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#Janathon 17: One down, one to go.
01.17.14, 20:37
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As mentioned earlier this morning, today was the 5k. It was fun and I finished, which is what matters most. My hip started to hurt a bit so we slowed down and took advantage of photo ops meaning we lolligagged and I didn’t turn my Garmin off right away, but I think we finished in 1:05. I’ll do a full recap when I return in a few days on the rest but just know it was fun none the less.

After running the 5k, we changed and went back to Disneyland and I was a little worried that the following 7 hours spent in the park would make my hip worse, hut surprsingly it’s not as bad. I think we’re going to take it REAL slow during the 10k as well. I’ll have a little extra time because by some magic fluke, I got put in…..

Wait for it…..

Corral A!!!

I’m going to bed now, since I have to be up in 5 hours…but I couldn’t go to bed before I posted for Janathon.


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Sounds like a lot of fun! Good luck for the 10K. 🙂

Comment by theblogrunner

Thanks, it was fun.

Comment by Attempted Runner

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