Attempted Runner.

Failure is always an option

A few weeks ago was when I gave up.
I tried excercising and I tried counting calories, but I just couldn’t get the scale to budge. I still had the dreaded ten pounds that wouldn’t go away. In the process of trying to loose it, I just got so frustraited (keep in mind this has been building for the last few months) that I gave up and took a break. It was then in my act of desperation that I was hit with a brilliant idea.
Well, let’s not call it brilliant just yet. I’ll need to see what the end results are before I can call it anything.
You know how they tell you that when you hit a plateau, to eat a little more than normal in order to throw your body off and it won’t know what to do? So, when you do start eating right again and whatever else, it helps you break through the plateau? Well, that never worked for me. I just continued to stay at the same place week after week after week.
Cue genius moment.

I was thinking, maybe I would throw my body so off kilter that it’ll have no choice but to move off the plateau.  So, for the last two weeks, I haven’t done anything. No running (except reading, dreaming or thinking about it). No yoga, even at times I felt I needed a nice stretch. No lifting weights or squats. I didn’t step on the scale, I didn’t log into and I didn’t put one article of dry wicking clothing on. Part of my evil genius plan was to even make it a point to gain 5 pounds.
Crazy, right?
Or bloody brilliant.
The only way to loose something, is to gain something first. I had nachos every day for two weeks, I had cream cheese frosting on my pancakes, I ate and ate…I ate like a wretched champ.

Somewhere along the line, I forgot that I would have to stop at some point and get back on track. I failed at that. I failed at not meeting my original goal. However, I agree with the MythBusters; Failure is always an option.

If you fail, then you finally know when you can start over and try again. Henry said it best.


Today marks the end of phase 1 in my expeirment. No more being the type that I tend to criticize in my head. You know, the ones who don’t even try. The ones that might complain about being overweight but never do anything about it. Well, according to the scale this morning, I’m back into the “overweight” category at 166.

But I’m going to do something about it.

I dusted off the cobwebs from my MyFitnessPal app, so I’ll be starting that first thing tomorrow. I also spent about 2 hours creating my training calendar for the next few months. The picture below takes me 13 weeks in, up to the first week in February, but overall I have things “loosely” scheduled into July…because there are a few Half’s that might start to look promising. I only say loosely, because I don’t want to jump the gun with my knee.


I’m starting over, 1 mile at a time. It might take 13 weeks to reach the highest mileage of 6 miles, but again….sometimes you got to start from the begining to get to where you were. If it takes me 26 weeks for a half marathon, I’m ok with that too. I prefer to ease into things if I have too with my knee and not overdue it. I got tired of sidelining it for most of 2013. 

As I said, I was 166. That means I gained 6 pounds. I’m still ok with that…it was my idea, remember? I’ll loose the six and hopefully, the last ten to go with it. I lost more than that before (50lbs) so when you have a new starting goal to loose, 16 pounds doesn’t seem as traumatic. It’ll be easy, right?


Let’s just hope this expeirment has a good end result. It’s real science here at work, people. I got a hypotesis and its time to experiment….please just let me reach the right conclusion.


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I like the idea of a possible half in your 26 week future 😀 here’s to good things!

Comment by Runningfromitall

Sometimes starting fresh is good. Looking forward to seeing how your journey progresses. You can do it!

Comment by jackieoutrunning

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