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#Janathon 30: It was easier when I was young.
01.30.14, 20:29
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Is it just me, or when we were in elementary school, headstands were a peice of cake? Headstands from elbows, arms fully extended and even walking handstands? We held them for what seemed like hours. Challeneges with your friends to see who can hold it the longest?

Now, it’s a issue of just not getting lightheadedness from all the blood building up in your noggin’. Or holding your legs up, straight, without assistance of the wall.

It was just use to be so easy. I’ve finally gotten it to were I can do a elbow handstand and bring my legs up without the help of a “jump” to kick start me up. Granted, one leg is already up in the air so I only have to raise one leg, not two…but it’s a start.

I was even able to hold it for a few seconds and I went a little risky and folded my legs Indian style (forgot the term), all without falling. I’ll have to have A take a photo, so I can show off my newbie skills.

Maybe it was the 3 yoga YouTube videos I did prior (total of 45 minutes) that helped relax me and make me light as a feather as opposed to stiff as a board.

Next step, lift both legs at once while on elbows.

On a side note: Thanks WordPress, I’m diggin’ the new app update. Just add color to the edit options and we got ourselves a good thing going. But please bring back the “next blog” button where I can read through one blog after another without having to go back to the reader and click each one.


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I think my trouble with inversions is more fear than anything else. When I was a kid, going upside down was no biggie. Now I worry about getting hurt and lose faith in my strength.

Comment by Pandora Viltis

I tried it awhile ago without my head straight to the floor and it actually hurt. Then I ended up putting a folded scarf under my head for some cushion and then interlocking my fingers then putting them on the crown of my head…kinda like how police make you hold your hands when your being frisked/arrested….not that I have expeirenced first hand or anything. I think starting on my elbows wasn’t as bad because you’re closer to the floor if you do topple over. Also trying it against the wall so it limits the direction you fall. I watched the yoga handstand for beginners with get fit with leyla on YouTube to help me get started.

Comment by Attempted Runner

I can’t manage even a partial, way to go!

My WordPress app is horrible 🙂 It crashes all the time.

Comment by Falyn @ Slacker Runner

I used WordPress for Android. Have you tried uninstalling then re-installing it? I know that helps sometimes when/if they don’t download properly the first time.

Comment by Attempted Runner

I have an iPhone which I do love but the app is just horrible. All it is good for is reading and sometimes not even that 😦

Comment by Falyn @ Slacker Runner

Well that’s not very exciting.

Comment by Attempted Runner

I logged in this morning and they had pushed an update over night 🙂 fingers crossed it works better!

Comment by Falyn @ Slacker Runner

Xxxxxxx. <—- that's me crossing fingers. Not kisses. Cause kisses would be a weird way to wish for luck, unless it was on a coin going into a fountain.

Comment by Attempted Runner

The problem is I now have to try and do a handstand later, as you reminded it was probably about 25 years since I last tried! This may end with a trip to A&E and starting a conversation with my colleagues of .. “well you see I was on the internet, and it seemed like a good idea at the time”

Comment by Sam

Hahhahaa. Make sure you take pictures. All the best ideas are not captured over the internet via pictures. Which then turn into the popular memes with the tagline “it seemed like a good idea at the time”

Comment by Attempted Runner

And just realized you wrote the same tag line so obviously you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about.

Comment by Attempted Runner

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