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#Janathon 6: Back to work.
01.06.14, 20:35
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The last day I was at work was December 20th. The days proceeding, I slept in until 8, 9, 10am. I was in sweatpants all day, everyday and didn’t have to wear any sort of makeup what’s so ever.

Then today happened.

Today, I returned to work after my 2 week staycation and it wasn’t pleasant. I have a million job duties and no one covers my desk, ever, when I’m out so I was already expecting a lot of things that need to be completed within 8 working days, because I will be going on vacation again for the Tinker Bell Half Marathon weekend. I had everything all scheduled out, so it wasn’t that big of a deal. I could get it all done. Well, I get to work and correct a few unexpected, but kind of expected, errors made by a coworker and receive 17 additional requests that take top priority. Lets just say, I worked through breaks, lunches and Netflix viewings.

The next month is going to be tough. Add work and Janathon and I’ll be on exhausted sausage.

My own little training plan I made for the month had me at 2 miles tonight. I’m still dealing with my gluten thing…hopefully tomorrow is the last of it…so I was only able to manage 1 mile. However, I think the treadmill I’m using is completely off. When running outside, I normally do a mile in 12-13 minutes. This may include running steadily or breif stints of walking. Either way, it’s usually under 13 minutes. Today, I walked 1/16th per the treadmill to get the blood flowing, then ran til a quarter mile. I walked another 1/16th then ran til I hit 1/2 mile at a faster pace. I repeated that, then my last 1/4 loop consisted of running at a pace that made my breakfast want to make a second apperrence. Long story short, I ran faster and harder but the treadmill says I only went 1 mile in 14:45. So either I really didn’t run faster and harder, or I went farther than 1 mile and the treadmill lies. I’m hoping more for the treamill is a liar.

Now, I am going take a shower because it was NOT pleasant taking a shower this morning after the hubby who used every drop of hot water then giggled at me like a little school girl when I got out of the shower, stood in front of the heater until my teeth stopped chattering. I was shivering for at least a good 10 minutes. Then I’m going to get a nice cuppa, get under my covers and not be able to drink my tea because I’ll probably pass out the minute my head hits the pillow.


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