Attempted Runner.

It just quit….so I gave up.

Last night as I was settling in for the night, I had this huge ol post written up. It contained stolen Subway slogans (finishing Janathon and moving right into FebruANY!), witty comments, and slight humor (depending on your outlook).  It had everything to make a post that described my weekend, to something actually worth reading. I made a few edits, spell checked and added photos. I go to publish and what’s this? Sorry, an unexpected error has occured and the post was not published?

No worries, I’ll just click publish on the draft.

What? It didn’t even save a draft!!! By that point, I gave up and went to bed. I’m not going to try to conjure up everything I wrote about…so this will not be as nearly as delightful as the orginal post would have been.

A had to work some overtime on Saturday and because of J’s sprained ankle and my stupid hip, I ended up not doing the long runs with the FF group. Instead, I pulled out my whiteboard and created my February schedule. Notice in January, the huge “REST DAY!” on 2/1.


Well…I was all geared up for a rest day of doing no workout of any sorts but then…..then I saw Shauna Harrison from Under Armour post the Sweat A Day challenge. I wasn’t going to participate because the first week was burpees but then I saw that there was a chance at free stuff and we all know what that means..


I accpeted the challenege and wrote it out on my whiteboard. That means I have to do it. I already did the first to days but had to modify it slightly for my hip but I still did it! I’ll hopefully continue with it but if my hip needs rest then that takes priority. I have a half coming up that’s more important than free stuff. Yes, I said it. More important.

Saturday was a day of cleaning, burpee-ing and a shopping. Sunday, it was raining which was great because we’re in a State of Emergency. A and I went antiquing, I did my burpee day 2 and made cookies. Which actually look like cookies and not my famous crumble cakes.


Later in the afternoon, I was going to ask A to get my bicycle down so I can take it for a stroll but he comes walking in the house saying he got metal in his eye while working with the grinder. He couldn’t flush it out himself, so for the second weekend in a row, I got the pleasure of hanging out in the emergency room.

:::crosses fingers:: Hopefully next weekend I don’t end up at the ER.


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Comment by rundelrun

I had a malfunction in my posting today too. Must be a WordPress thing? I’m annoyed to say the least.

I dislike burpees. That’s reason enough to not take the challenge. It also means I probably should do the challenge because if I hate them, they’re probably an exercise I need to get better at.

Comment by Pandora Viltis

I hate them, but now they don’t seem as bad. Maybe it was a psychological thing.

Comment by Attempted Runner

I have had a similar problem when posting. I finally figured out it happened every time I tried to copy and past and image. Ugh, so annoying.
Lover your calendar!

Comment by Falyn @ Slacker Runner

The app update help any?

Comment by Attempted Runner

It is way better than it was before. The only glitch I have had is a time stamping issue. It buried a post I started on my phone because it used the time I started it as opposed to when I published it 9 hours later.

Comment by Falyn @ Slacker Runner

Not sure about yours by my app you can go into the publish settings and change the date/time before its published that way it’ll show on the reader/blogs when you post it so we won’t miss it because we didn’t look back two days ago! I hate that!

Comment by Attempted Runner

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