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#Janathon 26: Milo nose what’s up….
01.26.14, 17:51
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I started the day early and irritated. There is nothing more that I hate than to be woken up. This morning, I wake up because I had a weird feeling that someone was watching me. I open my eyes and A is shining the light from his phone on me and his eyes are crazy big…he says, “Good Morning!!!” I say…..”What the hell?”
He laughs and says that I looked so peaceful sleeping that he felt obligated to wake me up. Ain’t love grand? Plus, the alarm was about to go off anyway…at 6 am….on a Sunday. So much for the holy day of rest.

I didn’t do any scheduled activity, but I did accompany A and the F.I.L to a swap meet. I think we walked about 3-5 miles at the fair grounds and didn’t even buy one thing! We were there for quite some time, but not even halfway in my hip flexor was killing me. I powered through though and around the 3rd hour in, things didn’t hurt as much. I think I just went numb after awhile.

This hip flexor buisness is really getting old and I want it to be gone. I’m glad Janathon is ending soon because then I won’t feel so bad if I just lay around doing a whole streak of R.I.C.Eing. I’m not sure how I’ll go about the elevating part….:::shrugs:: yoga bridges?


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