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This has nothing to do with running but its just as important…


Other than in December of next year, 11/12/13 will be the last year with a sequential date pattern for the next 100 years. Another significant fact of 11/12/13, is when I got married. Long story short, I was with A (my husband!) for a little less than 7 years when he proposed (2012). I never expected that to happen because of prior conversations and his thoughts on marriage. Apart of me was ok with it…apart of me didn’t like it. When he proposed on Christmas day, I never even suspected (or expected!!) it. We didn’t plan a date right away….a month later and we still didn’t have a date set. Six months later, no date. Finally, in September, I asked A if he had a date in mind or even thought about it. On a whim, he said, “Let’s do it this year.” WHAT? This year would be over in 3 months!! I did some quick calculations and agreed. I told him that September was off limits because its his birthday month and there was no time to plan anything in 2 weeks. Even the smallest of things, couldn’t be planned then. I told him December was out of question, because its my birthday and I already get shafted enough on the birthday. That left October and November. I told him I preferred November and he at first, picked 11/11 (you know, 11:11 make a wish), but it was his (now my) brother in law’s birthday and also veterans days. He then said 11/12/13, “It’s a date I won’t forget,” he said.  After that, the mad dash to get everything ready was in effect.

I got the dress I had my heart set on within 3 days of searching (Justin Alexander’s 8650). It pays to have the exact dress that you want in mind…and it pays even more to have friends that are all the more willing to call around to see what bridal shop had my exact dress on hand. was easy enough to make invitations to be sent out a week or two later. Appointments were made and everything was set.

When we were first engaged, we were discussing where to have out wedding, who to invite, what was our budget, etc. It got stressful and we didn’t even have a date picked out. A and I, are not fancy people. We’re not big on attention and kind of modest. In the end we both agreed to just have it a small ceremony at the County office with 18 of our closest friends/family and then go to dinner that evening at a local restaurant. Other than my dress (that my mom paid for) the most expensive item was dinner for everyone. If I had to guesstimate, I would say that out of pocket (not including my dress) we probably spent a total of $1,300, plus or minus $100-$200. We’re also not doing a honeymoon anytime soon, only because A might be getting laid off for the season (Electricians have it slow in the winter), so we don’t want to blow a bunch of money, only to have him laid off a week or two later. Although we’re “young,” we plan ahead.

When people first found out that we were getting married, they asked what venue it would be held at. I felt kind of awkward telling them the County Clerk office, only because it didn’t compare to their fancy extravagant venues and a few people gave the silent “Oh, that’s unfortunate” expressions. When they heard we were not going on a honeymoon, they would ask, “Since you’re not having a big fancy wedding, you must have one heck of a honeymoon planned!” I just shook my head and said….”I have the week off from work, but A will still be working.” They asked where I would be going to get my hair and makeup done….I shrugged and said that I was doing it myself. They wanted to know if I got some “blinged out” wedding ring. I told them I picked out a just a silver band, because I didn’t want it to take away from the simplicity of my engagement ring that A picked out himself…The ring that I cherish.

They basically asked me all the stereotypical wedding plans and all of my answers were all going against the grain. All in all, some questions regarding my wedding day just seemed a little awkward and for a moment or two, made me feel…..poor. HA. However, at the end of the night, as long as A and myself were happy with our decisions…that’s all that mattered.

Yesterday was 11/12/13.

Yesterday was my wedding day….

And yesterday, I couldn’t have been more happier!

We woke up to the sound of rain. Contrary to popular myth, its actually good luck to have it rain on your wedding day. I took this as a good sign. A went and did his own thing (Starbucks, Home Depot, Supercuts) and I did some laundry, went to the store to get a hair clip and the supermarket to make my own $10 flower bouquet.
The reason there are two bouquets, is because I originally made the white one and….wait for it….left it at home! So, i didn’t have one for the ceremony, but my friend E ran to the store after and the roses for some picture. That’s why I went from no bouquets to two bouquets.

