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#Janathon 7: Just do it? No, Just did it.
01.07.14, 20:03
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I was so busy at work, completing task after task, that I thought it was Wednesday all day. That is how much I got done at work. I was all excited for Wednesday because my scheduled work out was the bosu ball. A workout that is fun but challenging all at the same time.

On my way home from work, it dawns on me that its only Tuesday which meant I had to do  the NTC Nike training app. I don’t like these workouts, as they are more the circuit HIIT type workouts…which include burpees. Whose with me? Anything with burpees, heck no! It’s hard.

But, I did it. During the second round of burpees, I did change it and do walk outs instead. My pushups turned into mush ups…and my planks turned to stanks. I just don’t have a whole lot of upper body strength, so not a lot of action gets done, even though I try. Thus, the who reason why, although I hate these types of workouts, I must do them.


Just do it? I just did it.


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Haha … I feel your pain. I have a love/hate relationship with NTC 🙂

Comment by emilysrunningadventures

… beer burpees aren’t so bad!

Comment by rundelrun

Lol if I drank beer.

Comment by Attempted Runner

“Beer” is really only there for the alliteration… and you can’t really drink a pint of tequila instead of a pint of beer… :s
I’ve heard you get gluten free beer now!

Comment by rundelrun

But a pint of tequila is so much more fun. I don’t really drink alcohol of any variety. Yes, they do have GF beer but it’s still not my drink of choice.

Comment by Attempted Runner

Well that’s a first… I just pictured trying to down a pint of tequila and mentally threw up… before I even got to the burpees!!

Comment by rundelrun

What would come first after the tequila pint? Burpees or alcohol poisioning?

Comment by Attempted Runner

who’d be in a fit state to answer that after a pint of tequila!?

Comment by rundelrun

The one who has the higher tolerance?

Comment by Attempted Runner

I would hope the first thing they did was dial 911 before trying to do anything else!

Comment by rundelrun

Or film it to be one of the next youtube one hit wonders. Category: bloody brilliant or pure idiocy?

Comment by Attempted Runner

… who says something can’t be both!

Comment by rundelrun


Comment by Attempted Runner

bonne nuit : )

Comment by rundelrun

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