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Race Recap: Brazen Racing New Years Day 5k

I don’t know about the rest of you but on New Year’s Eve rather than partying it up with the homies, I was in bed and asleep by 8:45. I woke up around 10:30 because our frat house neighbors (who no longer are obnoxious after a brick was mysteriously thrown into their pool during a 3am party on a worknight…weird) are still friends with the one annoying girl who gets louder and louder after each ounce of alcohol is put into her system. A turned a movie on to drown the sound of her squealing out and within 5 minutes I was asleep. I guess I slept through midnight and the fireworks this year, because the next thing I knew it was 1:30 and I had to pee. You’re welcome for that knowledge. I had a little trouble going back to sleep but finally around 2:30 I was alseep again. Unfortunately, I had to be up by 4:45.

Our New Year’s day race is held at the same location as the New Year’s Eve race so I could have gotten up the same time as the previous run, but because people caught on to the parking lot filling up, therefore needing to be at the lake earlier and me having to tape my sisters butt with KT Tape……I had to leave earlier.  

J, T, and I arrived maybe 20 minutes earlier than the preivous run and boy! What a difference! This time rather than waiting in a line to get into the Lake parking area for twenty minutes and parking in the back, we only waited 3 minutes and got to park close up in front.

Both J and T were registered for the 10k and I was doing the 5k, which didn’t start until 8:55 (for them), so we had about 1.5 hours to hang out. Unfortunately, due to unforseen circumstances (reads: taping J’s butt with KT tape because she was having either prirformis issues or sciatica), J had no choice but to downgrade to the 5k. T said she would downgrade with J for moral support, but I think it was due to the fact that she didn’t really feel like doing a hilly 10k. It’s true…she told me later that she was glad to downgrade for that reason.

So, after downgrading the two of them to the 5k, we still had about 45 minutes to spare and didn’t feel like going back to the car, so we found the nice sunny spot and hung out like lizards on heat rocks.


See the frost on the ground! It was freezing!! It’s nothing to some states but hey, this is as close as us Californians come to blizzards.

I took a few photos while we hung out because there was nothing else to do….


Until the half marathon runners started. One of my fellow Brazenites and blog followers, Big D, whom I never met in person before was running the half marathon. After tweets and comments on WordPress were sent after past races, I knew who he was (looked like) and knew his signature trademark (a hat he wears), so I knew who to look for this time.

I typically don’t go out of my way to meet random people but he’s a runner and a Brazenite, so how dangerous could he be right? Haha. Besides, it’s not like we’re strangers…he reads my blog. He knows how much I weigh for goodness sakes! How much more personal can a girl get?

Anyway, I made it a point to seek him out but I didn’t see him before the start of the race. When they did start, I left my spot in the sun to go stand on the sidelines just so I can wish him good luck. He ran the Half at the New Years Eve run, and to do it again, with hills? A simple good luck is the least I could do. 

As Mr. Brazen began the count down and sounded the horn for the Half runners to start, I kept my eye out for Big D. I saw him approach, shouted out, ” Good Luck D!!” and expected nothing in return. However, Big D stopped…he stopped running!! and said Hi and shook my hand.

It’s official. We’re now friends.

I mean come on, who is willing to waste 13 seconds of their time, in a race, to say hi to me!

Anyway, where was I? Ahh, yes. After wishing my new friend good luck (which later he said it helped him through those hills as no one has cheered him on before…wait…What!?! That needs to change…he set a PR by…..I forgot. 12 minutes?) I went back over to get warm in the sun again.

I was smart this time, I had sweat pants and a puffy coat to keep me warm. All until the point when I wasn’t too smart and took them off for bag check. was left with nothing more than my shorts, t shirt and fancy new Nathan Hydration Vest that I was testing out. After standing around and finally doing some warm up stretches, Mr. Brazen announced it was time for the 5k to line up.

I started Garfield and prepared for the rum…..that is a typo I won’t be correcting. As I crossed the darting line I realized mg legs felt like lead and it was a little chillier than the previous run. I focused on my breathing because I didn’t want an asthma attack brought on by the cold air.  The first hill approached and I lost it. I couldn’t run anymore so I walked but only for walked for 15-20 seconds before I started running again.    I hit the mile marker surprisingly faster than the NYE run at 12:08.

There were a few photographers along the course and I happen to like this photo. As it shows my concentration and my focused breathing, is shows the older lady next to me with one of those, Im-free-and-dont-have-a-care-in-the-word smiles.


