Attempted Runner.

I think my tea has narcotics in it.

I don’t drink tea very often, but when I do…I think its laced with some sort of narcotic.  The last few days I’ve been having troubles falling asleep and its taking me anywhere from 1-3 hours to fall asleep. Unlike me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m tired and totally willing to fall asleep,  I just can’t. Well, rather than taking dose after dose of ZzzQuil, I opted for the more “natural” route and went from Celestials Sleepytime Peach tea.


I’ve never tried any of their sleepytime tea’s so I don’t what it does, but the first night I drank the tea, I don’t really remember the rest. It’s safe to say that I fell asleep, quickly. The second night, I drank it around 7pm. By 7:30, my eyes felt heavy and I was ready for bed. I fell asleep by 8:30. Well, since I do like to go to bed early (You would think I’m 75 years old) and its been colder lately, I decided to have another cuppa before going to bed tonight.  

I now am fully convinced that the box that I picked had a little something extra that’s not listed in the ingredients list. Within 5 minutes of taking two sips my head got fuzzy, my eyes are heavy, my arms feel wobbly and I’m having troubles holding my tea cup – This could be from the Kettlebell workout though.

I feel completely drunk, but completely relaxed and ready to doze off.

Is this normal?

Anyone else try the sleepytime tea and have this same feeling?


Lets just hope that I don’t grab the wrong box one day when I’m no where close to it being bed time.


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Yep. I drink it. I like the honey vanilla one.

Comment by Runningfromitall

hmmm no bueno. This is why sometimes I like to just infuse my own leaves. However, some herbs are just natural depressants, like chamomile and marijuana and so on.

Comment by LotusSt.Lucia

Marijuana….lavender and chamomile….pretty much the same thing.

Comment by Attempted Runner

Yep, all depressants, they come in handy though.

Comment by LotusSt.Lucia

I f only I didn’t hate the taste of tea I’d be napping right now… And going to bed at 8:30pm is wonderful, especially after a good episode of Murder, She Wrote.

Comment by Nicole @ pink elephant on parade

No murder she wrote, by the line have included: Leave it to Beaver, Andy Griffith, Wonder Years, Mommas Family & Cheers. We’re on Fraizer now.

Comment by Attempted Runner

Frasier is the best show ever. Ever.

Comment by Nicole @ pink elephant on parade

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