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#Janathon 4: A glutenation is death itself.
01.04.14, 20:16
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As much as I would like to give a full recap of my eventful day in detail for Janathon day 4, sadly, I cannot.

Only reason being is that when you have a gluten intolerance and end up getting contaminated it feels as if your insides are ripping right out of your body. Which in turn makes you hate life itself and you cannot do anything remotely “normal” except curling up into a ball, clutching your stomach while holding your breath during the spasm type cramping and saying….”uuuuhhhh, my belly.”

So, with that being said….I went on a 2.59 mile run this morning.

The end.

:::clutching stomach and holding breath:::
Uuuuuuhhhhh!!! My belly!!!!!


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I hope you are feeling better. Hardcore for going for a run!

Comment by fitfor365

Trooper!! Feel better

Comment by rundelrun

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