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Race Recap: Brazen Racing Diablo Trails Adventure


On November 27, 2011, I volunteered at Brazen Racing’s Diablo Trails Adventure. Around 5:30am that morning, I was helping set up things and then at 7am I hiked out 3-4 miles through mud, streams, rocky terrain and up/down hills….in rain boots to be a course director at one of the intersections. The half marathoners didn’t start until 8am and wouldn’t reach me until 8:30am. I was freezing cold (it was probably 35 degrees and on the verge of rain), but I held my position out in the middle of no where in my uncomfortable/unsupportive rain boots for 4 hours to point everyone in the right direction. After the last half marathon runner ran passed, I retraced my steps over those 3-4 miles back to the staging areas. My feet were killing me, my fingers were numb and if I had to do it all over again, I would.

However, this year……this year I didn’t have too since I was running, not volunteering.

Fast forward to early Saturday morning, J picked up my bib and tech tee from Forward Motion sports, so we didn’t have to worry about that the morning of the race. I got the tech tee this year because I originally thought it was going to have a Indiana Jones theme and my other Diablo Trails Adventure (DTA) shirt was a tech, so I wanted to keep up the tradition. However, they tricked me and rather than the Indiana Jones theme like the website showed, it was more monarch-y.


I didn’t mind all that much as the butterfly wings on the back are cute, but I really was hoping for Indiana Jones! Ha. Anyway, I did a few errands and that evening was my bridal shower. Which was catered by……

wait for it…..


It was amazing! I ended up having like 3 helpings. Hey…I needed to fuel up  my DTA run the next morning. I need energy for the hills! This brilliant idea of Chipotle at my bridal shower was all thanks to J. She was the master mind behind organizing my shower and I adored every bit of it from Chipotle all the way down to the messages in a bottle (it was nautical themed). After bridal shower shenanigans, I didn’t get home until 8:30 and I was ready for bed. I wasn’t able to do my pre-run yoga ritual to loosen up, but at least I got an extra hour of sleep due to the time change.


Now its Race Day Sunday!! I was having a runners problem of debating on wearing capris or shorts. It was 40 degrees and I didn’t want to be too cold, but I didn’t want to get too hot during my race. While I was waiting for J to arrive and debating on what to wear, I made waffles. One of the bridal shower gifts I got was a waffle maker and I don’t know how I lived without one. Its so easy to make! Way easier than making pancakes!! J arrived and I tossed on a pair of shorts, my ear warmer headband and my cold gear jacket and headed out the door.


It was cold, but I took advantage of the sun. Here is a little Attempted Runner’s Riddle for you: It’s 40 degrees outside and I have to wait at least an hour until my race starts in a pair of shorts….I don’t complain about being cold. One mile into the run, I take off the long sleeves to expose the tank top underneath and remove the ear warmer headband thing because I got too hot in the 45 degree weather. Four hours later, I’m inside at 70 degrees with the heater on wearing sweat pants, a sweatshirt and under a fleece blanket and I complain about being cold.  How does this make sense?

As I’m waiting for my 5k to start, the Half Marathoners are lining up and I walk over to take a picture of them.


I then notice, that the guy in maroon on the left has impeccable quadriceps….(click the picture to zoom in…you’ll see them.)

 Then I notice that he looks awfully familiar…

I get a little nervous…..

Then I glance at his bib…

Then I got a lot of nervous…

It was Dr. Awesome.

For those that don’t know who Dr. Awesome is, click the link above or just know that he is my running idol….and my boss. I didn’t get nervous because my boss was there and everyone knows that running into your boss outside of work is just horrible! Except its not with him, since I’ve run into him before at the store……I got nervous because the pressure was on. I had to do well because I couldn’t let Dr. Awesome beat me. Yes, he was running the half marathon and I was only doing the 5k. Yes, he did get a 40 minute head start, but you don’t understand. He’s fast! and he always says that he wants to race me, for fun, to see who comes in first. However, this race he wants to run is me doing a 5k and him doing a 10k…with me having a head start.

I walked over to say hi (because I’m not rude) and gave him the double thumbs up before they took off. I then mentally had to find my zone again. I got distracted and he totally threw me for a loop. He’s not suppose to run the same races as me! Its too much pressure! hahaha. Anyway, while the 10k’ers did their start I was doing a few stretches. I could really tell that I didn’t do my night before yoga ritual, as everything felt tight. Finally, Sam announced that the 5k runners can line up at the starting corrals.

The first mile was uphill and I ran most of it. I passed J, as she stopped on the hill to walk and I kept going. I’ve never passed J in a race (except two races when she was injured) so I thought I had it in the bag! Then it leveled out to a flat surface and J passed me. Dang..

I was doing fairly ok, but still walked for 1/10th of a mile just because, like the previous 3950983405 runs I’ve done, I don’t want to put too much stress on my stupid knee right off the bat. I also took this walking opportunity to take off my cold gear jacket and my ear warmer thing. I just should start doing bag check because I always end up taking off my jacket and stuff anyway. It slows me down.

