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@procompression ambassador?
01.22.14, 11:39
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Here goes nothing!!

I applied to be a PC ambassador but I probably won’t get it because I don’t have enough followers and all that other jazz. I have more PC socks than followers. Hahahaha.

I was a little hesitant to fill out the form because what if I’m not good enough for the roll? ::shurgs::I”ll find out soon enough. I just figured it doesn’t hurt to try. What’s the worst that can happen? I don’t get it and nothing changes from my normal routine? It was also one of the times where you get nervous/exciting by filling out the application but then of course after clicking submit I thought of all the other things that I could have put down, like…..
What new products could PC make? Compression shorts.
Why do you like PC? They are made in the USA!!

Let’s be honest…the real reason? Free socks!! Maybe. Because I just don’t have enough…

I still have 5 pairs (black marathon and 4 blue/black trainers) that are not photo’d since they’re in the laundry.

Ugh. Oh well…I’ll still support and use PC and only PC whether or not I get the ambassador title.


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at the risk of sounding like a mother, THEY WOULD BE LUCKY TO HAVE YOU.

Comment by Nicole @ pink elephant on parade

Ahhh well thanks Nicole!!

Comment by Attempted Runner

I’m glad you went for it…I started to fill it out and was like…”ya…I don’t have enough social media accounts….or followers. Pass.”
You on the other hand…you would be great!

Comment by Runningfromitall

Keep the fingers crossed!

Comment by Attempted Runner

YAY!!!! FREE STUFF!! That’s my girl!!! Routing for you! 😉

Comment by rundelrun

Haha thanks!!

Comment by Attempted Runner

If you’re on the look out for MORE socks, I believe Thorlos offer a free pair to try. Can’t get them cause I’m not in the US but… I’m sure you’re laundry basket could hold another pair

Comment by rundelrun

Never heard of those. I’ll have to look into them.

Comment by Attempted Runner

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