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#Janathon 16: Checked in
01.17.14, 03:32
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We arrived at the hotel around 11:30pm. By then my belly was blah, I was tire, and had a headache so the only physicial activity I had was the few stretches I did in the car and pulling all the suitcases (loaded on a trolley) one handed. A workouts a workout, right?

This stretch really touches your outer thigh/it band area. It was a nice one….almost as nice as the hole in my sock.

Janathon 16, rolls around and we left the hotel around 10:45 for our 11:30 reservations at the Rain Forest cafe and hung out with Chip before the RunDisney Expo opened at 2pm. I’ll give a full recap on the Expo later.

We hung around the expo until about 4 because we had to wait in a few lines and wait for the RunDisney shoe……that we never got because they sold out for the “day.” I was ok with this as I didn’t have my heart set on them this year, but others in my party were pretty upset and even though they could try again the next two days, it won’t work out.

We left the expo, dropped out stuff off at the car and then hung out with some ducks until my cousin, fireman J who I see like once a year came out (he was in Disneyland, we were between parks since my mom didn’t have a ticket for Thursday).

Mom ended up going back to the hotel to rest her old bones while J and I went to California Park (we have season passes) with Fireman J and his wife and 2 kids.

We were suppose to be back at the hotel around 6ish, but because we were having fun with them…..we ended up getting back to the hotel at 9pm. My outside hip was a little achey from walking around for 8 hours. A little asprin and ice were applied and now at 3:00am it’s wake up call for the 5k!!

*I haven’t spellchecked or reviewed the blog to see if it makes sense since I don’t want to waist time because I now only have 30 minutes to get ready. So don’t judge me on that but feel free to laugh at auto correct.


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