The second mile was a little harder as the hills got bigger, and I walked a little more. I reached the aid station and grabbed some powerade. There were a lot of people just hanging out at the aid station. I suspected those were the people that had the resolutions to run a 5k for New Years and didn’t know proper etiquette. 
As I’m looping around the turn around cone, one of the 10k runners came running through saying, “Water, Water, Anyone?” and just keep going. None of the volunteers were handing out water to the people coming through the 10k side because of the 5k people. There were so many people hanging out, the volunteers couldn’t keep the water flowing fast enough. I felt bad for that guy. If I could have kept his pace, even just for a minute, I would have caught up to him and given him my cup of powerade but he was long gone.

I was a little concerned about the aid station, only because the half course was in opposite directions from NYE which meant that rather than the 5k station being their first aid station it was actuallly their last at around mile 10-11. Brazen Racing does a phenomenal job at aid stations and they provide water, powerade, oranges, candies, GU, anything with sugar to help keep one going. I was worried that the 5k people who were snacking on things and hanging out were going to eat/drink most of it so by the time the 5k/10k passed through there would be nothing left for the Half marathoners. With the hills and elevation gain they had, I would assume that they would need something to help push them through the last few miles. :::crosses fingers:: Hopefully eveyone got what they needed.

I continued on running along wishing I could run 6min miles to be able to give that guy some water and like I said, mile 2 seemed the hardest. I was right. It took me 14:07.

I ending up having one of my “power songs” come onto my iPod, so I put both headphones in and turned it up a little (dont worry! I was still able to hear what was going on around me for race course safety!) and sang along with Jared Leto. I reached mile 3 in 13:24, so at least there was a negative split.

My goal for the New Years Day run was to just beat my time from New Years Eve. The race seed harder although the course was the exact same. I thought I wouldn’t have been able to do it considering mile 2 was tough. I did! I finished 19 seconds faster at 42:31 (the course was 3.3 miles).

After finishing, I met up with J
, told her it felt harder and not knowing how I did (this was before I checked my Garmin and Race times) then grabbed my warm clothes and snacks. Can you believe I left my chocolate milk at home? I was bummed about that. When I got back to J
, to lend her my jacket (Im smart, I had a sweatshirt for backup) T
just finished.  We went over to the snack area but I didn’t feel like having any, as I was thinking that if I didn’t have any snacks then that is just one more thing a half marathoner can have (post race snack table includes it-it’s ice creams, pie, coffee, chips, bagels, peanut butter, mike and Ike’s, protein, sugar, carbs galore!). I did grab some hot water to make tea since they were out of apple cider and ate my own snack pack that came in the goodie bag. Sierra Crunch from Marianna is sooo yummy!

After my lack of rummaging the snack table, we headed over to the official race times and photo area. We also grabbed our connector medals to make the grand mega medal for doing both NYE and NYD runs.



That was the medal for the NYD run and below is the connector plus the NYE run medal.


The connector has a typo and says that were “Elying” into the year rather than Flying. At first, I thought it was a word that I didn’t know and after googling it, realized it was a typo. I didn’t mind, but Mr. & Mrs. Brazen sent an email saying they found out about the typo a little too late and if you are anything like them and can’t stand it, they will be offering the medal with the correct spelling at future races. I’m not sure if I’ll get the corrected one or not. The other one is more unique.

After races and long runs we have a tradition to get Chipotle but because it was the 1st., they were closed.
Have no fear! We went to La Pinata instead. It’s not the same but close enough. I got a taco salad, without the taco -they always look at me weird when I say that rather than without the shell. The shell isn’t gluten free. Stupid intolerance.

After lunch I went back to J’s
house and transferred my hard drive from my broken laptop to my new laptop and was able to get my 1500 songs that I couldn’t get from the broken one. Yay!! My music is back. Now I get to spend hours going through 3000 songs to make a new running playlist.

By the time I got home I was so exhausted. I tried to take a nap but that never happens around here. I eneded up hanging out withA

, having dinner and going to bed early.

What an eventful New Years!!   


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thanks for taping my bum. And that pic with the other lady – made me laugh hysterically. She looks so happy!!!

Comment by Runningfromitall

You owe me.

Comment by Attempted Runner

Ya ya.

Comment by Runningfromitall

That’s amazing race bling – I am very envious!

Comment by travellinghopefully

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