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#Janathon 5: Yoga, yet again.
01.05.14, 19:26
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After my near death experience yesterday evening, I wasn’t up for any activity that makes me exert energy in any way shape or form. I would like to say that yesterday was the end of my glutenation but when I get contaminated it usually lasts for three days.

Three effin’ days!!

Normally, I would be rolled into a ball moaning, groaning and hating life for all three days. I did tell you that a contamination is death itself. Screw labor….get contaminated.  I’m proud to say that much to my surprise, it doesn’t seem as bad today as it normally would be on the second day. My stomach is only cramping up in pain when I stand or sit up.

I managed to get out of bed at 9 to make breakfast. It’s a little challenging to make a veggie omlete while you are hunched over because it doesn’t hurt when your folded in half.

The hubby was feeling a little ill this morning too (sympathy pains?), so we spent most of the morning (til 11:30) laying in bed looking at upcycled yard art ideas that we can do for our garden. Like taking old bowling balls and making giant bubble bees/lady bugs or my personal favorite, mushrooms made out of glass vases/punch bowls.

I finally left the house to take the pups to go get a mani/pedi (nails clipped) for Jesse James’ 9th birthday. What? Don’t all men get mani/pedis for their birthday? The boys ended up getting two more toys and thanks to Milo for taking it right off the shelf….a few treats too.

Jess likes his newest baby…..

Milo was being the annoying little brother and took all the toys outside. We’ve had Milo for 6 years and he’s never taken a stuffed animal outside. Today, he took 5 of them outside.

After spending the day with the boys, I came home and cleaned up a little bit. My stomach kept cramping up every so often which is all annoying but I felt ok enough to do something. Just something that wasn’t too extreme. I turned to my good ‘ol friend yoga.

I feel like that’s all I’ve talked about doing for the last two weeks. Basically it’s because despite three runs, that is all I’ve done for the last two weeks. HA! I looked at the training schedule I created for the rest of Janathon and it looks like I’ll eventually incorportate other activities into my weekly regimen.

Barre with me as my blog will get better other than just yoga.

Ha. See what I did there?


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