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#Janathon 9: Fit vs. Fat Zone?
01.09.14, 20:58
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I know I said I would run today but I lied. Although I could use my Polar HRM on the treadmill, I wanted to do another DVD and see how wrong I was on the calories. I know it’s not 100% acurate but it’s 100% more accurate than I would be.
I did the Barre – Pilates DVD and I felt that I was a little more coordinated this time. I actually did more than 1 repetition correctly. I looked like I at least knew what I was doing 1 out of 5 (reps) times.

This workout, again I did not reach a full 45 minutes (44:14)….I should really look at the time segment before I stop it next time, just do a few squats or something til I reach a solid divisble by 5 minute time. I also didn’t reach 200 calories (189) but per the website, 98% of my workout was in the fat burning zone. I’m still a little new to all this, but isn’t the fat burning zone a good thing? Specially when I got plenty of fat that I need to burn?

What’s the difference between the fit zone and the fat zone? Guess I have a little more research to do and figuring out what a good ratio is. Unless there is someone who wants to save me the trouble and just tell me.

I also don’t know if it’s a good thing or bad thing but during the entire workout, when I would elongate something and round it back up, everything would crack. I’m either getting really old or I’m really stiff.

Im on a 9 day Janathon streak and a 2 day polar streak….

What’s all this mean!! The anticipation of not knowing is driving me mad!!

Ok, not really but it made this blog post just that much more exciting.

Off to researching (making lunch for tomorrow and going to bed) I go!


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