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100th post is about absolutely nothing!

Well….now I feel obligated to write something meaningful and/or enjoyable for everyone to read. But, I probably won’t. HA. I haven’t really been around the blog since Thanksgiving. I would like to say its because I’ve been super busy but in reality its more like lazy.  What have I been up to though? Let’s see…in no particular order:

The last 10 pound weight loss, hasn’t gone entirely as I planned. Maybe its because I did it the week before Thanksgiving and all the GF cornbread stuffing I ate after words didn’t help? Or because I’ve actually been active regularly again and I’m getting more muscle. Or….I’m just eating too much and am in denial? Maybe its the ladder or a combination of it all, but I have been tracking things. I’m 27 days strong on MFP. The scale…..has gone up! 167.2! Umm, Hello Beauford! You’re suppose to be showing me numbers below 166! Whatever. I’ll get there eventually. Rather than focus on the scale regularly, I’ll focus on what’s more important….

Like birthdays and other celebrations!

L Pie’s (cousin) 2nd birthday was last week and it was held at Chuck E Cheeses. We shut that place down! I played with C for awhile on the arcade games and tried to teach him the awesomeness of skee ball, but his generation doesn’t know the coolness factor of it. That, and he’s also 3, so he can’t really roll the ball hard enough to make any points.wpid-IMG_20131204_184614.jpg

We’re also having a party at work, so of course, rather than working, I spent the morning making our sign up sheet for what to bring. It’s really a Christmas party, but we do have one person who is a Jehovah Witness and they pretty much don’t celebrate anything so we didn’t want to leave her out, therefore we made it the famous 12/12/12 @ 12:00 party.  wpid-PicsPlay_1386172225151.jpg

It’s the 12/12/12 party because while both me and my coworker were discussing via chat, when to have the party…at the same time we both sent messages with the same date…… of 12/12/12! That’s how cool we are. Didn’t dawn on us that its 12/12/13.


Skinny Chick (J) from is doing the 12 days of Christmas Giveaways and I was the 2nd day of give away winner for the Bic Bands. I haven’t received them yet, nor have heard from the company on how I get my gift….but I’ll be sure to contact them soon and also do a product review on the Bic Bands.

My Husband (Still weird to say), put up our Christmas Tree. He did it in Red, white and blue with old car ornaments. It’s going to be an American Christmas apparently. He likes to decorate for Christmas, which is kind of funny because of his view on the holiday but whatever. I like the lights. He even put lights around the windows and my metal sunflower that he made me.


I tested out the Mizuno Inspire 9’s that I got around the beginning of the week. I only went 2 miles. The first mile I didn’t have my inserts in and my back started hurting. I put my inserts in and finished up, but I don’t think it was enough to correct my back pain, so the rest of the night it hurt. Then I ended up wearing them during yesterday’s long run (which I’ll blog about next, since I’m not lazy at the moment!) and for the first 2 miles my left foot was hurting, but I think it was more that I was getting use to the support and everything from a new shoe.


As I mentioned above, I’ve been keeping up with the activity (ok ok…its no 6 days a week like its suppose to be, but its better than nothing!) and on Thursday I did a kettlebell workout. Now…There is something about squats and lunges that we all hate, but add a kettlebell into the mix and you just want to die. During the 45 minute workout (I was dying and only did 30 minutes), it seemed to be ok and I was like, YEA! THIS IS AWESOME! I’M DOING IT! THIS IS EASY! THIS WILL BE MY WEEKLY STRENGTH ROUTINE!!!

And then Friday happened….I was sore all in my quad/thigh areas, so I was just in the mindset of….ok..maybe it’ll be only once a week.

and then…..

Saturday happened. NO MORE KETTLEBELL!!! I was so sore I could barely walk right. I did the famous, grab the sink and the wall while trying to sit down on the toilet maneuvers. I sore like a sailor when I had to get into my sisters car. It took me longer than the average 80 year old to bend down and pick up something I dropped. My legs were on fire and there was nothing I could do about it….You know what I did do though? My Saturday group run. That was smart.  I’m not so sore anymore today, so I no longer hate the kettlebell aftermath and maybe I’ll just add it back in once a week. It can only be Monday-Wednesday because there is no way I’m EVER doing a kettlebell workout again 2 days prior to a run.

I was nominated three times in the last month for blog awards. I haven’t done anything with them yet, but I will…..I usually lollygag on reposting them because I can never think of those “interesting facts” that they usually have you post about yourself. Its hard enough to do it on one..but I have to do it on three! I’ll get around to it. I swear!

I’m a member of and earlier in the year I signed up for the 2013 reader challenge where you set how many books you would want to read in the year. In 2012, I had a bucketlist goal to read 100 books in a year. I accomplished that goal, so 2013 I went easy with 62 books. I don’t know if its because I’ve been training more, falling asleep earlier or what, but I haven’t really read as regularly as I normally did. Before, I would read 1-2 books a week…Now I’m lucky if I finish a book in 1-2 weeks. I’m only on 47 out of 62 and have less than a month to go. I don’t think I’ll accomplish that goal. Oh well…there is always 2014.

I don’t really watch TV (except 3-4 shows) and that is why I was able to read as much as I did….However, I don’t think thats the case this time. Rather than actually reading at night, or during lunch breaks, or on the treadmill (its harder, but can be done), I jumped on the good show band wagon. I’ve watched 4 seasons of Breaking Bad and still have 2 left. I got sidetracked with Breaking Bad because I found the Walking Dead to be much more entertaining. I finished season 1 – 3 and waiting desperately for them to add season 4 to Netflix. I could go back to watching Breaking Bad, but then I found Dexter. I’m already on Season 2 and just started last week (We have Wi-Fi at work and I can totally multitask) and in January, they’ll add seasons 5-8. Stay away from Netflix people.

Lets see…the last piece of absolutely nothing news, is that its freezing! California doesn’t get these types of temperatures! What the heck is going on! 27 degrees tonight? The highs of 45? Where’s my 55 degree winters?!

It’s not even winter yet is it?


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I have that problem every time I do a kettlebell workout. I can hardly walk for the next two days! Glad to know I’m not the only one 🙂

Comment by Falyn @ Slacker Runner

I’m going to see if iron yoga is any better.

Comment by Attempted Runner

C Is 4. We need to make sure he masters skee ball.

Comment by Runningfromitall

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