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Race Recap: Let’s Go 510! – The East Bay’s 10k.


This past Saturday was the inaugural Let’s Go 510! – East Bay’s 10k, which is apart of Represent Running’s Run the Bay Challenge.

Note: For those not in the Bay Area or in the States, that’s Five Ten (area code) and not Five Hundred and Ten.

  J and I have a rule that if it’s the first every race put on by a company, who isn’t a big name race company (i.e. RunDisney, NWM) we won’t sign up. We’ve done “inaugural” races before from smaller companies and they just aren’t all that’s cracked up to be. They are not set up well and seem very uncoordinated (i.e.. no water stops, courses not clearly marked out or glass shards lining the course), so we just avoid them until they can work out the kinks. However, this wasn’t the case for Let’s Go 510! only because they joined forces with Brazen Racing! If you’ve been reading my blog for at least the last few months, then you know most of the race events I participate in are with Brazen Racing. For a small local company, Brazen has it down solid. I do not think I have had ANY complains in any of the runs I’ve done with them. Brazen is fantastic, thus leading to me not having any problems signing up with Let’s Go 510!.

So, I woke up early on Saturday because it was race day and everyone knows that means you got to get up at the buttcrack of dawn. Well, Let’s go 510! didn’t go with the norm and the race started at 10am. That meant that I was able to go back to sleep for a little bit longer. I didn’t have to get up until 7am…..ON RACE DAY! I KNOW, RIGHT!

After getting ready, I left my house at 8:15 and as I get onto the freeway, I look down and I FORGOT GARFIELD (my Garmin). I got off the freeway and went straight home. I’m not like the naked runners and I need at least 4 things when I run:

  1. Sunglasses
  2. Ipod
  3. Garfield
  4. Water

I get Garfield and get back into the car. It’s now 8:30 and I still have time to make it before the race starts. I hit the Caldecott Tunnel and there’s traffic.  There typically is traffic in the morning because they close the middle tunnel but this was not normal Saturday morning traffic. I started to get a little anxious but knew I would still have some time left as long as there were no other traffic jams (580/880/Bay Bridge interchanges!). Once I got through the tunnel, I forgot how close Berkeley is and without traffic, I pretty much would have made it there in 25 minutes. I guess 40 minutes was as bad.

I arrived at Golden Gate Fields (A horse racing track), parked my car and called J and T. I let them know that I was going to the registration tables to swap out my race t-shirt. I thought I had J originally select a women’s cut XL when she registered me but got a large. The large fits, I’m not fond of tight-fitting clothes (excluding running attire of course). IT was not biggie, I’ve swapped shirts out before and it was no problem. As I was going to swap the women’s L for the XL, I saw that the men’s T’s were a darker green so I grabbed a medium in one of those instead. After doing the t-shirt shuffle, I went over to hang out with J and T until it was time to run.  J took the ritual pre-race photo of me….in my tight-fitting running clothes. Ha.

yellowAs mentioned, Let’s Go 510! was at the Horse track so obviously they had the horse racing theme throughout. They way they had the corral set up was fun because we got to go through the horses starting gates.


When I was walking through the gates, I was trying to embrace the spirit of the race horse hoping that it’ll give me the speed of the winning horses.


After staging gate fun, we hung out in the corral waiting for the festivities to begin. Sam the Race Director did the pre running announcements and said that 4 of the Jockey’s were also running with us. Since the Jockey’s were racing a little later they were only going to be doing a 5k and to not follow them…unless we wanted an excellent 10k time, I say. I thought it was neat that the Jockey’s participated as well.


10 o’clock finally arrived and I must say, running at 10 is a little weird. I’m use to being done well before 10am. It does get a little hot by 10 but luckily it was along the bay so there was a nice breeze at points. Jasmin (the other Race Director) sounded off the horn and we started running. The first 300 yards or so was in the parking lot but then we had to go up a hill. I ran up the hill without stopping but worried a little bit on the down because of my knee, but was able to make it all the way down without any problems. I ran the full first mile.

Earlier in the morning, I was excited to participate in history by running the first Let’s Go 510! run but by mile 2, that was no longer the case. I don’t know what happened but all of a sudden my legs felt heavy, I felt heavy and I just didn’t want to run anymore. I had the “Why did I sign up for this? I don’t want to do this. This is dumb” thoughts running through me. Lately, it hasn’t been the first time I had those thoughts and its a little disturbing, but Hey…at least something was running at that point. I made it to the turn that lead us into the park (2.5 miles) and there was a DJ playing some music for us. That was a little refreshing and gave me a small boost I needed.

At mile 3, I ended up forcing a Gu shot down. I remembered exactly why I DON’T use them. They are so gross. I’m most defiantly going back to my Cranberry Pay Day balls. I didn’t feel like I needed the Gu, but because it was a little hot and I had a lighter breakfast 3 hours earlier I didn’t want to get light-headed or anything. One lady already tripped and cut up her knees…We didn’t need another person passing out on the course.

Around mile 3.5 my knee started to  hurt. The bright side was that I was able to make it 3.5 miles before anything started to hurt. At least I have been able to run a little farther each time before it starts hurting. I stopped to slide my knee brace down to my ankle, thinking that maybe the brace was too much pressure on my knee or over correcting or something but .10 miles in, I realized it wasn’t the case and stopped to put it back on.

