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#Janathon 11: Because 4 hours just wasn’t enough.
01.11.14, 19:47
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After much encouragement from a few blog readers about just getting out there are run even if it was raining….I didn’t go…and it never rained! I got up at 6:45 just not feeling it. I laid there and contemplated on going or not. My running buddy sent a text saying that she had a massive headache and wasn’t going to go. I think that’s what sealed the deal. I ended up going back to sleep for 1/2 hour. I keep putting running off lately.
I figured I could go run a little more in the afternoon. A wanted to go to a few stores, so we headed to the hardware store and the nursery. When I got home, I got a headache from skipping breakfast and I I was freezing! I curled up with Milo and a blanket and the next thing I knew, A was waking me up asking if I wanted to go get some wood stain with him. He then asked if I could help him stain our arbors for the front yard. Since I look forward to spendding time with him, I put on some old clothes and started painting. That took a while and then we took out the old slats in our chainlink fence (they are so you can’t see in the yard as easily) to put them in the backyard and put up bamboo in the front.

Time escaped me and when I saw the sun setting, I knew I couldn’t go out on the trail anymore. It was going to be too dark. I figured the treadmill will suffice. Still putting it off.

By the time A and I came in after doing 4 hours of work outside, I was hungry. I made dinner and halfway through my potatoes, I got a sudden rush of exhaustion. I was ready for bed at 7:15.

I could go on the treadmill, but now Im just not feeling the need to run again. I should have done it around lunchtime when I had the erge. I haven’t really been wanting to run a whole lot lately anyway. Don’t know why.

Although I did my 4 hours of activities outside, I still feel a little guilty for not doing a “real” workout for Janathon, so despite my exhaustion, I still did a 15 minute stretching program on the NTC app. I suppose that  15 minutes is better than nothing.

I told A I’d try for the run tomorrow…..hopefully I’ll feel the want to run. More than likely, I’ll do something else instead though. :0(

I did order some new running shoes though. I even got A a pair too.. New Balance was having a sale and I couldn’t say know. Hopefully, my new pink New Balance 860v3s will come before I leave to Disneyland.


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Sounds like maybe you just need a bit of a break from running. There’s nothing wrong with taking a few rest days, or even a week off if need be – you might even find that you’re running better when you get back to it. Hope you’re feeling more motivated again soon. 🙂

Comment by theblogrunner

Same here.

Comment by Attempted Runner

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Comment by Runningfromitall

Pink new balances?! Maybe you’re feeling burnt out on running?

Comment by Runningfromitall

The diva pink and silver of the V3. I’m waiting for V4 to release more colors. Maybe in spring?

Comment by Attempted Runner


Comment by Runningfromitall

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