Attempted Runner.

#Janathon 8: Well, that’s disappointing.

When it comes to excercise gadgets, I’m all for it….as long as its not too expensive. When it came to a heart rate monitor/fitness watch, I did my research but didn’t want to fork out the $70+ because what if I don’t use it? What if it doesnt work? Yadda, yadda, yadda.

What convinced me to finally bite the bullet and get one of the devices, was my credit card reward points. I use my credit card for everything and I rack up points. I’ve never cashed them in until this year (and I’ve had the rewards program since 2004). I could have gotten a new Kindle but mine works fine. I could have gotten three Garmin 210 watches, but mine suffices. I could have gotten a panini maker, a few gold necklaces/bracelets sets, a few flat screens, patio furniture, a billion carrot slicers…you name it and I probably could have gotten it. I ended up cashing a few points in for money back (I cashed it in for $750, which covered my Disneyland Season pass, so it was like it was free!!) and noticed they had polar watches. I contemplated it for a few weeks then as a birthday gift to myself, I cashed more points in for the Polar FT7 watch. Can’t wait til I decide what to cash in next.

After 2 weeks of waiting, UPS finally delivered my watch (he needs a name) just after Jeopardy (7:30) and by 8:42, I was all strapped up and ready to go. Apparently I was wrong yesterday, as I was suppose to run today, but because I got my watch I wanted to see the difference between my heart rate at an interval type workout. So, I swapped it for Thursday which really was Bosu ball day. I’ll run tomorrow.

I did the total body workout and my thighs were shaking from one too many squats, my abs were on fire, my heart rate was passed the little target mark and I was sweaty like no other. As my workout came to an end…I must say I was a little disappointed.

1. I didn’t even make it to a full 30 minutes
2. I did all that and didn’t even reach 200 calories?


No wonder why I’ve been in a plateau for 6 months. I thought I was burning WAY more than I actually was. Hopefully this fancy gadget will help me break through the plateau. I think I’m going to have to work even harder.

…and I didn’t even burn off my 220 calorie blueberry waffles that I had for breakfast


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I love a gadget! Calorie burn is so specific to the person, I rely completely on my HRM to give me an accurate calorie burn reading, and yet I still reduce the number when I plug it into myfitnesspal, to be sure I’m not overestimating. The good thing about a HRM is it allows you to know when to push yourself harder. If my HR isn’t touching 160 I can work much harder! (Depending on the workout I’m doing.)

Comment by Sarah Passey

mmmmm… blueberry waffle… panini… sorry, what you get then?

Comment by rundelrun

Not the important stuff.

Comment by Attempted Runner

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