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Race Recap: RunDisney’s 2014 Tinker Bell 10k

Just one day after the Never Land 5k Fun Run I was at it again. Only this time, I went twice the distance. Just like the day before, J set her alarm for 3:00am. It was a good thing I set my alarm for 3:30am, because hers never went off. I couldn’t even imagine what I would do if I woke up at 7:30 and realized that the race was already done with…but lets not think about that. Let’s just be grateful that I set my alarm. Because J’s alarm didn’t go off, we were now running 30 minutes behind. I think it was also a good thing on my part that I got all my running gear/clothes out the night before, so not a whole lot of “Where’s this!” or “Where’s that!” panic was going on. Everything was where it should have been. We ran out the hotel room and waited for the ART bus to arrive. I didn’t have time to make a fancy breakfast like the days prior, but my banana and peanut butter/toast worked just as well.


It’s a little hard to smile with a mouth full of peanut butter.

The bus again, was running right on schedule so we arrived at the park around 4:45. The race didn’t start until 6am today, but as usual I rather be there early than later. It gave us plenty of time to walk from Disneyland Main entrance, all the way down Downtown Disney and into the starting corrals. Normally, I would be placed in corrals C-E, depending on how many people register and what the predicted finish times are and I’m ok with starting in C-E, as long as they are not F-G (the last corrals). If I’m in anything but the last corrals, it still gives me some little leeway time for photo ops and all that.

Well this year…..

this year MAGIC happened!

During the expo, two days prior, I got my bib without even bothering looking at it, since I just assumed I was in a corral somewhere in the middle. Well, while I was taking my tech tee out to see if the size I got fit right, my bib was strategically placed in a way that I had no other option but to look at my bib…more importantly the corral assignment letter. I did one of those things, where you glance down at your bib….then look up and then look back down because you didn’t think you saw what you saw….Realize what you saw then look up, look around the room because you feel that you did something wrong but still got away with it…like murder. Only to look back down at my bib to verify for the hundredth time and thought to myself “WHAT the WHAT??” Looked at my bib ONCE more just to make sure it was MY bib (with my name on the bib and also on the D tag) and that I wasn’t given the wrong one. When I saw my name on the bib that is when it hit me….




I looked around to find my mom and sister who were fiddling with their shirts across the room, I yell…”J, I’M IN A!!!!!!” Of course, she didn’t hear me, but I’m sure a few people who were around me heard me, as I noticed some of them looking at their bibs with sad expressions because they were not in A. Sorry…suckers! I just assumed that there was some crazy fluke as I would never be in A. Like…NEVER! Then as the day progressed and eaves dropping into everyone’s conversations, because its what I do best…I realized that this was a lot of peoples, not only first RunDisney event but their first 10k. I could only assume that because it was a lot of first 10k’s that they didn’t have any proof of time to put down on their race registration and then based on how many people didn’t have times, they filled up all the other corrals. I didn’t dwell on it too much…I didn’t question it… I WAS IN CORRAL A!!! Later, I found out (after reading it on Nicole’s blog) that if you didn’t submit a time when you registered then you were automatically placed in the back. Apparently at least 4 corrals worth of people (roughly 2000 people per corral???) didn’t submit times, because from the looks of it, everyone in corral A where the people who submitted times. Again, this was perfectly fine with me, because I was……

wait for it….


So, as I’m walking past corral D, then corral C….and kept going past B, I felt amazing. Even though I have no where NEAR the same times as the elite runners, I was able to start with them. It was like the VIP section. J and I made our way into the middle-ish area of the corral so that way the super fast runners wouldn’t have to run around us, since we’re not super fast as them. We still had about 45 minutes to kill, so we took a few pictures, did some stretches and waited for the show to begin. It was nice being so close up to the front. I was able to see the announcers and everything in person and not on the mega-tron monitor thing! The best part of being so close up, was I didn’t have to walk down the hill at the underpass and then having to walk back up the hill just to get to the starting line. Nope….no hills for me this time around!

Look how close the starting line is!

Look how close the starting line is!

