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Race Recap: Brazen Racing – New Years Eve 5k

Two weeks ago I had an amazingly fun run and then I fell and my activity levels were insufficent. I didn’t do a lick of exercise for two weeks because I was resting my ankle (which still occasionally hurts from the sprain).
Well, coming fast upon me was Brazing Racing’s New Years Eve Half/10k/5k run and I was I’ll prepared.

Since I’ve also been on vacation from work, I was able to go to packet pick up early on Thursday and saw this year’s Tshirt designs. I like it, except I’m a little confused as this was a NYE race but the front of the shirt has 2014. 

On Friday, I decided that since I’ve been the most sloth like creature for two weeks, I better do SOMETHING so I wouldn’t be too stiff for the race. I did my regular Hatha Yoga DVD but used my small little 2lb weighs to make it Iron Yoga. Let me tell you this, two pounds is nothing on its own, but after holding warrier pose for an extended amount of time with a 2 lb weight…my gosh! What a workout!
Later that evening, I went out to celebrate my 30th birthday at Lucille’s BBQ and had a little beer. Ha.
*no, I didn’t drink it. It was the Hubbys and not GF.

The race (my distance; 5k) didn’t start until 9:10 so I had the pleasure of waking up at 5:10. I must say, thats the one thing I don’t like about running….you have to wake up so early! The reason I was up ridiculously early was because the race at the Lake that is roughly 30 miles away, not that it takes 2 hours to drive 30 miles, but the race sold out at 1,000 runners and the Lake has only so many parking spots. You either arrive early or have to park a mile downhill.

I don’t care for hills.

I don’t care for waking up early either, but I pick my battles wisely.

After applying a massive amount of KT Tape to everything….

I used: 2 strips for my hip flexors on the side I got the Hip Bursitis. 2 strips for full knee support on the right just because. 3 strips on my ankle, due to the sprain I sustained earlier.

….I drovedown to meet J and T. We arrived at the Lake about 7:50, only to wait in a long line for parking, but luckily enough there were still spots available and we hung out in the car until the Half Marathoners were ready to start (8:30). As we were walking through the park to the staging area, I was reminded about how genius bag check is. It was about 37℉ and there was frost still on the grass, part of the trails and picnic tables. I was glad to still be wearing my sweatpants and sweatshirt, as it kept me a tiny bit warmer than I would have been if I didn’t have them on.

I heard Mr. Brazen over the megaphone starting the count down to the Half. Usually they have music and a P.A system and all that jazz but because of the park regulations they are not allowed to have amplified sound. So, when I heard the countdown, I jumped on one of the picnic tables to watch the runners go by. My observation was all the Halfers in the front are so quiet. They float. Then here I am, Clydesdaleing and clodhoppering it down the way.. one day I’ll be quiet but until then I’m ok with marching to the beat of my own feet hittin pavement…obnoxiously loud.  As I think I said it before, We are the music makers and we are the dreamers of dreams.

The 10k group set off and that is when I went over to shed some clothing and hand my bag over to sweat check. As I was walking back over to the start, I began to miss my clothes since the wind picked up and it was awfully chilly. Anyway, I said I would no longer complain about how cold it is, since its officially winter now.

Back to the important stuff….Mr. Brazen gave the pre run instructions and I think he said the total course mileage was 3.3miles. I remember him saying something about if you run with GPS and see that you ran a true 5k, you did….just run another 1/4 mile to finish this 5k.

Mr. Brazen starts our countdown and I told myself I’ll just take it slow since I’ve been a sloth and there were rolling hills I needed to tackle. I crossed the start line and began to worry about my ankle. Not thinking about it before, but once I started I worried that I wouldn’t be able to last 3.3 miles on my ankle.

I did what I could.

I ran the first mile in 12:27, which is my normal mile time for flat, so I thought I was doing ok. I then stopped to walk around 1.3 miles and took off my jacket then began a mix of running/walking, which most of it was running. Up the hills too! I reached the turn around point and did the thing were you point to the volunteer that you’re taking the cup from and it worked exceptionally well. I had that little girl in my sights and she knew she was locked on radar and handed me the powerade without hesitation. I thanked her, gulped it down, took my ear warmer off only on the left ear and kept going. Mile two was completed in 13:48.
By this time, I noticed my hip started hurting like it did during my good ol hip bursitis days. I’m not sure if it was due to my inactivity, the cold or the RunDisney New Balance shoes I had on are finally starting to break down. I was getting tired, removed one glove and powered on. My hip was hurting more, but I managed to keep pace as I completed mile 3 at a 13:44 pace. At least I’m doing well with consitancy. I just need to turn my 12:30s and 13:45s to 10-11 min. miles or lower. :::shrugs::: Anyway, when I crossed the finish, Garfield had a time of 42:52 at 3.24 miles. I think my offical time was 42:50.