I reached the first water station and ran again. I ran over rocks and through dried up creek beds. Normally, the creeks have water flowing but this year we lucked out. Probably because I was running, since I have yet to run a muddy trail run (naturally muddy and not because its a “mud run”) or run in the rain. The muddy rain gods are plotting against me! I bobbed and weaved through horse poop and soon enough it was the turn around point. On the way back, I got some water again and then did a few calculations and realized that Dr. Awesome could be running behind me any minute now.

I “picked up the pace.” <—HAHA. I felt like I picked up the pace, but looking at my mile times… I didn’t.  Every time I had some one clodhopping behind me, I thought it was Dr. Awesome. He probably runs gracefully though or stealth-like, similar to ninjas. I didn’t look back! I couldn’t. I was afraid he was creeping up on me. I just kept going. I walked when I had too or when I decided it was best because of my knee or the terrain. I just kept on waiting for him to pat me on the back as he passes by telling me that the “race is on!”

It was a little relief that my knee was still doing well, so I could at least make some good ground coverage without having to walk as much. I got to 2.5 miles before I started to feel some small pain, but it nothing that made me stop. The last downhill, I did walk since I was feeling the twinges a pain a little more on the downs. It flattened out to the last 0.2 miles and I was determined to not stop until I crossed the finish line

I kept my pace, tried to regulate my breathing so I wouldn’t stop and crossed my fingers that Dr. Awesome wasn’t behind me. As I got maybe 300 ft. from the finish line, someone is coming up behind me and I hear, “Come on! We got this!” Panic set in….HE WAS GOING TO BEAT ME! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! Dr. AWESOME IS GOING TO BEAT ME!! I glanced slightly over my shoulder and just saw white shorts.

Dr. Awesome was wearing white shorts.

CRAP! I yelled out, “COME ON! LETS GO!” and if I was in a car, I would say that I floored it! I went from a nice smooth 3.8 mph jog to a 6.4mph run! Talk about motivation! I did cross the line first….I think and looked over to give Dr. Awesome a high five…only to realize that it wasn’t Dr. Awesome. It was just some other random runner who looked NOTHING like Dr. Awesome.

HAHAHA. Phew! That was a close one.

After getting my pretty medal (see first photo above), I met up with J and since  I never saw Dr. Awesome run a race before, it was a little fun to see him finish. So, we waited around at the finish line for Dr. Awesome.


Who came in 23 minutes later. 

I have to say, considering this was on Mt. Diablo, I was pretty happy with my time. I wasn’t at my ALWAYS goal of under 39:59, but considering the hills and taking it easy because of my knee, I think I did exceptionally well (considering the last three months of runs that I have been doing).  I managed to keep my mile times pretty consistent which I never do. My mile times are usually 12, 14, 15, minutes but this time I ranged between 13:24-13:27.


I finished in 41:48.

After everything was all said and done (getting hot apple cider, telling Dr. Awesome that his Cross Country kids that he coaches did well…..well as in that the first 12 overall finishers for the 5k were all his kids), J and I went over to Lucille’s for some BBQ.

imageI’ve decided that after this weekend…I need to not eat food. I’ve had way too much over the last week. Get my food back on track and get my training underway for week three and bah-da-bing! I don’t know what I’m bah-da-binging about but it sounded good at the time.

My knee is hurting a little bit now, so I’ll foam roll and cry and hold back my vomit because what else is the foam roller good for besides inducing tears/vomit?

Until my next race recap (on Thanksgiving day) or mid next week, which ever comes first (hahaha)….



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I’m so happy your enjoyed your shower 🙂 great job today!

Comment by Runningfromitall

Great race report! I ran the 10k (I ran well and was happy with my time), didn’t bump into you though. I’ll be sure to say hi if I see you out there next time.

Comment by Big D

I looked around and saw a few people that I thought was you, but bib names were not even close. You probably passed me running back though. 😀

Comment by Attempted Runner

I’ll be at Nitro Turkey 5k on Thanksgiving Day with my son and wife. My wife is going to actually RUN, while I am going to line up at the back with my son (he’s 3). I’ll probably push an empty stroller just in case he decides to sit down in protest at mile 2.5 (I checked with Sam and he was cool with me having a stroller on the course). My expectation is that he and I will finish DFL but I’m cool with that – although it will screw up my RPI on Athlinks 😦 I asked him if he would rather run the Little Turkeys Race, but he said no and made it very clear that he wanted to do the “big boy” race.

As always I’ll have the shamrock hat on.

Your blog is great, keep up the good work. Oh, and congratulations on your upcoming nuptials!

Comment by Big D

I’ll most likely be in back too. I like to start there cause I can at least pass someone. Hahaha. DFL is better than DNS right? And you don’t have to link it….but if you do, mark it an A since it’s with your little one.

Comment by Attempted Runner

I’ve always thought the volunteers have a way harder time than the runners. Congrats on your time and the knee keeping up!

Comment by Brandi

Volunteers have to wake up way earlier. That’s for sure.

Comment by Attempted Runner

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