*This is the part where I would usually blog about how it was “finally our time to start” but I don’t have to this time….I was apart of the first group (yes, I’ll brag about being in corral A for awhile) so I didn’t have to wait for anyone else to go ahead of me!

It was now 6:00am and the countdown began. 3, 2, 1….GO!!!!!!!

We started out at a fairly decent pace just enough to wait for everyone else to find their own pace and we were not all bunched up together. The first mile had us outside the park, so there wasn’t a whole lot to look at or do, except run along. Then when we got into the park, I realized that it was pretty much the 5k course but in reverse. You can see the majority of the 10k photos that we took on J’s blog, as she decided to bring her camera.

A little before mile 1, is when we entered the park in the back corner over by It’s a Small world, we then turned to go into Toon Town and into the back lot. We stopped to take a photo with Lucky, a Disneyland horse, and a few floats and stuff. We reached the water station at about 1.25 miles and they had the clean up crew out in full force! If a single water cup was dropped onto the ground, the clean up crew ladies were on it! They picked up those cups in a heart beat! It was nice, as it left the water station clear of any potential slip and trip hazards. We entered back into the main park over by Splash Mountain and ran up the hill….NO ONE SAID I HAD TO TRAIN FOR HILLS! (I’m telling you….I use that joke EVERY TIME!). On our way down by The Haunted Mansion they had the Axe Murdering Bride and the Tight Rope walker. I thought that was pretty neat, as I never seem them in person before.

We continued running along the Rivers of America and as we ran by Thunder Mountain BBQ, I told J that the most exciting part about the entire trip run, was that we’d be eating at the BBQ in just a few hours. As we were approaching mile 2 near Fantasy Land, J decided to make a pit stop in the bathrooms. I kept going, as I figured I could walk quickly as to maintain the 16 min. pace (I can keep it, I just always still get paranoid that my leg will break or something and the sweepers will come pick up me…any extra time/distance puts me closer to the finish line and keeps the sweepers at bay). So, while she was doing her business, I kept running along. I got pretty far ahead and didn’t know where she was. I slowed down to a jog and then eventually to a walk. I kept looking back but never saw her. I couldn’t decide whether to just run along and hope she’d catch up or wait for her, but I eventually stopped and just waited on the side of the course. Not long after, I saw her running up and we continued on our way.

We entered Main street and ran all the way down and as we were about to exit, I glanced at the Firehouse at Walt Disney (the lamp that signifies he’s there in the park with you) tipped my visor and mentally told him Thanks! We exited Disneyland and ran across into California Adventure Park. We made out way down Buena Vista street and passed Soarin’ Over California and the Wilderness area (Not really sure what this “land” is called). We came out in front of The Little Mermaid, which lead us down into the Pier for the mile 3 marker and the second water stop. Again, this water stop was clean as a whistle. Those clean up crews did their job delightfully!

I got the text message from the runner tracking thing that we made the 5k split time in 46:43.  I was still within the timeframe requirements, even with taking pictures along the way. Garfield had me at a moving time of 37:13 for the 5k…. I much prefer the moving time as opposed to the overall time, since the moving time is one of my fastest 5k  (technically would have been a PR by 30 some odd seconds if I never stopped for pictures or waiting for J and just kept moving). But of course, it had to be in a race where I took pictures and didn’t really care about time. Funny how that works? Its usually the runs that you don’t really care about time in that you end up doing the best in.

We went down Car’s Land, Bug’s Land and Hollywood Land before exiting to park to arrive at the 4 mile marker on the streets of Anaheim. We took some photos at the mile marker and with a lady that had a fun sign but I think that is when the run got boring. Since the course was now on the streets of Anaheim and no longer in the park there wasn’t any on course entertainment. Unlike the Half Marathon, there were no Cheerleaders/Bands/DJ’s/etc.) except for at about 4.75 miles there was one Cheerleading group. We made it to mile 5 and got some water at the last water stop. This is about the time where my hip started to give me problems. The best part…I lasted at least 5 miles! It was getting sore around mile 3 & 4, but was nothing that I had to stop for. Since I still had the rest of the day at Disneyland followed by ALL day Sunday at Disneyland, I pretty much walked like 90% of the way to the mile 6 marker……except when I saw TeamSparkle taking photos….I ran…..just for the photo. HA.


