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Race Recap: Rock and Roll San Jose – Mini Marathon (5 miler)

After a busy day at work on Friday, I thought my evening would be the start of a relaxing weekend. Long story short and a little bit cryptic, something happened last week that I had no control over. We’ll call that X. Then a few days later another event happened. We’ll call that one Y. Well, my evening was going fairly well but then Y was brought up, X got tied in and all lead to a very upsetting and exhausitng Z sitaution. If x + y = Z, then it’s obvious that…..I hate math.

Anywho…because Z was still on my brain and it was bedtime, I was unable to go to sleep. I tried forgetting about it but wasn’t working. I grabbed my book for book club and tried to read that but I don’t really like the topic on it so It wasn’t helping. I grabbed my other book and read that for about 45 minutes. I finally went to bed but ended up waking up like 4727 times because my mom’s dog, that I’m watching this weekend, doesn’t know the rules at my house.

With a physically exhausting evening followed by the lack of sleep, Saturday was going to be a hoot.

Saturday – I decided to try and start my day off on a good note and made GF snickerdoodle pancakes. Apparently, I don’t know how to make a single serving of pancakes because I ending up having enough to last me for the entire work week.


It’s ok. I like my pancakes.

It was finally time to meet up with J and T and go to the Rock and Roll San Jose Half Marathon and mini marathon (5 miler) expo. We found parking at the most expensive lot there was and walked to the convention center. The expo was orangized well enough. As we entered, there were hardly anyway in line so it made getting my bib super easy. We moved along to the next station to get our shirts, gear bags and finally filtered into the vendor area.


There was a pretty decent area for Brooks and Sports authority. The other booths I didn’t care a whole lot about. All I got was some Nuun and KT tape at 15% off. I can never have enough KT tape.

We stayed at the expo for about an hour or so and then it was lunch time. Since we paid a million dollars for parking and were in the  downtown area, we decided to get our parking spots money’s worth by walking to the restaurant.

Although we get course maps and stuff, I still like to visually see where I’m at because it makes race day (parking, finding the corrals, etc.) a lot eaiser and fortunately for us, La Pinata was about 1/2 mile down and along the course. We found the finish line, walked a little more down and found the starting line and as we turned onto the street for La Pinata, we also found the area where the 5 milers split off from the half marathon group. I made sure to tell both J and T, to stick to the left as we ran down that street. That street has some fancy name for it, but I forgot what it was. It’s not important for me to remember since I’m only there once or twice a year.

After lunch of a taco salad, without the taco (restaurants should really invest in GF flour tortillas), we walked back to the parking garage only to find out that the main entrance, all side entrances and service elevators were locked, we had to walk up the entrance ramp to our car. Good thing we parked on the second floor. But really? For that much money, the parking lot should be giving away champeing and a chauffeur to our car.

We went to a few stores afterwards, as I’m now trying to find shoes to go with my wedding dress, then we all parted ways. I got home around 630 and was tired. I was suppose to do my training (yoga to stretch out before the run) but I wasn’t feeling it. By the time dinner hit, getting my gear ready for the run and all 7 different wardrobe changes … was time for bed.

The 7 wardrobe changes was because I couldn’t figure out what to wear. I get cold easily, so before and after the run I would be could but during I would be hot. I don’t like wearing jackets at the starting area, had nothing to toss and I don’t do bag checks. I just couldn’t decide. I already knew I was going to wear the RnR tech tee since short sleeves would keep me warmer than a tank and then while running I coukd roll them up to a tank and cool down. The hardest part was to wear either shorts and sparkle skirt with compression socks, my compression socks with capris or my ankle socks with my capris. Then it was a matter of what color capris and what color socks….I typically don’t care what I wear/look like, but after seeing a few of my race day photos, I wanted to look at least halfway decent and not a giant goober.

A decent race day photo I what I wad aiming for.

After all that, I was just beat. I went to bed around 830 and slept a lot better this time. Mickey also learned the rules, so that was an added bonus.

Next thing I knew, it was 4:15. I hate having to live the farthest away from everyone else, including the event locations because I always have to be the one who has to wake up earlier. Maybe I’ll suggest runs in my area or a little more out towards Sacramento because then they would have to wake up ealier than me. I can’t wait for Diablo. That one is only about 15 minutes away from me! Yay!!