My sister arrived around 10 and I made breakfast sandwiches, with my breakfast sandwich maker that I got at my Bridal Shower. Best invention ever! We then went to it. My sister attempted to curl my hair while I did my makeup. I only say she attempted to curl my hair, because my hair is so thick that no matter how much product you put in my hair and no matter how long you hold the curling iron in, within 10 minutes, all the curls loosen and its just straight hair again. ::shrugs:: Oh well.

My parents arrived at noon and both A and I started to get dressed. The only thing I made sure of, is that A never saw my dress. When we were finally ready to leave the house, I put on a jacket so he wouldn’t see it (he could see the bottom, but I wouldn’t let him see the top).

That’s my dad…..he wasn’t really allowed to see my dress either, but later when I went outside, before the ceremony, he saw it when I was airing out my armpits. I got hot. It turned out to be a gorgeous 75℉ day. Dresses and jackets are sweat makers.

We got to the County Office at 1:30 and filled out all our necessary paperwork and paid the fees. All of our guests starting trickling in and at 2pm, it was time for our ceremony!

Up at the “alter” it was just me and A. No bridesmaids or groomsmen. Just me and my soon to be husband. We exchanged our vows, our rings, kissed and we were hitched!!! A wont admit it, but he did get teary eyed while he was saying his portion. He said it must have been something that got in his eye, because he wasn’t getting emotional. <3. We did a few photos inside the ceremony room but then moved out to the little park across the street.

It was also this time, that a reporter for our county newspaper was there and wanted to take pictures of us too. The newspaper was doing an article for people tying the not on 11/12/13 and it just so happened that he picked us to be photographed. People can have $50,000+ weddings, but they may not get their photo in the newspaper!!

Our dinner reservations were not for another hour, so we invited everyone back to our house to just hang out. We took a few more photos.

I guess this is the only part that is relevant to running since I have my RunDisney New Balance shoes on.
They are a lot more comfy than heels, that’s for dang’ed sure.

Since I showed my dad, here’s my mom and sister too. I have all the other families (new in laws) but not saved on my phone yet. I didn’t get a lot of pictures myself and only my sister uploaded some yet. I still have like 500 candids to get from people.)

Some of you might know my sister, J, from her blog.

It was time to go to dinner and this was the most exciting part! They just opened up a fancy new BBQ place (AND ITS REALLY TASTEY!) at the mall. I made reservations and requested the patio. Since it was still early, no one else really was seated at the patio, so it was like it was just all for us. Yes, I did wear my wedding dress to the restaurant and yes, I managed to not get any BBQ sauce or any other food on my dress. I impressed myself with that.

It was soon time to call it a night. We all said our goodbyes and went our separate ways. A and I got back home, opened a few wedding presents and I think A was asleep by 7:45pm. Poor guy. He had a busy day. I couldn’t sleep, as I guess I was still excited about being a wife. I couldn’t stop refreshing Facebook to see all my photos that everyone uploaded!

Oh and when I woke up, I even seen that New Balance retweeted me!!!

Good times…..great times….BEST TIMES!


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Congratulations!!! That dress is gorgeous and you look radiant. So happy for you!!!

Comment by Brandi

Thanks Brandi!

Comment by Attempted Runner


I love that your wedding reflected the two of you. My husband and I went simple too, and I don’t regret it one bit.

You look lovely… and happy! I wish you both all the best!

Comment by Pandora Viltis

Thanks. I wouldn’t change any of it. Except maybe my shoe choice. By the end of the night I had a eater blister.

Comment by Attempted Runner

Congratulations! you both look wonderful and your dress is pretty 🙂

Comment by Cheryl


Comment by Attempted Runner

You looked beautiful, and the day was perfect. Some focus more or their wedding day then they do on the marriage. You two already do what makes you happy, so you’re on the right path. I’m happy for you both. Xoxo.

Comment by Runningfromitall

Congratulations! It looks like it was an amazing day!

Comment by Falyn @ Slacker Runner

Thanks. It was.

Comment by Attempted Runner

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Congrats, you look beautiful…I love your dress! I love your picture in your running shoes!

Comment by runnergirl44

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