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Race Recap: Brazen Racing – Lagoon Valley

I PR’ed at 26:14.

April fools!!!

I did PR for this course though, but we’ll get to that later.

Lagoon Valley trail run has a Goonies theme so how could I not participate? Being a child of the the 80s and being a Goonie was my childhood dream….A Brazen Goonie is the closets I could get, so I was all in.

I woke up with excitement since the weather did call for rain. At first I laughed hysterically, because the hourly forecast had a break in the rain during the exact time that, yep, you guessed it…I would be running. I figured it would still be wet out, just like it was that day in Astoria when the Goonies went on their adventure for One Eyed Willy’s Treasure.

Lagoon Valley is in my general area which meant I finally didn’t have to be the one to wake up super early, just to meet with J before heading to the race location. SHE had to get up earlier to meet me at my house this time. I adore an extra hour of sleep. Just another reason why Lagoon Valley is a good race.

The weather still looked decent but I did know it was going to eventually rain. I packed my gear bag accordingly, with plastic baggies (for the cellphone/ipod in the water resistant, but not water proof hydration belt), extra socks, pants, sweatshirts…the whole shebang! While I was making my breakfast and applying the last few strips of KT Tape, my sister arrived.

As we loaded up the car and set out on our adventure it started to sprinkle. As we crossed the bridge, it rained a little heavier but still decent. Making our way into Vacaville it retruned to a sprinkle. We entered Lagoon Valley park, took a picture of some geese and parked in the dirt lot.

While sitting in the car, getting things situated it started to rain a little more than a sprinkle. By the time we exited the car and walked to the starting line it was dumping rain!!

It was now 8:40am and Mr. Brazen sent the 5k runners on our way. About 200 feet in, I told J, “Look, I’m running and it’s raining!!!” And it didn’t stop raining for my entire run. I finally got to experience running in the rain!

With the first 1/8th mile, I couldn’t decide if I wanted my jackets hood on or off. I had a visor that kept my face water free, but I wasn’t sure about my head. I put the hood on, and the swishy noises of it were too loud, so I took it off. I ran a bit and took it off. I put it bck in, but the swishes were still too loud and annoying so I took it off. I did this for the whole first mile.

I started getting hot and contemplated just taking my Nike Vapor jacket off. I rolled up the sleeves instead. I figured if my chest stayed dry, I should be able to fend off a cold. I was also wearing my new, New Balance 860v4 Trail shoes, and since I like them. A lot.

While others ran on the side of the trail, more in the grass, I ran more in the dirt part as I felt my shoes gave good traction control. I only moved over to the grassy part when the mud turned more into slippery clay like mud.

I didn’t need to fall….again.

The first two miles are pretty much flat. Elevation gain/loss of like 10ft. Then at the water stop (2.2 miles) there’s this hill.

They call it, Megalodon.

It’s a heck of a hill, you go up 320′ feet all within .20 miles. I remember last year, my first year doing Lagoon Valley…Megalodon didn’t look very big or intimidating from the starting line. As I approached last year, I tried to run up it, got like 10ft up and had to walk. I stopped a few times, I walked up backwards, I finally got to the top and I was so out of breath and gasping for air, you would think I would have died right there…and then I had to walk up the hardest three stairs of my life, just to go up hill a little more. That was when I really did die.

This year, I reached the aid station, took a sports drink from the volunteer and began my accent. I ran halfway up this time! I walked the rest but didn’t need to stop. I took the (3) stairs like a pro and started to run up the second half, however it was really slippery so I had to follow the leader into the grass. I couldn’t pass because 1. It was slippery and 2. I was a vagina for not passing because I started having the bad ass half and 10k runners pass me up in the slippery middle part.

Anyway, I think I did rather well, compared to last year, on the hill. The rain and wind picked up and it was raining hard. I still couldn’t decide between sleeves up, hood up, sleeves down, hood down….I think at one point, one sleeve up rolled up and one rolled down. I’m so wishy washy.

I ran the flat section and got to the downhill, called Selkies. Which could have been renamed to slickies, because it was slick! Data must have tested out his slick shoes. I rotatated between a fast walk and careful-don’t-fall-down walk on the descent.

Again, I totally approve of my NB trail shoes because I felt so confident going down!! Once I hit the bottom of the hill, I had to go back up the paved road, dubbed Lochness. Another up!! I ran halfway then stopped to walk. My hip flexor started to ache (I made it 2.8 miles this time!). I approached, “Never Say Die,” and just ran into the finish! I didn’t make any PRs or world stopping records, but I did do this course almost 2 minutes faster than last year. 2 minutes doesn’t seem like that much of a big deal, bit considering last year was dry as bone and I was able to run the down hill and this year was rainy, muddy, slippery and I had to walk the down, I think I did better.
After grabbing my finishers medal, meeting up with J , grabbing a banana and taking the finishers photo we went back to the car. Keep in mind it’s now been roughly 2 hours of heavy rain since we parked in that dirt lot.

We got back to the car, in the now muddy lot, with people getting their cars stuck. J has a low to the ground, none 4wheel drive sports car so with a little direction, yelling and saying “Weeeeee!!” while sliding, We got out of the muddy parking lot without getting stuck or hitting something, and moved to the cemented parking lot to change into dryer clothes.


With my hot sweaty red face my kegs look more white than they already are.

Lesson learned: Arrive earlier next year, rain or shine, to get the cemented parking lot or take my parents 4wheel drive vehicle.

Rather than going home to take a nice warm shower, we drove another 40 miles to Davis and went to Woodstocks Pizza.

I’m in love with Woodstocks. The Davis location also has this fancy soda vending machine that gave me seven different options for the flavor of my Sprite Zero and two options for my rootbeer. After stuffing my face, we drove back home and I finally got my warm shower, put on comfy pants and fell asleep on the sofa. Until I had to get up for the next adventure of dinner with the in-laws.


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2 minutes is a ton of time in a 5k! Well done!

Comment by Pandora Viltis


Comment by Attempted Runner

Looks a fun but wet race! That pizza looks yummy:)

Comment by Falyn @ Slacker Runner

It was fun. If you want to see the pizza from the other angle, go see J’s photo (which I think you probably already have). I ate my entire half that’s how yummy it was.

Comment by Attempted Runner

Congrats on a successful race!! Glad you enjoyed the pizza & the new soda machine! 🙂

Comment by Woodstock's Pizza

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