Attempted Runner.

#Janathon 2: Long and Lean with Pink Balls.

After a very busy morning of sleeping in until sometime around 8, then laying around til 11:45, I got up to have lunch. I opted for the healthier than normal lunch of a side salad and a chicken tamale. This was followed by a very exhausting time of sitting around finishing up the last few chapters of the book I”ve been reading (Labor Day).

It was then that I realized it was around 2 pm and I haven’t done a productive thing all day.
So I did what I thought was best….I fiddled a little more on social media sites, played with the pups….there are stuffed flamingo pieces everywhere…and realized the hubby would be home soon enough.

I slaved away at cleaning up…all 15 minutes worth. I made the bed, straightened up the kitchen table, put the dishes away and added a few more to the dishwasher and did a load of laundry. Then sat back down looking through horribly awesome race photos.

That’s when I came across this gem and realized that I perhaps ate one too many cookies (they tasted like donuts!!) and indulged a little too much over my vacation.

That’s one lovely muffin top if I do say so myself. I’d like to blame it on the compression shorts pushing the skin up in akward fashion but there’s no denying it.

I ate a lot over the holidays.

Due to my horribly awesome race photos, it’s then that I decided to stop being the most laziest person of all time and finally do something.

I queued up my laptop, brought my Bosu ball out from hiding, popped my Long and Lean Bosu workout DVD in and began to wobble, quiver and shake away as I did bosu lunges, warrier poses and other Pilate themed moved for 33 minutes.

I’m a little sweaty, and back to laying around but at least I’m keeping the Janathon streak alive!!


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Cookies… that taste like DONUTS!!! OMG! I just squealed like a teenage girl! What are they called! I must have them!

Comment by rundelrun

I don’t know what they have on that side of the “pond” but we have a Safeway or Von’s grocery store in the US that has their own label, Eating right. It was the gluten free sugar cookies. I’m sure you can order them on their website and have them deleivered if you really wanted them. I found someone who took a picture of the box.

Comment by Attempted Runner

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