After getting ready, I grabbed some pancakes and Mickey and headed to my mom’s house. I dropped Mickey off, met J and went to pick up T.
We made good time out to San Jose. Our goal was to get there an hour before start and I think we got there about an hour and ten minutes early. It would have been maybe 30 minutes to start because there was a ton of traffic backed up on the exit we needed. Genius me decided to be a leader and not a follower and just skipped that exit, went 1/4 mile down and took the next exit. All we had to do was back track in the opposite direction of traffic. Within 3 minutes of by passing all those runners trying to use the other exit, we were parked….in free parking!!!

Since the day prior, we were able to locate the starting line without problems. That and it was also all the other people walking in the same direction that helped. We made it to out corral took a bunch of photos with the photographers and just waited.

It was finally 8 (start time) and they were setting the corrals off in waves that were 30 seconds apart. We were in corral 9. By the time I got to corral 5, I started Garfield. I found GPS quickly but he froze. I had to turn him off, back on and try to find GPS again. We were at corral 1 with only 30 seconds. Needless to say, J and T went with our group….I waited til I got signal. Once I was ready, I took off running. I wasn’t too far behind.

I felt ok enough and did about a 11 min. mile. Between 1.8-2.5 my knee was hurting (damn!! Just when I thought I was going to be ok!!!) So, I did a 5/2 min. run/walk ratio. When I was at 2.8, I noticed I was making good time and could do a 5k under forty (that’ll always be a goal since I’m on the verge of it all the time now) and took off. I ran like a 9 min. mile and my knee wasnt even hurting!!! It was weird. My pain, just like went away enough for me to hit the sub 40 5k mark. Once I got there, I hit the water station and walked. When I got to mile 4, my knee started hurting again, so I did another ratio. I think by 4.75, I just wanted to be done (although I was feeling ok) and just ran the rest.

The “mini marathon” wasn’t timed but per Garfield, I finished in 1:05:51. I was pretty happy with my time, considering I was still dealing with my injured knee and if it was a full 10k and I kept the same pace, it wouldnt have been a PR, but it would have been my second fastest. So there to that. With injuries, you gotta find the positives in the runs, right? I could be even more positive and say that if I was doing the half, I would of finished in sub 3….my half goal.

After crossing the finish, I got my medal, had some photos taken, and got an ice pack for my knee. I then made way down the finishers area.
I grabbed a water.
Drank it.
I grabbed two chocolate milks.
Drank them.
A Gatorade, saved it.
Jamba juice.
Drank it.
A banana.
Ate it.



I reconnected with T and J, who suggested lunch. My all-the-things-i-listed-above didn’t satisfy me, so I agreed. Since, we were in free parking, we still decided to take full advantage of that too and just walked along the half marathon course to lunch. We even ate outside so we can watch all the runners go by.

As our rock and roll fun concluded, we drove home.

I finally made it home and felt blah!! When we were at the finishers area, I was sitting on the grass and just started sneezing like a manaic. By the time I got home, 4 hours later, I was still sneezing like crazy. My left eye was watery and also felt puffy on the left cheek. I don’t have allergies but apparently, today I do. I took a shower and that didn’t help. I took some of A’s allergy medicine and other than my eye still watering and an occasional nostril tickle I finally stopped sneezing…..9 hours later. That was rough. Now I know how A feels when his allergies flair up.

I decided that just in case it’s a cold and not allergies, Im going to bed early. Get some rest and hopefully be back to normal tomorrow. I’ll walk over to Trader Joe’s and get more emergen-C just if needed.

As for my knee. It still hurts, specially when I first stand up. ::shrugs:: Oh, well. Tomorrows a scheduled rest day for me.

Overall, Rock and Roll San Jose was well organized and everything went well on their end. I enjoyed the band’s but I enjoyed the random residents along the course playing instraments. I would probably do it again…just not sure if I’d sign up for the half (at the moment, no) or the “mini.”

And in that note…..Night!!!


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Great job on finishing, congrats! 🙂

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