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I’ve gone batshit crazy.
04.10.14, 08:40
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I was going to post my own rendition of a weekly recap and was going to title, “Round it up Wednesday” or “wrap it up Wednesday.” I wasn’t sure which one was more clever but then things happened and I got side tracked and never wrote it. Then….I decided I can do it today but dub it batshit crazy, because that it was I’ve become after watching a few YouTube videos on an upcomming Half that was probably the worst mistake I’ve make this month.


I went to a 1 year olds first birthday. It was plenty entertaining and E had nachos so that made it my kinda party. After that bday, I went to watch Divergent. I had no clue what the movie was about and just suspected it was going to be another horrible sci fi young adult flick but it actually was pretty good. I think I’ll read the books because as always….the book was better.


I rode my bicycle 14 miles, like two weeks ago. It’s old news but still worth sharing. Considering I could barely go 2 miles a few years ago.


I did a strength workout with resistance bands the other day. Those things, for being flimsy pieces of rubber, sure kick my butt. See the flushed cheeks? That’s not photoshopped. It was worse but I laid there for a bit before taking a much loathed loved selfie. Just know, I don’t do them often.


I was reminded how I can’t pee in peace. The monster squad is always around. Jesse just stared at me. I told him to “Get outta here, weirdo.” Then Milo comes prancing in and watched me.


Maybe I should shut the door when I use the toilet?

Then….I went batshit crazy. Brazen Racing has hooked up with DSE and will be hosting the Double Dipsea trail run. Me, trying to be a streaker……with a strained hip flexor…..signed up. What you don’t know is that 1. What the eff was I thinking? 2. Even with the handicap start, I don’t think I’m going to finish unless Mr. Brazen helps a girl out and releases an early….way early hiker starts. Maybe he’ll let me start with the 80+ women age group.  Gonna need time here people!!!

I don’t know what came over me and signed me up other than being bat shit crazy except that an official streaker number for life is pretty epic. I’d cherish that to know end.

This Saturday I’ll be hiking a few miles of the Dipsea trail and I’m pretty sure my vocabulary will become pretty vulgar each step of the way.

Someone by the YouTube name, LBWelch has four videos. Go watch them…see how nuts I am for attenping this and then watch the videos again but pretend it’s reverse because the double dipsea race means I have to do the trail twice to make 13.7 miles.

Kill me now.
LBWelch videos for Dipsea are titled:
Diodes – Cardiac to Stinson Beach.
– Ascent up Dynamite to Cardiac.
-Descent to Suicide.
– Dipsea starts.
With names like insult hill, cardiac hill and suicide….just kill me now.
Here’s the link to the stairs…all 687 of them that I have to go down…then turn around and go right back up.

Dipsea Stairs:


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Sweet, I registered for Double Dipsea too. Looks like fun. I’m using it as a training run for the SF Marathon. Good luck with the training.

Comment by Big D

I’ll be doing squats, stairs and everything in between. I would say good luck to you, but you pro ably don’t need it. Have fun and say hi when you pass me…..twice. I think of you do dipsea, the SF marathon would be a piece of cake.

Comment by Attempted Runner

I hope so, that’s the plan at least. SF is a goal race for me, and you’re right: if I can handle Dipsea then SF hills will be easier.

I think I’m just going to up to Mt. Diablo and do hill repeats. I’m not exactly sure how else to prepare for it. Squats sound like a good idea and I’ll definitely try to work them in. Let us know if you come up with other exercises to prepare. I’m all ears!

Comment by Big D

Ditto! Any exercise you got, let me know. I think the butt, quads and knees need to be strongman style. Speaking of Diablo, you doing the trails challenge?

Comment by Attempted Runner

I’m volunteering at an aid station at the trails challenge. No idea which one.

Comment by Big D

Oh yes! That’s right! Well if you’re at #1, see you there!

Comment by Attempted Runner

Those stairs go forever! Good luck – this looks like a toughie.

Comment by irishrunnerchick

I’ll have to play stairway to heaven during this portion of the run. It’s long enough.

Comment by Attempted Runner

Good luck!!! And if your dogs are anything like my cat, they will just cry and scratch at the closed door:)

Comment by Falyn @ Slacker Runner

Thanks… And yea…pretty much but with barking.

Comment by Attempted Runner

Just so you know, the first two books in the divergent series are good-the last one is pretty terrible and there is a huge, HUGE bad thing that happens in the end of the last book (that’s all I’ll say but if you, like me, like happy endings, you may want to read reviews to prepare yourself on the series or skip it all together because…um…you aren’t going to get it).

Comment by Brandi

Thanks for the info. It doesn’t matter if it’s a happy ending or bad (they all die in a fiery car crash kinda bad) as long as its not a “that was a waste of my time” type ending. The one that comes to mind is the horrible ending of twilight. Let’s all gather for a huuuuge fight, but walk away because it wasn’t a huge fight (spoiler if you haven’t bothered, like I should of, to read them) but just a vision…now THAT was a disappointment.

Comment by Attempted Runner

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