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#Janathon 23: Everything is under control….
01.23.14, 17:48
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You know that akward moment when someone tells you to trust them…but you don’t cause something bad will come from it? Someone’s going to end up getting hurt?

Well, Dr. Awesome told me to trust him because he’s a doctor….and then he made me scream in pain.

As you know Dr. Awesome is my idol, as well as my boss and a doctor but more importantly a runner. So who better to go to with running related injury questions than him? I asked him what his thoughts were on hip flexors, more specifically, broken ones.

I reminded him about how during my half, I felt a pop in my groin and my not so awesome (anymore) doctor said burstis and blahblahblahblah.. then I told him how I think it’s flaring up again and I probably broke it or something.

His response……”Let me see.” He tells me not to sue him for sexual harrassment in the workplace and then proceeds to exam my groin area in the middle of the office. Its ok….I was a consenting adult. I even asked him if he wanted me to sign the “consent to treat” form.

He has me raise my leg up and bend my knee at a 90° angle. He tells me to press up into his hand while he is pressing down on my knee. I was able to do that without and problems/pain so he said it was unlikely that I “broke” it and that it was probably just a deep rooted tight as heck muscle. He said I woulsnt have been able to do it with that much pressure if I did something more serious to it.

Dr. Awesome tells me to lay down, in which I do, right there on the floor in my office. He tells me to point to my ___________….I forgot what medical term he used but he was referring to my pubic bone….he had me point there because it was hard to see what area he was at with clothes on and he didn’t want to “cross the line.” Which is totally respectable. 

Then as he’s pressing his fingers around my hip flexor area, he looks at me and says…..

“Trust me, I’m a doctor.”

This is the part where I should have gotten up and walked away.

He has the nerve to press down hard right into my hip flexor. So much that I screamed out in pain! It was the same pain that you love when using the foam roller. It made me start to sweat it hurt so much….then as he began to message the area (not in a creepy way what’s so ever, I promise), he said that it’s just a very very very tight muscle. He suggested I get A deep tissue massage, have A do it for me or jam my own thumb in my hip flexor regularly to help break up the tightness.

I don’t think I’ll be making an appointment with my regular doctor just yet and see if the thumb action does the trick. It did feel slightly better after he did that, so hopefully its just super tight and nothing else. 

I’ll do my Bosu ball workout after dinner tonight for Janathon and then also do my new fancy thumb routine..

I guess I should also foam roll a lot more than I do, huh? It’ll prevent those, Trust me….I’m a doctor…moments.


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I love that picture of Grover.

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