Attempted Runner.

What I didn’t do…

This month has been a month of “didn’ts.”
To recap:

-I didn’t get picked for the procompression ambassador.
-I didn’t win week 1 (burpees) for the Sweat A Day challenge.
-I didn’t win week 2 (squats) for the Sweat A Day challenge.
-I didn’t win week 3 (push/pull ups for the Sweat A Day challenge.
-I didn’t win #boxers4burpees challenge.
-I didn’t win the 4 SparkleAthletic visor giveaway.
-I didn’t win the 7 SparkleAthletic skirt giveaway.
-I didn’t have to pay on my taxes this year.
-I didn’t run for the last four weeks (excluding Bay Breeze).
-I didn’t run the Bay Breeze10k.
-I didn’t walk the Bay Breeze 5k (I downgraded distances).
-I didn’t ride my bike since it’s still in the rafters.
-I didn’t get a Valentine.
-I didn’t loose a pound.
-I didn’t get to hang out with the hubby the last few weekends due to his overtime.
-I didn’t read any of the blogs I follow for a long time.

What did I do?

-Won the #SweatADayLove tank giveaway
-210 Burpees
-225 squats
-23 push/pull ups (ha)
-Registered for three more runs (even though I can’t run a bunch at the moment).
-Signed my two of first notarized documents.
Ran the entire Bay Breeze 5k!!!
-Aggregated my hip flexor strain.
-Got 50% off ProCompression clover socks.
-Watched the Titanic: Final Mystery documentary and belive that it was the night sky (weather/conditions) to blame, not the iceberg.
-I caught up on a few blogs but not all…sorry.
-Got Because I Appreciate you flowers.
-Gained 2 pounds (hopefully it’s muscle but I highly doubt it).
-Got a pull up bar.

What have you done….or havent done this month?


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I have 1 pair of procompression socks for a month and already the elastic thread is coming out. THEY DON’T DESERVE YOU.

Comment by Nicole @ pink elephant on parade

Lol thanks Nicole. I haven’t had that problem yet with any if mine. One pair (my white 70s tube sock) came with the stiching a little off, so the color is separated, but that’s more color than quality of their performance.

Comment by Attempted Runner

I didn’t run a 5K… my first month without a race since August!

I did join a running club and try speed workouts for the first time.

(Out of curiosity, do you find that the procompression socks make a difference, compared to non-compression socks? I’m interested in giving them a go but hesitant to shell out.)

Comment by dgobs

Running club? That’s fun!!! You should have a good time.

I feel a difference during the run, my legs don’t feel as tired. However, during recovery, I don’t notice a difference. My sister is the opposite, during the runs she doesn’t notice much, but for afterwards recovery she does.
Not sure if you’ve heard of Pavement Runner but he’s one of their ambassadors and has a permanent code for 40% off (PR40). $25 to try a pair is a little better than 50%. I haven’t tried other brands (cep, inijii or however its spelt) but I like ProCompression. Plus they have a variety of colors.
I also use the trainers (ankle socks) when I’ll be on my feet ALL day long and notice they don’t hurt and they are not swollen at the end of the day.

Comment by Attempted Runner

Hmm… I’m definitely intrigued. Thanks for the info! And for the tip about Pavement Runner!

Comment by dgobs

No problem!!

Comment by Attempted Runner

That still sounds like a productive month to me 🙂 way to go on the burpees. I don’t think I’ve done one in at least 6 months.

Comment by Falyn @ Slacker Runner

It’s the most I’ve done. I stayed clear of burpees my entire life, up until that week. I like your schedule better. 1 every six months I can handle.

Comment by Attempted Runner

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