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#Janathon 1: Goals are meant to be annihilated.
01.01.14, 15:31
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It’s New Years Day but more importantly, day 1 of Janathon!! I’m more excited about that then the whole NYD thing. Who’d a thunk it that I would be way more excited about exercising for 30 days in a row……wait, wait…to be excited about just exercising in general.  I wanted to respond to all the repetative Happy New Years! with Happy Janathon!

Anyway, I kicked Jan first off with a 5k race with Brazen Racing. I’ll post the entire race recap tomorrow after a few horribly awesome race photos of myself are uploaded and my official time is posted.

As you may, or may not know, I ran a New Years Eve run on Saturday and my only goal for today was to beat Saturday’s time. I’m proud to say that, that goal was acheived! Although today’s race was on the same course with the same company and everything was the same, it felt a lot harder but I still finished a whopping 19 seconds faster.

Although I’m pretty much exhausted and will attempt to take a nap, I think later tonight I’ll do some stretches and junk. I’m on a roll so far of 6 days in a row of doing Yoga. I’m gonna be so flexible and exercisable…….

Who is this person?


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Way to go! I took 12 min off my HM time from Saturday.

Nice to meet you today… Sorry I had to leave so quickly 🙂

Comment by Big D

Oh nice! Which course was “easier?” Rolling hills to start, or a gradual incline?

You probably would of knocked off 12.36 seconds if I didn’t interrupt. Every millisecond counts. That’s why I never adjusted my shoelace: thus the 19 second win.

Comment by Attempted Runner

I’d have to say today was a bit easier. In the end it’s the same vertical gain either way, but there’s a particularly long, steep and nasty hill 1/3 of the way in on the counter clockwise loop. On Saturday people were referring to ‘power hiking’ on that hill. I assure you there was no hiking involved… Just a long, slow death march. Of course going down that same hill today was no picnic either.

I was glad I got a chance to finally meet you. That’s why I stopped for 5 seconds or whatever it was. At the beginning of a race I always keep my music off and really take the whole scene in. I love the excitement.

Anywho, in all the races I’ve ever done I’ve never had someone cheer for me (or if they did I never heard it). I heard my name, spun to the right and immediately recognized you.

Now, I know you were there to run a race and not to chear me on, but the fact that you got out of your nice warm car just to cheer on half marathoners like me AND took the time to shout encouragement out to me…well that just touched me and I was filled with gratitude. I came over to shake your hand so that you would know how honored I was to have a cheering section. It kept me going over the next 2:22:00. It was just a great way to start a race and to start a new year. It looks like 2014 will be a year to be thankful. Thankful that I’m able to run long distances pain-free, thankful to have Brazen races in my backyard, and thankful for the friends I’ve made in the running community (you would be included on that list). So, I felt it appropriate to stop my race for a few seconds and show my appreciation.

My plan for NYE was to keep my heart rate low and see what time I could turn in. On NYD my plan was to open up the throttle 100% and not watch my HR. It was all done in an effort to experiment to see what kind of game plan I need to implement for Napa Valley Marathon in March. I have two goal races for 2014: NVM and NYC in November, and I really want to do well there. I’m also going to tackle the Brazen Ultra Half Series. I’m also toying with the idea of running the Brazen Diablo 50k.

So, 2014 will be about lofty goals and gratitude. I thank you for making the NYD race special for me.

And hey, you hit your goal as well! You should be real proud about that!

Looking forward to your race report!

Comment by Big D

I’m usually pretty excited about Janathon too… Until day 5 (ish) when I have run out of interesting things to say.

Happy Janathon

Comment by notmuchofarunner

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