of two days cross training, three days putting in Miles and 2 rest days. I’m doing great with the rest days and the cross training days but the mileage, not so Much.

The first week I went and hiked the Dipsea trail. I did run some of it…like 1 mile (of the 10.5 miles that I did) of it. The two other weekly running days consited of miles on the treadmill or bicycle. They have similar movements to running… counts, right?

The second week, again consisted of, again, the elliptical/bicycle for the “mileage days,”  and for the short runs and the Diablo 5k for my long run.

The third week (this past week) I did crosstraining for four days (one of those days I did HIIT with 3 min running intervals in between weights x3) instead of 3, walked for 30 minutes with some coworkers on the Thursday mileage day and today was suppose to be a 5 mile long run.

I put the 5 miles in, but not by pounding pavement. I rode my bike while pacing my sister as she ran it.


She used all my photos I took on her blog, so you can see them on her site here, if you like. That way, I’ll save some of the same blog followers from the repetitive photos.

Anyway, I opted for the bicycle because I figured I can keep J’s pace, so I wouldn’t hinder her training since I can’t keep up with her or run as constantly as her (I stop for a few more walk breaks then her). But while I was playing rabbit, I kinda wished I was running.

After spending the rest of the day with her doing our sisterly shenanigans….


Like dancing….


And eating….


And goofing off while making big butt jokes….

I got to thinking…

I think I keep putting running off because I’m scared.

With the last few weeks of not running but adding strength excercises in, my hip hasn’t been hurting. Like, at all. When I do my keg raises, I no longer have the “popping” in my groin/back. It’s like I never strained my hip flexor. Last weekend, was the first time in three months were I ran 3 miles without my hip flexor pain. I’m scared that if I start running again, excel to 4 miles, then 5 Miles, that my hip flexor strain will flare up and I’ll be side lined for...ever!

I’m stuck because I want need to start running since I have double Dipsea (what was I thinking when I signed up, really?), but I’m also so afraid to get out there that I don’t know what to do. Like I said, the bicycle/elliptical helps with the cardio and they do have similar movements to running (with less impact) but I know it won’t help me 100% with running.

I know have a 5k next weekend and I’m suppose to upgrade to the 10k. Do i continue with the 5k and grow some balls and start training for reals (hitting the pavement), or should I upgrade to the 10k and do my best? Even if my best is me run/walking for the first 5k then walking the 4th mile…crawling the 5th mile and eventually “fire rolling” the last mile. You know, stop, drop and roll?

Right now, I have the crazy erge to go run at least 1 mile and see what happens…but it’s 9pm and really dark! By the time the morning comes, by scardy cat fear will probably kick in.

Double Dipsea will be here a lot sooner than I’d want it too but will I be ready? Im scared to just go 1 mile…..I’ll die going 13.7 with 3000 stairs….and uphill. A lot of uphill.


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Sorry! I said the pics you’re not using. Oopsies.

I say, run a little this week, 1-2 miles 2 days maybe. And depending how it goes and how you feel, upgrade on race day. Walk whenever you need too, I think it will be ok. Its okay to be scared – you’ve been through a lot w/that pesky injury.

Comment by Runningfromitall

#runnerproblems. I prefer #hungrygirlproblems with jamba juice decisions.

Comment by Attempted Runner

Lol ya…me too.

Comment by Runningfromitall

Ps…I’m still laughing at the bubble butt jokes.

Comment by Runningfromitall

[…] last left you with me saying how I really needed to kick it into high gear and actually put in some miles for my half marathon training.  I really didn’t plan on writing anything more than that, […]

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