Now this isn’t my fastest 5k time overall or for this particular course, but it was my second fastest course time (the fastest I ran the Lake was in July at 39 minutes and something seconds).

Overall, I think I did well considering the ankle (which never hurt or got tired!!) and my hip bursitis flare up. Also considering that I took it (my) slow and easy.

The course itself was beautiful as usual. We run along the shoreline and through the overhanging trees the entire time. The course (for the 5k portion) is paved, but mind you, paved or not sometimes those rolling hills can get’cha.

After collecting my medal, which is part 1 of 3, and putting my sweats back on, we grabbed some apple cider, a few snacks and headed out. J and T were both talking about the 10k they’ll be doing on Wednesday but I think I’m still ok with doing just 5k. I’m actually releaved.


We then had lunch and later J and I headed out to Dick’s Sporting Goods were I got a new Under Armour Victory Tank (it’s a sickness) and a UA pink visor before heading home.

I did some yoga to loosen things up as I felt I was starting to get stiff. That evening, the Hubby and I were suppose to have dinner with his dad and sisters, but both sisters flaked so we just went to his dad’s to exchange Xmas gifts then we came home to make dinner and call it a night. I was really looking forward to the Old Spaghetti Factory too. Oh well.

By the time I was ready for bed my hip was hurting so bad. It was like my first Half all over again, minus 10 miles. I could hardly walk and it hurt to just lay down.

As I woke up this morning the pain in my hip subsided, as it went from a 10 the night before, down to a 3-4 and now its about a 1-2 with a constant nagging ache. I’m going to wear my other shoes that have less milage on them for Wednesday’s New Years Day race. I’ve done some Yoga for Runners today (thank you YouTube and LuLuLemon) with plans of more stretching of sorts tomorrow and Tuesday.

My goal for the New Years Day run is to beat my New Years Eve time.

In other news: For Xmas, D&D , my FIL and his fiance got me one of those home foot bath massage things. They said that they figured with the running I’ll be doing, my feet might need some pampering. I’m thinking of giving it a whirl tomorrow while icing my hip. I thought it was nice of them to be supportive of my running by helping in pampering my feet. After all, they are my new official aid station sponsers. They just moved to a house that is right off the same trail that I’m off of. Thus meaning that their new house happens to be exactly 6.5 miles from my house. It’s only logical that they are the midway point for the pit stop fueling during Half Marathon training or even one day Full Marathon training….see, that’s how supportive they are – going out and getting a house that coincides with my running routes and all.


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I hear ya on the cold…. I got to the park at 7:15 and got a sweet spot pretty close to the starting arch. I just turned the heat on and took a nap until 8:15 when I headed over to the HM start. I was just wearing shorts and a tech tee (and the shamrock hat…. Always the shamrock hat). Fortunately I remembered my arm warmers, so I had a little something to keep me warm. I ended up shedding the arm warmers pretty early though.

That was my first time at Lake Chabot and WOW that was a tough course. 2,075′ elevation gain. Yikes!! I finished in 2:34:something which I was pretty happy with, all things considered.

Like you, my goal for NYD is to beat my NYE time. I’m pretty sore today from all the hills, so we’ll see.

Hope all your injuries heal up soon and you have a good race Wednesday.

Comment by Big D

Great job! You doing the Half on NYD too? Ive only been around the Lake on the 9 mile loop and a little after we came out from the single track to the fire road is (around 7.5-8 miles) is when I just couldnt go any more. Somehow I magically made it back to the docks. That was tough and we didn’t go as high as you during the half. What an accomplishment you did….and two do it twice? :::high five:::

Comment by Attempted Runner

Yep, doing the half on NYD too. Looking forward to it.

Definitely take care of your injuries. You’d hate to push through it and make things worse. I did that to myself last June and lost an entire month of training as a result (stupid knee).