We made our way into the parking lot and I was a little terrified to run because my hip was really hurting by this point and I didn’t want my leg to fall off but because this was the area that had all the spectators cheering you on, I couldn’t walk now. I did the smart thing and ran! As you can see, my leg didn’t fall off and I finished.

I think RunDisney clocked me at a finish time of 1:35:10. Definitely not my fastest time, but it was still 1 minute faster than my Disneyland 10k. You know…the one where I was in complete pain for the entire 6 miles because my IT band issue and every single picture, you can just see the misery on my face. I look at it this way though…I could walk a 10k in pain at 1:36:10, or I can run, stop to take pictures, walk the last mile and still beat it with 1:35:10. I’ll take it. It was easier this time to goof off and take pictures then it was to walk the entire thing in pain.  My Garmin had the moving time at 1:22:27, so I guess this time, it was only 10 minutes of taking pictures, not 15 minutes like the 5k.

After the run was over, we got our medals, those foil looking blanket things because I was freezing, a few finisher photos and all the fancy food schwag that they give; bananas, water, PowerAde and the RunDisney Fuel box. We then made out way over to the bus stop to get back to the hotel. By the time I got to the hotel room I was hungry, so I ate a banana but saved the rest of my appetite for the BBQ. While everyone got dressed I iced my hip flexor and did some quick Janathon blogging.

My mom was able to go to Disneyland with us this time, as her stomach flu/issues were somewhat over. It was this time, that the best part of the whole trip was upon us….Thunder Mountain BBQ!


I only had about 4 buckets of chicken/ribs and I totally could have eaten more but both J and mom were done eating so I felt obligated to be “done” too… Even though I wasn’t. This girl could eat! After we had a delectable BBQ lunch and I took pictures with Robin Hood, whom I’ve been waiting for YEARS to take photos with….

Oooh De Lally!

Oooh De Lally!

…Mom decided to tell us that her tongue felt like it was swelling. She starts clearing her throat, coughing, getting horse……pretty much going into anaphylaxis shock. She didn’t want us to make a “scene” so rather than yelling at the top of my lungs, “MEEEDDDDDIIIICCC!!!!” we casually walked her over to the First Aid Station, all while lecturing her for not saying something sooner. Roland was a fantastic RN and not only cured mom of her allergic reaction aliments, but also gave us an “exit” pass for Peter Pan, which meant that rather waiting in the 60 minute line with everyone else, we got to go in through the exit and only had to wait 5 minutes.

Being in Corral A, getting Space Mountain “exit” passes, getting Peter Pan “exit” passes, getting my $12 souvenir popcorn container for only $6…this was almost a VIP trip! I managed to hobble around the park very well and towards the end of the night, my hip wasn’t really hurting as much as it could have been. It also felt the same on Sunday, it could have hurt a million times worse but I was still able to manage and it basically stayed at around a 2-3 pain level the entire time, which is pretty bearable.

Despite not getting the limited edition New Balance shoes, mom almost dying from anaphylaxes, some yelling and arguing between sisters/mother, not being able to PR (but I wasn’t really trying) this trip wasn’t all that bad! However, I think I’m a little RunDisney’d out and will probably skip the Disneyland run in August. I’ll probably wait and then register again for Tinker Bell in May of 2015.






*please disregarded the improper use of the term pass, past and passed. I get so confused on which one to use.


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Sounds like a great race and some awesome pictures!! You strike quite the pose in your tutu… however chicken and ribs hold a special place in my heart.. and stomach, so if you have any shots of them…

Comment by rundelrun

Lol I’ll ask my sister. She usually takes the pictures of food as I end up diggin in before I can even think of taking a picture.

Comment by Attempted Runner

Great recap! It’s funny how when we make a goal of having fun in a race, the faster running seems to come…

Comment by Pandora Viltis

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