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#sweataday: It’s like heroin…but better.


I’ve never used heroin. Heck, I’ve never seen it in real life. The emptied needles I’ve seen in gutters or venue parking lots don’t count. But from my understanding its crazy addicting and makes even the most sane person do stuff they normally wouldn’t do to get it.

#sweataday is like that.

I can be super tired or not feeling well because of my locomotive belly, but it doesn’t matter. I have to post my Sweat A Day picture/video. Whether it’s 2 minutes of a routine or 20 minutes. I still do it. It makes me do crazy things… Like actually do it every day!!

I’ve mentioned it a few times before but for those that don’t know what Sweat A Day is…Shauna Harrison hosts a #sweataday challenege that’s sponsored through Under Armour. I follow on Instagram but you can also follow along via Twitter too. It’s simple, Shauna posts a picture/tutorial of what the day’s excercise will be, then shortly followed by a video of her doing said move.

The rules are just as easy. Anyone can participate, do the excercise to your own ability (the duration and level is up to you). Post a picture/video of you doing the move and post it on facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #sweataday and tag @shaunaharrison, @underarmour and @underarmourwomen. At the end of each week, Shauna picks a few winners (I’ve seen it range from 3-7 winners) and those winners get a UA swag bag! I’m not sure exactly how it’s decided what comes in the swag bag but the people who have won already posted their swag bag prizes which include: UA shoes, 1-3 UA tops, 1-2 bottoms and an UA duffle bag.

Regardless of how its picked, I think the swag bag loot is awesome and I can only hope that one day I’ll win one! I missed out on January’s S.A.D because I didn’t know about it until the last week of the month. I have done every single sweataday since February and I don’t plan on stopping….even if I win a swag bag!

I already won a tank (photoed above) but in the end…it’s not about winning stuff ok, sometimes it is it’s about getting your heart moving and a little sweat.

I’m flatlinning on the excercise front and the whole eating right. With my stupid hip flexor strain keeping me from running and my belly hurting again, I don’t want to do anything else. I just havent been in the mood for it, but if sweataday keeps me moving even briefly, it’s ok by me.

So, Thanks for that Shauna.


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I have an injury that’s keeping me from running and that hurts me when I do many other exercises. I need it to heal but I’m stubborn so it’s not going well…. ha. that’s for sharing the sweat a day plan thing-a-ma-jigger… I just might have to check it out. I can see how it would be addicting. Good for you keeping your streak alive since you began it!

Comment by jaymeball13

I feel your pain with the injuries. One day will get better. Do sweat A day! It’s fun.

Comment by Attempted Runner

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