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#Janathon 31: Free at last, Free at last.
01.31.14, 21:44
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Hot dog! It’s the last evening of Janathon!  Tomorrow is the very first rest day in…I think it’s now 34 days…..and I’m looking very forward to it. It’s also the first Saturday I can sleep in passed 530.

After a few floor work exercises (planks, sit ups, push ups, those weird on your back frogger things, etc.) earlier this evening, I sat there thinking, Hallelujah no work outs tomorrow!! Then a few minutes later, I find myself asking A if he could get my bike down from the rafters.


What?!?!?! Who is this person?

It’s rest day and I was thinking of spending it peddling along? Weirdo.

I must be coming down with something. This isn’t normal behavior. Maybe I’m just feeling a little guilty since all I pretty much did for Janathon was 26 miles, a lot of yoga and towards the end, foam rolling. Doesn’t really spike the active meter but I guess its a little more physically demanding than turning the page of my book with a click of a button. 


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If, like me you did more than you normally would then there’s nothing to feel guilty about ..and weirdly I’ve got the urge to go for a run this morning too! 😃

Comment by missyoungbob

Ha. We probably want to go do something because now it’s our own free will rather than a requirement from a program/event.

Comment by Attempted Runner

Well done on your Janathon, now step away from the bike slowly, sit down and think carefully about having a rest day.

Comment by Sam

:::looks around all mischievous like::: Never!!!

Comment by Attempted Runner

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