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I slept until 9am….on a Saturday!!
10.26.13, 22:08
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After last week’s, Let’s Go 510! run I just felt the need to not do anything. Maybe I was getting burnt out or a lot of bummed out because my running wasn’t going how I hoped it would. Rather than push through and conitnue to do workouts, I didn’t do a thing….
My thought process: if I’m already running low on motivation and push myself, I’ll just hit the breaking point and loose all motivation what’s so ever and not want to do it again…ever. That wouldn’t be good. OR, If I’m running low and take a break from it. Be able to chill out and relax, then my motivation to not be lazy would build back up.

I started my training break on Sunday. When I say break, I should really say vacation because when you go on vacation you (or just me) tend to not excercise, not count calories, not blog, not step on the scale, just have fun without a care in the world. That is exactly what I did.

Sunday, I met my mom at BJ’s Brewhouse for an early lunch before seeing the seemstress to do alterations on my fancy wedding dress. After, I went shopping with mom. Taught her how to get the better deal our of some products until she refused to buy the 24 pack of Kleenex boxes. Hello!! It’s flu season and you work with kids who get sick regularly! Don’t be surprised when I say, “I told you so,” as youre in the checkout like buying more kleenexes. After those shanagins, I went to dinner with A, to eat at Lucilles BBQ. I ordered the ribs and ate them like no one was watching. I haven’t done that since I was maybe 12. Who needs napkins when their on “vacation.” Besides, I’m getting married in about 2 weeks so why do I need to impress anyone? So, with my bbq’ed smeared face and double the servings of garlic mashed potaotes, I ate on.

It was magical.

Monday was back to work and that takes the fun out of everything. But coming home and just plopping down on the sofa and being able to read my book without having anything else to do was nice.

Tuesday – repeat.

Wednesday – repeat. Except I stopped at Sports Authority Elite on the way home and returned some Under Armour capris. Yes, I said return. After thinking about it, I don’t wear capris much anymore since I found my nitch with shorts and when I would wear pants, I already have plenty to choose from. I guess the $46 was more important (please note, I ended up spending $14 later on a pair of Tek Gear shorts…those, I can justify). Another thing that is important, is when you are not watching calories and you have a craving for something just go ahaead and satisfy those cravings. Yes, I did. I’ve been craving corn dogs, but having to be GF it’s not as easy to find GF corn dogs and when you do, they don’t taste right. Well, give me some GF flour, corn meal, hot dogs and a deep fryer and BAM!! Fried perfection….except they were not perfect in appearance. They looked like corn blobs instead of corn dogs, but they satisifed my craving none the less. I think I ate a whole can of chili and three corn blobs. Two for lunch the next day. Hey, don’t judge…I’m on vacation.


Thursday – After work I plopped down again on the sofa since I was almost done with the book I started ealier in the week, why not finish it? Well, A called and said he had to work OT. I immediately put my book down and got out my laptop. I watched the last two episodes of S.O.A. I normally watch it on my laptop while on the treadmill, but I havent don’t that all week so I was falling behind.

Friday – I was making progress with Breaking Bad, started The Walking Dead and finished my book…then got off work (ha. In my defense, if my boss ever saw this: 1. We have WiFi, I can’t help it Netflix has an app. 2. Clearly, I can still work and watch tv at the same time….:::raises left eyebrow::: clearly. 3. I deserve it after all I do for you). Well, after sitting around all day, hardly working working hard….I was feeling a little stiff in the joints. A was working OT again, so I pulled out my yoga mat and went at it. Voluntarily. I even had a yoga partner with me this session. He’s not so good at holding his balance though. Not yet anyway.


The yoga helped. I had bones and joints popping and cracking as I was doing some moves, but it all felt good. Just to loosen up after my long, exhausting week of doing….nothing….and eating everything.

Saturday (today) –  Normally, this would be the post of my long run Saturday recap. However, no run took place today. Again, A had to work OT, so with him gone, no alarm set and the pups already fed, I had no reason to be up at my normal time (5:30-6:30am, 7:30 the latest). I slept untill 9 am! On a Saturday! I haven’t done that since……well, shoot. I don’t even know. A few months at least. I don’t even sleep that late on rest day Sundays. I finally got up and made banana panackes. Realized, bananas are not suppose to be warm. I didn’t like it all that much, but ate it anyway. ::shrugs:: I like pancakes.
As I was eating my breakfast and starting a new book, I got the urge to run. My vacation seems to be working. I feel I’m getting that antsy feeling and wanting to work out. I didn’t run though.
What? I just ate pancakes and didn’t feel like vomiting banana. I did clean the house though and that’s a workout all in itself. Did a few errands and then played on Google. If A asks what I did all day….I cleaned and did reasearch. When he got home from work, he requested that I accompany him to Red Robin. Egg burgers. ’nuff said.

I did weigh myself this morning to see what the damage was and I wasn’t surpirsed. The scale didn’t move. Eating three corndogs, ribs, nachos (a few times), cheetos and whatever else I managed to stuff my face with is no different than me sticking to my calories and working out 6 days a week. I’m not complaining.

Tomorrow, is my last vacation day. Monday marks the start my half marathon training, unless my knee doesn’t get any better then it’s just going to be kept at a 10k maximum training. Anyway, tomorrow I go to pick up my dress and head to a BBQ. With gluten intolerance people, bbq’s and pot lucks are not fun because 10 to 1, something has gluten in it. You just end up hanging out at the veggie tray area (without dip!!) because it’s the only non contaminated food. Well,I’m in luck. M went GF (for thyroid, I think) so that means my last vacation day, might just be pretty damn epic.


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Hi! I’ve enjoyed reading your posts so I’ve nominated you for an award on my blog: 🙂

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Ahhh! Thanks Paul! I’ll get to responding soon enough!

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