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I rather would have been picked up by a murderer.
10.13.13, 10:38
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I ran 3.76 miles yesterday and I felt legendary!

….is what I hoped to write for this edition of my Saturday “long” run recap. However, there is only one truth to that, so really lets just start over.

I ran did 3.76 miles yesterday and I felt legendary.

After RnRSJ I felt decent. I still had Monday as a rest day and did the elliptical on Tuesday. Surprisingly, it wasn’t as difficult as I remembered it when I bought the stupid machine two (3?) years ago.  Wednesday and Thursday turned into slacker days. One by choice, because reading my book and having nachos (I know….I know…) was more exciting at the time and the other was because picking up my wedding dress was more important than doing a NTC workout. Friday I managed to squeeze in 1 hour of yoga to help loosen me up from all my laziness throughout the past week.

Come Saturday, part of me was happy to participate in the FF group run, even though there is nothing group about it since they all are the 7+ milers who finish in 1 hour. Within the first 1/4 mile, they’re long gone.

Another part of me just wanted to stay home and hang out like a bum.

J confirmed that she was still up for it, so I felt obligated. I have a new appreciation for shorts (just while running cause I won’t go out in public any other time in shorts) and despite it being 48°F, I still put on a new pair of C9 shorts, a tank top and my 70’s style tube (compression) socks. If my socks go up to my knees and my shorts mid thigh…it’s almost like I’m wearing pants…….

I grabbed my cold gear jacket and headed out. We got there and the group was larger than it has been and I found myself feeling more hppy to be there. Cold, but happy. After finding the magic GPS spot where Garfield connects in 2 seconds, it was 9:15 and everyone was ready to go. Like I said, these people are quick. One minute we start running, I look down to press play on my iPod, I look up and it’s just me and J. ::::shrugs:::: whatever.

The first mile felt tough. My legs felt heavy and didn’t want to work. I walked for a bit, but not long.  At 1.25, I was getting warm (thus my appreciation for shorts) and took off my cold gear and tried to continue on.

This is when I lost all motivation.

I’m trying to huff and puff along and my knee started to hurt. I walked briefly, it went away. I ran, it came back. I tried to ignore it but it decided to laugh in my face. I just wanted to stop, sit on the curb and wait for someone to pick me up. Even if it was a serial killer in one of them blacked out and/or windowless vans with a torcher chamber set up in the back, I wouldnt have minded because it meant I wouldnt of had to run anymore.

J was farther up so it’s not like it would have disrupted her run or anything. So, as I’m walking along waiting for a murderer to pick me up, one of our group run guys ran past. He asked if I was ok (he knows I’m having knee issues) and I lied and said I was fine. Two seconds later, he was far from sight. Telling you, these group runners are like cheetahs, they’re so fast. They dissapear with a quickness. I yelled to J to turn right at the light and I jogged just enough to make it to the light or try to catch up with J. I was almost at 2 miles (yes, I still didnt even make it to mile 2 yet) so I just tried to run as much as I could.

Finally hit two miles and walked again because soon enough there was a steep hill. I reached the base and just said screw it. I changed my stance and ran up the hill on the balls of my feet. I didn’t stop to walk. I made it to the top and thought my lungs were going to burst. I was dreading this moment because where there is an uphill, there is always a down. It’s probably obvious to say that I tried to run down, which turned to a jog then inevitably turned to a walk for the entire downgrade. J was close enough to hear the me yell the rest of the directions and then she turned into one of the group run cheetahs and I never saw her again.

I was left alone, in public, to finish my way back. I tried to run, because otherwise I just looked silly walking in running gear. I plastered a smile on my face but inside I was having a feeling of stupidity. Stupidity because I’m trying to run, when clearly I can’t. Nor want too.

I cop was driving by and I contemplated on doing something illegal so he can pick me up, but I just smiled and waved. I watched as he smiled back, nodded in response and kept driving along. I ran around the old couple who were walking to the farmers market. I danced to the left and right when trying to decipher which part of the path (road or  sidewalk) a man and his three dogs where going to be on. As he passed, I could have sworn he said “you’re amazing, good morning.” Strange….

The rest of the trip back I was trying to figure out what he said….

You’re amazing?

That didn’t seem right. I was either walking, or huffing and puffing through knee pain. Clearly nothing amazing there.

Maybe he said I was appraising. That didn’t make sense.

I knew I heard an “AM” sounding word. Maybe he said I was amerable or amlicable. Or maybe it was imbecile. Imbecile because I kinda yelled “Which way?!” at him while dancing.

I just couldnt figure out what he said. By the time I shrugged it off, I was back at fleet feet. 3.75 grueling miles later.

I stopped Garfield and man…I did horrible. Last week at RnR, still with knee pains, I did 5 miles in 65 minutes. Yesterday on my long run walk, I did 3.76 in 55 minutes. I wasn’t even close to RnRSJ.

I have a 10k next Saturday…wonder if it will be in 75 minutes or 95 minutes…..

After that embarrassing situation was over, I sat around while J got fitted for new shoes. We walked back down the street to go to a shop that didn’t have what I was looking for and then had to walk back to the car. My knee was still hurting but what can I do about it? At least the walk made it a total of 4 miles which was what my training plan said to do. So it’s something.

We left downtown to finish some other errands and I was feeling better mentally. Not sure if it was because I was in a warm car or because I wasn’t running. My cars was the closest thing I got to that murders vehcile, I was hoping for. You know, cause I’ve killed a lot of bugs in my day…just SPLAT all over the windshield and I just keep driving without looking back.

Today, my knees still hurt but it’s not preventing me from doing anything. Although I’m not going to do anything. I’ll foam roll a little later, but until then I’ll enjoy my French toast and cuddling with my boys. They keep me warm…..and safe from those pesky murderer vans.


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We all have runs that we suffer more than we should. The important thing is to just put it behind us and move. Good luck with your 10k next week!

Comment by PaulSmuts

Thanks Paul. Hopefully these bad runs will turn into good runs….or better yet, great runs!!

Comment by Attempted Runner

I still think you did great, you went in spite of everything and finished the run. And…I was keeping an eye on you for the most part to watch for murderous vehicles. Ha.

Comment by Runningfromitall

Running has been extra difficult for me lately, great job finishing and I hope the next one is much, much better! 🙂

Comment by runningtoherdreams

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