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#Janathon 13: Lucky, schmucky…

When I did my half marathon this time last year, I broke my crotch; the famous 11 mile pop of god knows what in my groin. It was a pop heard around the world! My doctor said it was hip bursitis, but after yesterday’s run and the feeling I have in my leg today, I think he was wrong.

So very wrong.

I think at mile 11 I tore my hip flexor. Just snapped it right in half. I took a few months off and got better. I taped it religiously after ever run since then and I’ve been ok. During the NYE run, my hip started to hurt but I thought due to my breaking down shoes. NYD I was better. The 4th, I used KT tape but tried to use less then normal (using one strip cut into two) and my leg got tired and a little sore. I havent really run since then just a buttload of yoga. My run yesterday, I didn’t tape my hip flexor at all.


Stupid me.

Since yesterday, my hip flexor has been dying a slow and painful death. I iced it a few times and even had the ice melt so it looked like I pee’d myself. This morning was probably about a 7/10 on the holy fuck pain scale. I think now it’s down to maybe a 4. I did my yoga and it hurt but did feel like it loosened up a bit.

Of course, I’ve been fine for a while….and of course, when a run that matters the most to me comes around, I can barley walk. Same thing happened in September. Maybe RunDisney is just cursing me.

Unfortunately, as boring as the next two Janathon posts will be…..I’ll be sticking with the yoga/stretching/icing/stupid hip felxor cursing usual. So bare with me.

Now, for those that are more visual learners……pretend this picture below is of me. Nice legs, yea? Anyway, that red dot….it’s where my leg is slowly dying on the inside. Just in my left, not right.

Would it be weird to send my groin Get Well chocolates? Maybe a few dozen roses….


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Ouch. Have you seen a doctor about that? It seems like an injury you ought to get checked out to see if there’s strength exercises that might help. Get well soon!

Comment by Pandora Viltis

I did back in January when it first happened followed by another time in August maybe. I’ll make another appointment though because it’s the pits.

Comment by Attempted Runner

It sounds awful!

Comment by Pandora Viltis

I’ll do the smart thing and make an appointment AFTER I do the RunDisney Tinker Bell weekend. 😀

Comment by Attempted Runner

Oh that’s sounds nasty hope it reduces in the ‘holy fuck pain scale’ soon

Comment by shazruns

Thanks. Me too!

Comment by Attempted Runner

🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹💝 roses and chocolates, don’t say I never gave you nothing! 😛

Comment by rundelrun

Lol thanks! That’s the nicest thing. And yes, I did count to make sure there were 12. 😀

Comment by Attempted Runner

Have you tried physical therapy? There are some excellent therapists in WC.

Comment by Big D

I contacted them for my knee but mentioned the hip thing. They have me a handout with workouts to do and sent me on my way. Told me if I didn’t have an improvement in a few weeks theyll physically see me. My knee got better so I never went back. The returning hip pain is new, so I haven’t contacted anyone yet.

Comment by Attempted Runner

I think you could have some medicinal chocolates, in a pain management capacity of course!

Comment by Sam

Works for me!

Comment by Attempted Runner

I’d really recommend seeing a specialist physiotherapist rather than just a doctor. And in the meantime some get well soon chocolates sound like a great idea!

Comment by running_dan_w

Thanks. Like I mentioned in another comment, I’ll look into getting more/better help after my big race weekend. Smart? Probably not. Fun? You betcha!!

Comment by Attempted Runner

That sounds absolutely horrible. As someone who is now sporting a great “tape tan,” I hope you find a way to make it at least a 2 on the holy fuck pain scale.

Comment by Nicole @ pink elephant on parade

All my tape tans are hidden under my clothes, but somehow I stil managed to get marks. I think it’s permanent “place tape on this exact spot” lines.

Comment by Attempted Runner

let the tape residue be your guide…

Comment by Nicole @ pink elephant on parade


Comment by Attempted Runner

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