Attempted Runner.

29 going on 300.

I have a few hours left of my 29th year as tomorrow, sometime around 11am perhaps, I will be 30 years old. Am I going into a panic? No.

30 is the new 20.

You’re only as old as you feel. Sometimes I do feel like I’m 95… that time I totally fell at a race and the next week after, everything hurt… but for the most part….I feel young and vibrant. The only thing I’m bummed about is…[You know you’re a runner when…] I now get bumped into a different age group at races. With Brazen racing, whom I am attempting to be a 2014 streaker with, has a LOT of cheetahs and gazelles in the 30-35 age group. That most likely means, I won’t be getting age group medals any time soon. :0(

Unless I get faster.

That can only happen if I can stick to my training without injury. I’m hoping 30 brings strength, agility, and power rather than IT band, weak hip flexors, Runners Knee, Bursitis, and sprained ankles.

Despite all the injuries and side lining (pretty much a total of 7 months), I still managed to run:

  • 5 themed runs (Mud, Color, Neon, Tribute)
  • 10 – 5ks
  • 1 – Mini Marathon (5 miler with RnR)
  • 3 – 10ks
  • 1 – half marathon
  • + however many running training days I had.

For a total of 20 running events (21 in 2013 with Saturdays New Year’s Eve run). With somewhere along the lines of 160 Nike+ miles; I didn’t use my Nike+ pretty much after I got Garfield in June. With an additional 120ish Garmin miles.

So, with only 5 months (give or take) of NOT being injured, I think 280 miles is decent.

My goal for 2014, is 300+ miles.

Because I’m a mathlete…that breaks down to 25 miles a month. Roughly 6.25 a week. Being a Brazen Streaker, I’m already guaranteed 2, sometimes 3, races a month and I’m already signed up for my second half marathon. This makes it all VERY doable.


2014 means 30 years old and 300 miles.


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Great goal for 2014 and an impressive 2013! Good luck and happy birthday!

Comment by Falyn @ Slacker Runner


Comment by Attempted Runner

I don’t know if this will give you hope, but I only started running in February this year and am 43. There are loads of swift runners in my 40-44 age group, but I’ve won a few age group medals and/or placed in the top 5% of my age group several times this year (and some of the races have been over 1000 participants). Like you said, the key is getting healed from injury and then working on speed. But it can be done even at over 40 and as a beginner.

Wishing you a healthy, speedy 2014!

Comment by Pandora Viltis

That’s both Impressive and encouraging. Thanks!

Comment by Attempted Runner

Ah, to be 30 again… Hope you have a fabulous birthday and another great year of running. 🙂

Comment by theblogrunner

Thanks! Same to you…the running part. Add the birthday part on you b-day, of course.

Comment by Attempted Runner

happy birthday! despite injuries, 2013 sounds like it was good to you. hopefully you far surpass your plans for 2013

Comment by Cheryl

Thanks. Hope your 2014 is what you want it to be.

Comment by Attempted Runner

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