Attempted Runner.

First day of Winter and healthy snacks.


Heeeelllllo all and happy Winter. Now that its officially winter, I will no longer complain about the freezing ass weather. Californians do not understand the concept of 30-40℉ weather. It’s just unconventional. However, I’ll just go with it and maybe use it as an excuse as to why I need more scarves.

Not only is it the first day of winter, but also the first day that I picked a healthy snack without even thinking about it. For breakfast this mroning, I had my apple pie waffles (I still have another 3 servings left) and then went shopping. I went to a bunch of stores today and left each one without spending a dime. I was shockingly surprised when I left both Target and Sports Authority without buying anything….I did have a bunch of clearance itmes but I put it all back. I know, I thought the same thing…..I must be ill. By the time I got home I was hungry, as it was around my normal snack time. I’m on a schedule people. So, I opened the cabinet to see all the goodies and junk I can munch on. Didn’t find anything exciting and closed it. I opened the fridge…closed it. Opened the freezer, grabbed the bag of :::gasp::: broccoli and heated that up. I, Attempted Runner, had broccoli for snack. I’m defiantly ill. I did put some Monterey jack cheese and siracha on it. Baby steps on the “healthy” aspect….baby steps.

BTW, after a few what-the-eff moments of my weight going up! It’s finally going back down again. If cheesy broccoli rather than cheetos help, then broccoli it is.

I wrapped a few presents, did some finishing touches on a few homemade presents and that’s all I’ve accomplished so far today.

I was suppose to go to the Huffers & Puffers Fleet Feet group run with J this morning, but my ankle is still a little sore and didn’t want to hurt it any more than it already is. I did get an x-ray and there was no break/fracture, luckily. After about five days the swelling and warmth (you know how cuts or injured parts get hot to the touch?) has finally gone down but the bruise is still there and when I point my toes down and elongate my foot, it still hurts. As my dad would say, “Well then don’t point your toes and elongate your foot.” But he’s not a doctor, so what does he know? I still point and elongate just to help loosen it up. It’s pretty stiff and since I have a New Years Eve and New Years Day run comping up…I’ll need to be flexible. You never know, I might need to be flexiable and have the agility of a ninja because I might have to tuck and roll again. Good thing the next two are on paved trails (just the 5k portion), less of a risk of branches, twigs, leads, banana slugs that can cause one to eat it.


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