Mile 4 my knee started to hurt a lot more but I still ran (at least by the photographers). I reached the second water stop and a few Raider fans were out there cheering us on with Eye of the Tiger playing. I think they were the 66th Mob or something – it’s what their banner said. I don’t know who the 66th Mob are but they were fun, none the less.

At mile 5, my knee forced me to walk, so I did. When I reached miles 5.5, I probably should have kept walking but I ran. How can you not run when you you’re so close to the finish and also pass one of these signs? I wasn’t giving blood, so I had to run.


I started walking again and finally made it to 6 miles. This was when we got onto the ACTUAL horse race track and I felt obligated to run. Horses don’t walk on tracks during a race, and neither was this Clydesdale. Although, I was tired and my knee was hurting I ran the last .2 miles. I even passed someone! It was neat running on the track because its one of those once in a life time type opportunities (unless they do it every year at the Let’s Go 510! run) and the track itself is a weird surface. Its made of something called, Tapeta. J said that its made of ground up tires or something. Apparently its a lot safer for both the Jockey’s and horses and can save lives in case of an accident.


Ahhh…I stepped in Horse track.

The entire course had all different types of surfaces. I ran on gravel in the parking lot, asphalt, dirt, paved trail, unpaved trail and tapeta. When I was done, I was tired. I don’t know if all the terrain changes had to do anything with it, my mile 2 breakdown or my knee but it did feel tough. I finished in 1:25:12, not my fastest but not my slowest either; I still finished.

After meeting up with J and T again, we hung out briefly at the post race festival and got our goodies (I got more water/sports drink, a banana, ruffles and some ice cream that I didn’t finish). We watched the kids race, they’re so cute! and hung out a little longer for the actual horse races. I’ve never been to a horse race before and now that I have…it’s actually kinda boring. HA. It’s nothing like it was in Pretty Woman. Now that I think about it, it wouldn’t have been like Pretty Woman either because I think that was Polo. :::shrugs::: oh well…it wasn’t as fun as I thought.


I did watch two races and then by that time, we all were hungry (for real food rather than snacks) so we went to Chipotle like we do after ever race…

Traditions never die.

After lunch, it was time that J, T and I parted ways. Due to these stupid BART strikes there was soooooo much traffic . It was ridiculous. I could have sat in traffic for 1.5 hours (at the 880/580 interchange followed by the Caldecott tunnel traffic), I could have gone the long way to Highway 4 and add 20 miles onto my drive or I could have cut through town. Since most of my Senior Year was spent in Berkeley, cutting through town won out. It was a genius move on my part because I made it home in 45 minutes and that was just because I had some stop lights. I’ll take stop lights over 1.5 hour traffic jams any day. By the time I got home, I was pooped and ready for bed but I had some other errands that needed to be accomplished.

Today, I woke up thinking I was going to be sore because like I said, it was a tough 10k. However, I woke up and my knee wasn’t hurting. It still acts up and hurts during runs but it seems that its taking longer to start to hurt and quicker to stop hurting. That’s a plus. Overall, when all is said and done, I’m glad that I did the run. As Sam said yesterday morning….

We’re the original Five and Dimers.


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I’m excited that you’re knee is not hurting today. That’s great! Especially followed by taking longer to feel any pain during the run yesterday. As for not feeling it and questioning it lately, maybe you’re just feeling a little bit of “runners burn out.” You’ve struggled with injuries all year, still upping your training whenever possible, doing group runs, and signing up for more races – especially in recent months. Maybe take the next 2 weeks off and take a break before the next race. Maybe if you did, by the end of the two weeks you will miss it, and be excited to run again.

Comment by Runningfromitall

Great race report. I seriously considered running this race but thought better of it because I ran a marathon the Saturday before. Turns out it was the right decision because I went out for a quick three miler and had to limp home.

I agree on the whole inaugural event thing – except when it’s a Brazen event, of course. At this point I think Sam and Jasmine could knock out an awesome event in their sleep.

I running a bunch of Brazen races over the next few months so I’ll be sure to say hi if I run into you. Diablo is next on my calendar.

Comment by Big D

Was this the first full or now your second? Congrats either way. That’s a feat all in itself.
Yea, I pretty much adore Brazen but I don’t need to tell you anything about this. I’ll be at Diablo, Nitro and Quarry for sure (already registered) and debating on Summit rock, and both new years eve/day. I’m usually at 80% of their races. We’ll “run” into each other eventually.

Comment by Attempted Runner

It was marathon #1, awesome experience and I can’t wait for the next one. I’m sort of between training cycles at the moment but I’ll begin training for the Napa Valley Marathon in early December. I love that the Brazen races are so low key and that everyone is so cool. We’re definitely spoiled with them.

In addition to Diablo (10k) I’ll be at Nitro Turkey (5k) with my three year old son. He’s so excited to do it and I can’t wait to do it with him. I’m doing the Walnut Creek Half Marathon, which I think is in mid December. Then I’m wrapping 2013 up with Brazen NYE and NYD (doing the half for both of them). Not sure how my legs will like doing half marathons so close together. We’ll find out for sure.

Anyhow, I always wear my lucky hat at races – white Brooks hat with a green shamrock on the front – so I’m easy to spot.

Comment by Big D

Wow so many different running surfaces, I think that might mess me up a little and yet…how cool to run on the race track! Sounds like it was a tough day, but congrats!

Comment by Amanda - RunToTheFinish

“but I still ran (at least by the photographers)” -LOL…I do that too. Sorry for the hurting knee!!!!

Comment by Brandi

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