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Race Recap: Brazen Racing – Hellyer.

Saturday morning was tough. I first had very little sleep as I had to take Milo to the Emergency Vet and of course, stay up checking up on him ALL night long. He’s fine now, so all is well with that. It also didn’t help that the Hellyer Half/10k/5k was a little further out to drive than the last few races and to top it off with very limited parking calls for a wake up call at 4:30am for an 8:30 am race start.

So as I mentioned, I had very little sleep…but it was race day so what’cha gonna do?

I knew the forecast called for rain and I had a hard time figuring out what to wear since I’ve never ran in the rain. Do shorts chaif more because things are now wet? Are clothes heavier even though they are dry wicking? How do my toes handle the soggy socks? I just didn’t know what to do. I ended up going with my new Under Armour pants that I call my paper mache pants. They are so lightweight that they feel like the one time use paper jumpsuits that you can buy when your painting. I grabbed some breakfast to make closer towards start time and dressed in my paper pants, I headed out the door to meet up with J. I think we arrived at Hellyer Park at 6:45-7:00am and it was just dumping rain!!!

Oh Hellyer! I get to run in the rain!!


Me in my excitement for the rain.

J wasn’t too excited because despite me telling her all week that it was going to rain, she still wore her RunDisney shoes. I ate my breakfast and we braved the torrential downpour to pick up our bibs/t-shirts. We both also downgraded (again) to the 5k, from the 10k because of her ankle and my stupid hipflexor.


We got back in the car and watched both the hikers half start (they go early to have more time to finish the race) and the half marathon. By this time, we figured we should go stand under the covered patio area with everyone else since the 5k was coming up.

As the 10k people were sent on their way, I did a few stretches and despite it still raining heavily, I told J that it’s going to stop when I run.

Surprise, surprise…

Mr. Brazen said that the clouds were parting and a rainbow was forming. We took our required photos (as a rainbow represents my Grandma…that’s a story for another day. Long story short…when we need her most, a rainbow appears) then lined up. Yes, the rain went to a sneeze of a drizzle by this point. I told J that she can pretty much count on it not raining for another 45 minutes (after I finish). She laughed but I was serious.

My iPod was dead. No music for me. This was going to be tough because I thought (which was confirmed) that I am not one of the silent runners. I need music. I need it to help me be free.

So, were lined up getting ready to go. As Mrs. Brazen tooted her airhorn to send us on our way, the drizzle stopped. Not a cloud in the sky. Obviously. Just my luck.

The entire course was paved but there were some pretty massive puddles that people were bobbing and weaving (and annoying me) to get around. I said….Mud Run!! and splashed right through the center of all the puddles. No one thought my joke was funny….those were also the people to go around the puddles.

I made it to the first mile marker and took off my jacket…it never fails. I began running again and laughed away as I saw the next few “puddles” that we had to cross. I laughed because the people who were going around the puddles had no choice but to go through them now. There were about 2 puddles going out, so a total of four times we got to run through them. People tried to tip toe but I was obnoxious and I plowed right through them.


I stole this picture from one of the runners. I left her IG handle though to give her photo credit.

That photo right there was somewhere along the 10k or half, but that’s pretty much what I ran through, just a little shorter distance.

That was ridiculously fun.

Then a little before mile 2 I get tired. Both my hips start to hurt and it seemed like the aid station (turn around point) was never going to happen. I looked at Garfield to see the distance and I did some math, but I couldnt see the turn around. Even though it should be there! I saw J pass by then finally!! Around the corner was the turn around. I walked a bit there too but ran. Not for long though. I was starting to struggle. By mile 2 1/2, I wanted to give up. Both hips were hurting more (maybe my shoes could only handle 160 miles?), I was overly hot (maybe paper pants are for snow days) , I was tired (no more checking on the pups all night), I just didn’t want to go anymore. I round another corner and see…..
A rainbow! It wasn’t this exact picture as this was taken after the finish, but it was the same one. Grandma was there when I needed her most. She’s my lifetime cheer squad.

I don’t know if you see it…but I see written all over my face in this picture is torment.

Now Captured in time forever was my struggle to keep going.

As I’m struggling to run or just move forward, I said to my Rainbowed Grandma, “Thank you for being here for me! I can’t do it. Please make my hip pain go away, make it rain to cool me off, make me at least finish….make the finish line move up a lot closer! Help me Grandma.”

All of the sudden, my right hip (one that normally is perfectly fine) stopped hurting. It started to sprinkle very lightly and cooled me down, I round the corner and see the finish line. I said Thanks to Grandma and somewhere deep within, I got a burst of energy and sprinted to the finish. Some may say a coincidence, but I say…my Grandma, even in Heaven, is incredibly Amazing.

I finished in 41:20 which is my typically time, but surprinsing because of how hard it was for me to keep moving.

I most definitely need the music playing because it gives me something to focus on rather than the pain or absent aid stations.

After I crossed the finish, I met up with J and she took another pain face photo.

I told her to just wait for the rain any minute because I finished so now it’ll start pouring again. We giggled then headed to the post race snacks. I grabbed some powerade and a PayDay and went back to the car for my chocolate milk. I also chnaged into warm/dry clothes…mostly shoes and socks.

Now it’s the moment I’ve been waiting for… starts raining…a lot. Figures. But I didn’t dwell on not being able to run in the rain because I’m headed to Woodstock’s Pizza!!!. Until you are forced to go gluten free you don’t realize how hard it is to find a good (and safe) pizza place. Woodstocks is like 2-3 hours from my house, so I only go once every few months. I saw that there is one an hour away…so maybe that’ll change a bit.

Anyway, I got the vegetarian to mix it up. It’s fantastic but not my favorite of all time. When I go again (the other location after Lagoon Valley on the 29th), I’ll stick with my custom order favorite pizza. Hopefully they’ll have the GF crust in stock.

Just like that meme going around….my trainer said I can only have one slice of pizza, so that’s exactly what I did.


It's one slice of pizza!

Hahha. Just kidding. I had 3 pieces with a salad.

Then when I got home I had one more piece, followed by dinner shortly after.

Then for Breakfast the next day I had three more slices. Followed by Chipotle. Chili Cheese Fries. Nacho Quesadilla. Cookies. #eatallthefood


Then on Monday, I got back on track with MyFitnessPal and staying around the area of caloric intake that I should be. I’m also going to be more structured/consistent with my workouts. I’ve said it before, but I’m gonna do it. It’s already Wednesday and I’m still on track!


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I had big iPod issues during my marathon. Not ideal!

I can’t believe that puddle. I’d hate that. I’m not a fan of wet feet in sneakers.

Comment by Pandora Viltis

It was fun! Wet sneakers is the closest I got to running in the ran. And iPod issues on a marathon? That’s 23.1 more miles that I’d go nuts.

Comment by Attempted Runner

That puddle is not messing around!

I love your rainbow/Grandma story. I have a similar thing with my grandpa and birds… a bird always appears when needed 🙂

Comment by dgobs

Congrats on finishing your race in the rain!! We also love your pic & are happy to hear that you liked the pizza!

Comment by Woodstock's Pizza

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