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#Janathon 15: Could my streak be over?
01.15.14, 18:25
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This is my view for the next 6 hours….back seat of the car on Highway 5….THE MOST BORINGEST DRIVE EVER!!!! I haven’t had time to do any physical activity today and I don’t know if I can.
I went to work, came home and finished packing when my mom and sister arrived for the start of our road trip. Because we where running a little late, we probably won’t make it to the hotel until midnight. What kind of physical activity can I do in the car? Lift my purse a bunch of times like lifting weights? Grab my Mr. Stick and stick roll things out? Maybe when I get to the hotel, even though it might be the “next day” I’ll still…..oh look! The New shipping center…..sorry, only new exciting thing on highway 5…. Where was I? Oh, yes. I’ll still do some yoga at the hotel tonight because dammit, the day doesn’t end until I go to sleep!!! I won’t let my steak die!!!


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I’m not trying to be mean or the spelling police, but your final sentence, “I won’t let my STEAK die!!!” has me cracking up.

Comment by Pandora Viltis

PS if you have a smart phone on you, google “exercises you can do in the car”

Comment by Pandora Viltis

I found some good moves. Good thing ma has a bigger car.

Comment by Attempted Runner

Hahahahha. Smartphone autocorrect is always the best. I’m not even going to edit the post. I’m leaving steak.

Comment by Attempted Runner

Have a great time! 🙂

Comment by runningtoherdreams


Comment by Attempted Runner

Ha. Driving by Harris Ranch makes it even funnier.

I hate that drive down I-5. Hope you made it safe. Enjoy the trip!!!

Comment by Big D

Coalinga was the worst!! Smelt like a mixture between vomit and never cleaned out porta potty. But you can’t experience Disneyland without it…it’s a classic.

Comment by Attempted Runner

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