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What a week!
02.08.14, 15:23
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Like I mentioned in my previous post, so long ago it seems, I joined the Under Armour Sweat A Day Challenege. Burpees were the first week. I went from hating Burpees and NEVER doing them to 210 burpees of 7 variations over an entire week.


My conclusion: burpees are not as bad as people make them out to be. This week we move into Squats. Ack!

Anyway, I haven’t done a whole lot. I haven’t run since what is it now? Three weeks ago? I decided to give my hip flexor a break (other than the 5-10 minutes of Burpees each day… depending on what variation and how jelly like I felt). My hip flexor does feel better but every so often it flares up for a bit. I have a 10k run next weekend and I think I might downgrade to the 5k….and perhaps, as depressing as it is, walk it.
Maybe I’ll run walk every 1/4 mile.

I don’t know what to do.

I have a week to decide.

What would you do, downgrade, run/walk, walk, go balls out and just run til your leg falls off?


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Legs fall off… every time (easily said when you’re not the one running). By the way… TOTALLY get the whole hip flexor pain thing now! Between all the burpees and a rather brutal squat workout.. they are even sore to the touch!!

Comment by rundelrun

I know right!! And I’m soooo sorry you have it. It’s a bitch!

Comment by Attempted Runner

Oddly enough I love squats, I do them everyday. Hate burpees though, never feel like I am doing them right. I was supposed to run a half marathon next weekend but my ankle has been sore so I downgraded to a 15k and that might turn into a 10k.

Comment by Falyn @ Slacker Runner

Downgrading isn’t my idea of a good time but it’s the thing we must do if we want this to be just another race and not the last race.

Comment by Attempted Runner

Great job! You’re totally kicking booty!

Comment by Runningfromitall

More like icing booty. It’s getting sore!

Comment by Attempted Runner

Wow – good for you! I need to do some burpees!!!
I think do the 10km, don’t kill yourself over it, slow down & walk if u need to but u will feel a good sense of achievement if u do it.
I hd hip problems too, & the best exercise I found for my hips is to stand on a wobble board/cushion on 1 leg, lift your arms up and push your hips out, then bring your arms down pushing your hips back. (On 1 leg, almost like your worshipping.) Repeat about 60 times on each leg. It REALLY helped strengthen my hips. Good luck!!

Comment by New Girl Running

I’m only hesitant to do the 10k because I could barley walk properly at the end of the 5k three weeks ago but if I walk more of it…see my dilemma!
It’s more of a strained hip flexor but I’ll definitely do that strengthening move!

Comment by Attempted Runner

Roll out your WHOLE leg. What I’ve learned is that every muscle is affected by the others so if one is bothering you, most likely it’s the muscles that’s next to it that really has the problem.
May I recommend some iron crosses?

Comment by leilanirl

That means I have to spend more time on the foam roller? I rather do more Burpees. Hahaha.
Thanks. I’ll try iron crosses too.

Comment by Attempted Runner

Downgrade and run til you feel like you have to walk. Walk for a few then run again. It’s not worth over doing it. I think I may need to join you on the squat challenge! You totally rocked the burpee challenge!

Comment by maxfitgirl29

Do it! Squats are a million times easier than Burpees.

Comment by Attempted Runner

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