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#Janathon 10: Rain on my parade.
01.10.14, 20:05
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This will be just a quick post so I can comply fully with Janathon….only reason why it’ll be quick because I’m currently in bookclub (nerd) and rather than participating in the group discussion I’m having my own solo workout discussion.

Since I had to go to bookclub, I only had a little time before I had to leave the house, so I just did yoga. I didn’t have to chabge clothes or get out any sort of equipment. It’s also mandatory yoga Friday for our long run tomorrow.

Runner dilemma: it’s finally suppose to rain in California tomorrow. Do I run in the rain because I want to as I’ve never run in the rain before? Or do I not run because I don’t want to slip and get injured or end up catching a cold, all a week before  the Tinker Bell half marathon.

What would you do?


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Living in the uk we have no choice, I would run in the rain.

Comment by shazruns

Go for it!

Comment by Reallyarunner

You’ll be fine! I run in the rain all the time… granted, it’s not exactly through choice but I’ve never slipped.

Comment by rundelrun

Run in the rain! I actually enjoy it unless it’s a deluge. I ran a short race today in 45 degrees and rain. It was great!

Comment by Pandora Viltis

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