Just a thought, but have you considered if your running form might be the root of the problem? I used to be a habitual heel striker and also had chronic knee and ankle pain. I also suffered with long bouts of plantar fasciitis. I switched from traditional cushioned shoes to Newtons (except for my trail shoes….I still wear Brooks Cascadias for that) and focused heavily on learning to forefoot strike. It was tough because I had to be aware of every single step, but once I figured it out it slowly became natural. Since making the change my knee pain is gone and the PF is a lot better. The Newton website has a lot of good info as does YouTube (search ‘forefoot running’). Pete Larsons book is a good read and helps explain the role of shoes in running. His blog, runblogger, is pretty good too. I dunno. It worked for me.

I’m training for Napa Valley Marathon right now and the hills at Chabot make for good training. Thinking about registering for the Oakland Marathon, but it’s possible my wife might kill me if I commit to another marathon so soon after NVM. That wouldn’t be good. I should probably check with her first 🙂

Back to my point – take care of your knee, hip, etc. (I feel like I’m being a nag here). I just have a hunch that you can kick the injury bug if you can identify the root cause, and my gut tells me it’s because you’re a heel striker.

Hope to meet you at NYD. I’ll probably finish in 2:30 ish, which puts me at the It’s-It table at 11:00 – 11:15. Oh, there will be many It’s-Its consumed. Many.

Happy new year!

Comment by Big D

Lol @ the its-it table….my sister and cousin are doing the 10k, so depending on their time, medal engraving might be in the works. I’ll keep an eye out and since I know you’re the big guy that’s not really big, I know who to look for now.
Anyway, I do heel strike and pronate. I had Brooks (control) before, but lost weight so the Brooks I had, actually had me over correcting which caused the bursitis. Otherwise before then the only problem I had was an occasional bought of water under the knee but KT tape fixed that and I never had other pains.
From the weightloss and bursitis, I switched to New Balance (neutral) and all my pains went away and I was doing fantastic with milages up to 7 going on 8 and a LOT of hill training….which commonly brings on IT band issues. Since then, I got my knee brace and lately I’ve been doing ok with nothing hurting (Quarry Lakes and Summit, I was a pain Free runner!).
I assumed most problems led to weakness everywhere else as I never did much strength/cross training. Adding that in has seemed to help.
I’ve tried forefoot but I always end up forgetting or going to what’s more comfortable. I read on RunJunkees about someone else using Newtons website with tips. I’ll have to check it out. You may sound like a nag, but at least you don’t sound accident prone with all the injuries I’ve got.

Comment by Attempted Runner

Oh, I forgot to ask if you ran NYE with the Nathan pack? Did you like it? I love mine (well, except for the time the bladder popped. That wasn’t fun)

Comment by Big D

No, I used my hydration belt. Only reason being was because I wore a pair of capris that tend to fall, so the hydration belt kept them up. I figured keeping my pants up was more important.
I’ve got my clothes for NYD planned out and won’t be having any wardrobe malfunctions, so I’ll test it out then.

Comment by Attempted Runner

Definitely true on the cross training. I try to get 2-3 hours per week on the bike when I’m in full marathon training mode – like I am right now. If I don’t add the cycling the knee starts to ache, even with the Newtons. I’m actually thinking about joining one of the local swim clubs in the spring to add swimming to my XT routine (go RSM Polar Bears!). My coach competes in Iron Man competitions and she’s been encouraging me to try a triathlon. I don’t know…. I really like running way more than cycling and swimming.

Comment by Big D

I get so nervous about damaging my body through running and setting myself back. Rest that ankle!!!!

Comment by 52milespermonth

Thanks. I’m a pro at resting!

Comment by Attempted Runner

Sometimes I think I’m too good at it. Definitely better as resting than running.

Comment by 52milespermonth

Congrats on your race! I can never leave Dick’s without spending money, it really is a sickness 🙂

Comment by Falyn @ Slacker Runner

They are building one that is a mile or so away from my house. All bad.

Comment by Attempted Runner

Oh no! You could run there and back, way too tempting 🙂

Comment by Falyn @ Slacker Runner

Lol yea, a new event for to those GoRuk challenges. Rather than 20lbs of bricks in my backpack, I’d have 20lbs of running clothes.

Comment by Attempted Runner

[…] New Year’s day race is held at the same location as the New Year’s Eve race so I could have gotten up the same time as the previous run, but because people caught on to the […]

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