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Don’t judge me, Ladies….it’s not my fault.
11.23.13, 15:32
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It’s been one week (work week, I still have today and tomorrow) that I’ve started my new “plan.” Let’s just say it’s going nicely.
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I did a combination of a 1.50 mile run walk combo (1/2 mile was walking for the warm up), a Pilates workout and a calorie combustion bosu ball workout which felt more like a step aerobics class. It made me sweat regardless of what kind of activity it was. I also managed to stay within my calories by at least 100-200. It’s a win, compared to what I ate just the week prior.
I’ve still managed to squeeze some nacho cheese into everything..every day…so its still a win in my book. Incorporate your favorite food into your new “diet” plan and it doesn’t feel like a diet at all.
Thurday, I didn’t feel so hot after dinner so I just watched Jeopardy instead and went to bed right after. Yes, that means at 7:30 I was tucked in and by 8 I was sleeping. No workout, minus a point.
Friday, I had my book night club meeting and I still had 50% of the book to read, so I read instead then drove to the meeting. I still have 60 pages to go but at least I was able to discuss it…..with only 2 other members, as they read the book. Three others gave up (two watched the movie though) and the rest, didn’t even bother. It’s ok though, it was hard. For the first 200 pages I had no clue what was going on. The book was incredible close and extremely loud…..or vice versa. I got home late, so again….no workout. Minus Two points.

This morning, however, I did meet up with J to do my scheduled 2.0 mile run. I got a new knee brace to see of that would help, but I left it at home. I taped with the KT tape I had in my gear bag and soon it was time for the group to run. I was complaining of it being cold….all the while, I had shorts on. J took my picture cause we don’t seem to get a lot of pictures in anymore. Sad. You can clearly see my coldness in this photo. But don’t worry… 3/4s in the jacket came off and I was just in my shorts and tank top.


I don’t know about you, but the two ladies in white on the left of the photo, I feel like they are judging me. They probably are jealous of my PC socks or my Mickey shoes. Either way….jerks. Don’t judge me. I can’t help it.

So, moving right along. We statted the group run and I was able to keep up with some of the group. At the stop light, I caught up with the gazelles of the group and did a mental knee pain check. I was doing ok.  The little guy told me it was safe to cross, so I ran again. Still being able to keep up with the group but falling a little behind. I turned to a walk at 3/4 and took my jacket off and finished the remaining mile for my turn around. I told J that she could go with the rest of the group to get her 4-5 miles in but she said no. Part of it, I think is that she feels obligated to stay with me but I also think another part is that she’s a little intimidated to run with the others. ::::shrugs:::.
So, I get to the 1 mile marker and my knee was doing ok. Great, right? Wrong!! Since it was 48℉ out, my asthma decided that it didn’t like the cold. I started coughing more, couldn’t breathe, thought it was funny so I tried to laugh, but because I couldn’t breath, I couldn’t laugh. I sounded like an 80 year old smoker. I did some yoga breathing and walked maybe .20 miles. It was then that we stopped to determine if all the fake coyotes in the soccer field (to prevent gopher holes) were fake or not (all but one was), when one of the huff and puffers member started talking to us, so we pretty much just continued walking the rest of the way back. Once we got back to the stop light I was able to breathe better, so we ran the rest of the way. Partly cause I could breath but more so that I would have been able to get to my car (reads inhaler) a little quicker. My scheduled 2 mile run turned into a 1.2 mile rum and 1 mile walk. At least it was something.
I need to get outside more so my lungs get use to the cold. Asthma ruins all the fun…that’s why I’m not a huge fan of winter running. The rest of the year, my asthma doesn’t bother me. It use to be exercised induced asthma, but it turned into weather induced asthma. If it’s not one thing keeping me from running, it’s another.

I’ll keep going though. Tomorrow is my rest day, but since I took both Th/Fr off, I’ll throw something into the mix. Weekends are also harder with keeping calories. I tend to eat more on weekends, since I have a whole kitchen at my disposal rather than just a lunch box during the week. We also go out to eat more on weekends.

It won’t deter me. So far, my plan is working. I’ve lost 3 pounds, so maybe I’m on the right track.

Oh! I also got a picture that could explain things. My hip problems are on the left. I may over compensate for that and that’s why the right knee hurts and I wear a brace. Maybe it’s really my left inside knee…cause when I’m not doing anything, that part hurts….and what the heck is this?


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There are a fee reasons I stay with you. The 1st being – I want to hang out with you. And I’m not so much intimidated by the other runners, as I am afraid of getting lost. Because you and I both know – I DO NOT pay attention. I just go.

Comment by Runningfromitall

You won’t get lost. 1. Just follow everyone else. 2. If you did you can a. Call me or b. GPS back to the store.

Comment by Attempted Runner


Comment by Runningfromitall

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