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#Janathon 3: Yoga for Runners
01.03.14, 15:31
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Today is Friday which means it’s my regularly scheduled activity programming. I always do Yoga on Friday because Saturday is either a race day or a long run day. I do my yoga the night before so that I’m all nice and relaxed for those runs. It’s helped in the past, so I’m sticking with it.

After not being as lazy today as I was yesterday, meaning I got out of bed 2 hours earlier and made a public appearence at the grocery store, I ended up sitting around doing nothing. I thought to myself that I’ll do my yoga now, so as I grabbed my phone to load up YouTube for the LuLuLemon SeaWheeze yoga clip, I got a text message…which lead to looking at facebook. Followed by instagram.

Obviously, I got sidetracked.

After checking emails I then signed onto WordPress to read all the blogs I follow and the new Janathon posts.

As I’m commenting and liking posts, it does accure to me that it’s now been 30 minutes and I haven’t even gotten out my yoga mat. ::shrugs:: Whats another 30 minutes right?

Or 45.

As I click to the next Janathon blog entry by Tub On The Run, I saw that she not only did yoga for day 3 but she did the same exact video I was going to do!! I took it as a sign that I needed to get up and do it.

So I did…and you can too. Here’s the SeaWheeze 2013 Yoga for Runners video that both myself and Tub on the Run did.



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Great video

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