Attempted Runner.

I can’t help it! My leg’s just want to move!!!

Yesterday was my group run with Fleet feet. I still don’t know why I call this a group run, because I can never keep up with the group…or even my 2 man group consisting of me and J. Earlier in the week, I was looking forward to the run and then as the weekend got closer I was kind of not wanting to go. The weather didn’t help either, as the temperatures have been dropping. I didn’t let J know that I wasn’t feeling it because I knew she needed it more than I did. I thought that if I didn’t go with her, she probably wouldn’t go herself, so I just remained that push to help her get out the door.

I woke up thinking there would be snow, because its been so cold…or at least ice everywhere, but the rain from before dried up and it was just cold (37degrees), so I didn’t hesitate like I normally do with the “Do I wear shorts?” dilemma and just put on some capris. I made my breakfast…..I’m on this new pre-run breakfast of a Chocolate Milk and a Breakfast sandwich made from a Glutino English muffin, a Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage Patty, a tiny bit of cheese and an egg and I realized that it actually helps a lot more than the other breakfasts I use to have (Oatmeals, Peanut Butter/Bananas, etc.). It’s a light enough meal that I don’t feel bogged down and yet it has enough carbs/protein for me to keep me going. I told both J and Ma that they shouldn’t be surprised during the Tinker Bell Half Marathon weekend (I’m doing the 5k and 10k) when they see me unpacking my breakfast sandwich maker. I even found GF bagel thins and they work just as well!

So, I made my breakfast, put on my fake Ugg boots, gloves, ear warmer and three jackets and headed out the door. J suggested that I drive to whoever run destination without the heater on and a window cracked open so I can get my lungs use to the cold air before the run begins. There was no way in hell I was doing that. I cranked my heater up and heated over to meet J. We arrive at FF and I have to take all my warm articles of clothing off to put on my running shoes and running jacket (just the thin UA wind breaker/water repellant one). Within 1 minute of standing outside, I was freezing. I was starting to get the slight asthma cold air cough and I started to loose interest in the run. I just wanted to get back into the car and go home.

Everyone else comes out of FF and they didn’t even do their normal pre run huddle. They just said, Ok everyone! Lets go! So they all took off and I didn’t even have my Garmin fully ready! By the time I reached the first block, all the other group runners were 2 blocks ahead. This is nothing new though. They’re all too fast for me and I’m usually a solo runner. J did stick with me though, so I wasn’t completely alone except when she would run ahead then wait for me at the next block for directions.

During the first 1/4 – 1/2 mile, the arch of my foot was achy. That went away, but then the back of my foot around my heel started to get achy. I don’t know if it was because of the new Mizuno Inspire 9’s or what. I only put on maybe 1.5 miles on them prior so I didn’t have a good chance to break them in. I wanted to turn around and go back, but I also didn’t want to be a weenie, so I kept going. About a mile in, the aches in my foot went away, luckily. I’ve summed it up to being just me getting use to the different structure of the shoe and adjusting from my New Balance 860’s to the Mizunos.

We started to run up a hill and I felt heavy. My legs didn’t want to move. I was shuffling my feet and my inner thighs were burning. Again, word for the wise. Never, I repeat, never do a kettlebell workout within 2 days of running. As I said in my previous post, squats/lunges make you sore as it is but when you add a weight to it…FEEL THE BURN! Despite it being 40 degrees out, I felt the workout and started to sweat. I rolled up my sleeves, unzipped my jacket, lifted the ear warmer above my ears and removed my gloves. I struggled to get up that hill. It wasn’t even a big hill. When I finally reached J at the top of the hill, it was time to turn back around and go down. Lately, I’ve been keeping up a pace of about 12:15 minute miles and J usually stays around 10 minute miles, thus the reason why she’s always a head of me but when we were running down the hill….I flew past her! I just couldn’t help it. I’m tall and my long legs just couldn’t handle the short shuffle stride and I felt like a gazelle going down the hill! I ran past her and told her, I CAN’T HELP IT! MY LEGS JUST WANT TO MOVE!!! Then the hill flattened out and she passed me up.

I think we were about 2.5 miles into our 3.5 mile and I was getting tired. We reached the park that had small rolling hills and I practically crawled up the hill but flew passed J on the downs. Again, laughing all the while telling her, “SEE! I CAN’T HELP IT!” When it flattened out for the rest of the run, I gave J the directions and she took off on her merry way. I tried running the last mile back, but I was getting so tired. I didn’t push any harder or run any faster than I do on “race” days, because I hit the 5k mark about the same time I normally do, but I was just pooped. I finally made it back to FF and now, not only did my thighs/quads hurt like the dickens, but my back fat was hurting (yes, its possible) and soon enough my butt muscles were sore too. I thought I would have been slower because it was just hard. One of the hardest runs I have had to do recently, but I still maintained my 12 minute miles. I like to thank the downhills for that one.  I still don’t know how I feel about the Mizuno’s. I’ll try them out again this week and see if I have any improvements or dislikes that will help me decide if I keep them or return them.

After the run, I put on all my warm cozy clothes and J offered to buy my Birthday gift early, so I can wear it during next weeks trail race. She got me the Nike Vapor jacket. It’s rain/wind resistant, yet breathable all at the same time. It also has a hood, so if it rains I won’t get too wet. It also fits a LOT better than my UA jacket, that I got when I was 55 lbs heavier. I’m excited to test it out. I’ll be elated if it rains!


After the run, J and I stopped off for lunch, went to Target and I bought more than I was planning. Since I wasn’t planning on buying anything. But hey! When Target carries C9 and they have 25% off their active wear and a sister who has a special 20% off coupon, with 5% off for using a Target card….How can I resist? I ended up getting some new running gloves (as I just used regular every day mittens before), a pair of shorts, some new RUNderwear and comfy sweat pants at 25%+20%+5% off. We then hit up Sprouts and Best Buy. By this time, I’m still in my running capris and the wind picked up which made things colder. I called it a day and ended up going back home. I took a warm shower and put on my comfy sweatpants and tried to warm up.

Today, I’m not as sore as I was. I don’t hesitate before picking things up and I don’t grab the sink to help lower myself down while I go to sit on the toilet, so that’s a plus. I think I’ll do some yoga tonight though just to help loosen things up a little more. With the way this weather is, (its 43 degrees, but with 12mph winds, the “real feel” is 36degrees. California! WHY YOU SO COLD!!!

Even my pups are freezing. I can guarantee that Milo bear is somewhere snuggled up under the blankets and Jesse James…you know he is cold when he’s sleeping on me. He never sleeps on my lap, its either in his Red Wagon bed, on the arm of the sofa or on my pillow, but never on me! Nothing warmer than body heat! I think I need to get out his Ugly Christmas Sweater (he has one). I’d like to say that all my aching muscles has died down, but the muscle I’ve been using to hold Jess up while I type, is going to be tired!



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Thanks for going even though you were not feeling it. I appreciate it!

Comment by Runningfromitall

That’s every group run I’ve ever had, basically. But we’re still the most awesome people there and I firmly believe that-that’s why everyone else runs ahead of us.

Comment by Nicole @ pink elephant on parade

Hahaha I like your take on it.

Comment by Attempted Runner

They pave the way for the awesome ones.

Comment by Attempted Runner

exactly, so we know where the icy spots are. Thanks, guys!

Comment by Nicole @ pink elephant on parade

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