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#Janathon 19: Oo De Lally!
01.19.14, 07:44
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After yesterday’s extremely long day (3:30am to 11:30pm) my hip flexor is hating me. I don’t really blame him though. Luckily enough, after running the 10k and walking around all day its only about a 2-4 level on the pain scale, all depending on what position I am in. I’m icing it now….frozen Gatorade bottles fit nicely in the leg/hip crease and my sweat pants hold it from sliding around. We’re still going to Disneyland today which is going to add on another 5ish miles of walking and another 5hours of standing. Hip flexor, don’t fail me now!!!!! And I promise, you’ll get seen by the doctor soon!


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Very MacGyver-esque use of Gatorade and Sweats! Bravo!

Comment by rundelrun

Darn that hip flexor! Hope you are having a fantastic time though!

Comment by cambridgeseeker

I survived the weekend! That’s all that matters.

Comment by Attempted Runner

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