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I’m a schmuck when it comes to a good gimmick.
12.19.13, 16:53
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Signing up for Janathon only seemed appropriate. Ya know, kick off the year right, since apprently I’m not doing so hot with ending the year out with a bang. At least not in the way I hoped.
I did Juneathon, so what would be so hard about Janathon? New years resolutiond are in full effect. Motivation is high with starting things anew. Why not give it a whirl? Besides, it’s a fancy schmancy gimmick and can’t stay away. That’s why I don’t watch QVS because if I act now, I’ll get something exponetionally better.

The rules are simple;
Step 1: sign up at Janathon.
Step 2: excercise every day in January.
Step 3: write a blog (or now tweet) about it within 24 hrs.
Step 4: repeat step 2 and 3.

By the end of January, I have two conclusions. 1. I’ll be more fit than fat. B. I’d have lost all my followers because after 30 daily consecutive posts, you all would be annoyed.

Here’s to 2014!!


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Leave a comment crack me. Good luck! And I’m interested to see how it works for you. 🙂

Comment by Brandi

You should sign up too. For you, it’s probably no different than any other month.

Comment by Attempted Runner

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