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Race Recap: Brazen Racing – Coyote Hills 5k


This is my first year participating in the Coyote Hills run. I’ve hiked around the same loop back in the Spring or Summer, so I kind of knew what to expect. This was nothing like I remebered it. With the winter upon us and the complete lack of rain..everything was dead and dried up. Before I get to that, let’s roll the clock back a few hours.

I didn’t get to bed very early Friday night. I tossed and turned all night and Jesse James decided that this was the one night he would end up having to go pee 7 times. Needless to say, when I woke up at 5:15am, I was completely zonked. So much that I felt like I had a hangover.

I somehow managed to still make it out the door at 6:30 and yawned the entire way to meet up with J, Legs and her husband, R. We all caravanned over to the DeVry parking lot that the runners were required to park in and to take the shuttle’s that Brazen provided because Coyote Hills doesn’t have very much parking. Based on all the comments I read from people who have done Coyote Hills before saying they had to wait in long lines for the shuttle, we got there by 7:30….even though our first race (J’s) didn’t start til 9:15.

Since we were there so early, we only had to wait for maybe 5 minutes. The shuttle’s were coming up with the quickness, loading about 30 people per bus then zooming off just in time for the next shuttle to pull up. By the time we got onto the shuttle, the line was really long but based on how our driver was driving….I’m sure no one had to wait more than 7 minutes.

The shuttle dropped us off right in front of the starting line and as usual everything was set up nicely. I personally liked the row of Honey Buckets (the name of the port-a-potty company) but I still refuse to use them. The refreshment table, bib pick up, medal engraving table, photo area, sweat check and all that was on the other side of the corrals up on the hill. J was off work all last week, so she was able to do packet pick up earlier and therefore we didn’t have to wait in the (nonexistent) lines for that.

Not that it matters, but my only complaint was that the men’s t-shirts were the beefy tees this time. The beefy tees are not the amazingly soft t-shirts like my 2013 Drag-n-fly, Bad Bass, Quarry Turkey, etc. shirts. I was bummed…that’s the one of the two reason why I get men’s tees because they’re incredibly soft! 

Anyway, one of the ladies I follow on instagram set up an Brazen IG meet up. She said that because there are a few Brazenites that follow each other on Instagram, but have yet to meet up…and we all practically know everything about each other from our photos…this was a good time. I was a little nervous to go over there though because what if I’m not as cool in person as I am on instagram? But then I was like…um, who cares? So, I went over with J but that girl was the only one there. She was really nice and funny and we talked for a bit until two other Brazen Instagrammers came over. I only followed one of them but we all still introduced each other.

I didn’t know the proper etiquette with IG meets ups. I didn’t know if I was suppose to introduce myself with my given birth name or with my IG handle. I went with the safe bet and stuck my hand out for a good solid hand shake, smiled and said, AttemptedRunner.

Then giggled.

Anyway, after the meet up, it was getting close to J‘s race, the 10k, so we headed to the starting line. We wished her luck and went over to sweatcheck to give them my warm clothes until after when I would be needing them again. As soon as I got back to R and Legs, not even 5 minutes after J started her race, I got a text. No one really ever texts me, so as im digging my phone out of my hand held water bottle holder thing, I say, “That’s probably J…a text from her this soon? Something isn’t right.” I get my phone finally and read the texts that went something along the lines of…

I twisted my ankle really bad. I’m coming back.

I called her and she said at the first turn from pavement to gravel, she slipped and twisted her ankle. Her and the lady next to her both heard a super loud pop. I asked if she could walk back or if she needed me to send someone for her, but she said the Park Rangers were there to give her a ride back. She got her very first DNF. 😥  As it was now time for R‘s very first race ever, Legs first race with fitted shoes and my first Coyote Hills run, we all lined up somewhere in the middle to back (per the request of R) and waited for the signal.

Mr. Brazen gave the annoucement and sent us on our way. I waved to J by the Medics and gave her the universal signal for “Ok” then gave a thumbs up, hoping she understood that I was asking if she was ok or needed me to tend to her instead. She gave a thumbs up, so I carried on thinking that all it was a regular sprain and that she would be in good hands with the medics.

The first .28 miles…I only know that distance because that is the same exact spot that J stopped her Garmin after the ankle incident….was on the main road. The trail that we had to start on was very narrow and to have 500 runners immediately go into the trail would have been dangerous. Brazen put us on the road to at least thin us out a little before hitting the wetlands portion. 


It looks like I'm the leader of the pack. But alas, I am not.

We ran over the docks that are normally surrounded by green tulle and water. As you can see, the tully wasn’t very much alive and the wetland, marsh area was bone dry. I felt that I was running in the desert. It was also getting very hot. Dry, hot at that.

There were still tons of people but I couldnt get around anyone without falling off the dock. Finally when it went back to the wider trail, I was able to branch out and get into the group that goes just as slow as I do.

Mile 1 was just before the first hill, Lizard Rock. I stopped for a quick walk because I didn’t want to aggravate my hip flexor. So much for that though. R passed me up and as we were approaching the first aid station, Legs catches up to me too. We walk together for a bit and a she asked if I was ok. I gave her the stereotypical answer of, I’m fine, because how many ways can you tell people how your hip flexor is stupid? It gets old. My followers, you are probably sick of reading about it too. I’ll try to keep it breif from now on.

I get to the first aid station and it was pretty much stocked up which was shocking considering roughly 1000+ runners from the half, 10k and whoever was ahead of me during the 5k had already passed through it. Those aid station volunteers were champs. I got my little Dixie cup of powerade and went running along.

About 1.5 miles in I get another text but didn’t check it. I just figured J was saying she was going to walk the 5k instead. Anything is better than a DNF.
I did a run/walk thing for awhile, as I was getting more pain. Legs passed me and I got bummed. I’m usually not the last one to finish in our group.


Legs was only 10-20 feet ahead of me for the last half and I probably could have passed her up if I tried, but I didn’t want to push it harder, so I let her have this victory, as she began go make some good distance between us.
I can’t believe people let me go out in public looking like this.

I got to the 3 mile marker and ran passed Frank the Tank. Saying Hi to him gave me a little boost that I much needed…he’s so full of spirit….and sprinted for a good portion to at least make a 5k time of 37:50, if I remember correctly. Or maybe it was 38:44, I forget. Either way it was still under 40 minutes…..GOAL.

However, the race wasn’t over. Like most trail runs, the 5k is never 3.1 miles. This race was no exception. I think Mr. Brazen said it was 3.45 miles. I wanted to walk the rest as it was also getting hotter and I became even more tired than when I first woke up. With all the people around the finish line, I just couldn’t do it. No time to walk now! I kept on running, wincing every time my left leg came out in front of me and finished in 44:28.

I cross the finish and made my way to the medics to meet up with my scallywags when I saw my mom there and J in the car. I thought…Oh how nice! Mom came to support us at a run!  For some reason it never clicked that she was there to pick up J. Apparently, the texts that I got while running was J saying she was having mom come get her because her ankle really hurt and was going to go to the E.R. I know people do weird things while in pain, but I thought that was silly only because by the time mom would have gotten there, I would have finished….just like it happened. Whatever, people in pain always need their parents.

I got my bag from sweatcheck then rather than getting back on the shuttle, mom gave us all a ride back go the car. J had to go there anyway for her purse/I.D/etc. I said bye to R and Legs, since they had there own car and asked J if she wanted me to go with her to the ER or was she ok with just mom? She asked me to go too, so the next stop…


Luckily, there wasn’t hardly anyone at the E.R, so we waited 5-10 minutes before they took her back. I asked if we could go back with her and the tech would only allow one person. Mom got the short straw and had to wait in the waiting room with all the sick people that started to come in. It was alright…the hospital offers free face masks and WiFi. Mom was content.

The thing with J and myself is that we laugh. A lot. During the whole time in triage, J was a nervous wreck thinking her ankle was broken and that she couldnt run/work out anymore, so I started cracking jokes to lighten the situation. Mom texted me saying that we were laughing too loud cause she heard us from the waiting room (it wasn’t very far…just on the other side of the door). We kept quiet when the tech, nurse or doctor were doing there thing but in between it was a laugh riot.
Later, the U.A said that we were “too cute” and had her laughing the entire time because our laugh was contagious. You’re welcome to the ER staff for the breif amusment and sorry were we replaced by the coughing, crying and drugged up scum buckets.

After getting the xray, back we let our screams of rejoice with the doctor because she said it wasn’t broken!!

Mom ended up taking us to lunch (it was now 2pm) and I was absolutely starving. I only had toast, 1 sausage patty and an egg for breakfast, but I burned all those calories running. I then had my Sierra Crunch mix for post race fuel but I was still starving. At lunch, I ended up eating my entire Red Robin Egg burger (picture a bacon cheeseburger with a fried egg on top. Amazing!), the equilvant of three side salads (their bottomless now), a handfull of fries and two freckled lemonades. Red Robin, stop offering the best Gluten Free options…you make me eat too much. I loved it.

I finally parted ways with mom and J and by the time I got home I just wanted to take a nap. Except, when I got home I had to help A paint the other arbour, take a shower and make dinner. My day came to an end at 8:30 and I couldn’t have been more happier. It was a long and exhausting day.

The plus side after, my split times were all under 13:00 minutes. That never happens. I usually have at least one, sometimes two, 13:00-15:00 minute miles.


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So there was only one hill? That’s not bad. And I called mom when I had the nausea and felt like passing out…but she totally lollygagged. So yes…it was silly. Oh well… Thanks for going to the ER with me.

Comment by Runningfromitall

It was one big (still small) hill followed by a few rolling humps of a hill. There were two big ones, but really not big at all. Kinda like Chabot.

Comment by Attempted Runner

That’s good to know, I heard differently from others. One lady said there were boulders on the trail. Lol

Comment by Runningfromitall

Maybe the 10k or half. The only part that had boulders was the one rock at the finish that was the size of our Topaz monster truck rock but it was to the far right of the chute, with plenty of room on the left to run. It was like 50 feet from the finish line. Other than that, I didn’t notice any others.

Comment by Attempted Runner

Maybe. Well good job on the race!

Comment by Runningfromitall

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